Another Busy Week

It was nuthin’ like the Sunday before. Rain off and on all day. I had my weekly visit with DD. I also called my sister in the Great Northwest to check on her plus my sister in the Wastelands of Colorado (per my mother). Everyone was doing reasonably well, considering. I’d left voice mail for a friend from church. They’re having the church campout over the weekend and I wanted to donate all the clean spinach and arugula containers for that. I was definitely stocked up. That was before I discovered what had happened to my romaine. You can read about my heartbreak here.

Still a rainy rainy day. This is like the weather we used to have years ago before the drought set in. I heard on the news that we are still in a deficit situation but it’s only like a half inch for the year. That doesn’t take into account all the dry weather we had the last couple of years, though. It would be interesting to know just what it really is. I’m feeling sun deprived again.

Registration-wise, it was pretty busy all day. That’s a good thing. Job security is always a good thing.

I stopped and got some bone meal but they didn’t have any blood meal. I also got some fish emulsion. It made a big hole in a $20 bill. I spread it around on the spaces with greens or the hopes of them, careful not to get it on the plants themselves. If it rains, it will be a good thing. I didn’t want to water it in.

I didn’t have to be concerned about whether or not it would rain. It rained.
My special appointment today was to do the bank and PO assignment, both morning and afternoon. I stopped at the produce stand and got tomatoes and grapefruit and then stopped again in the afternoon. You can read about that and the results here.

The bone meal is still visible but it certainly isn’t going anywhere. Male mosquitos are still in abundance. I went around tipping anything that had water in it. I’ve heard they’re in the valley, too.

One of the forum members had a terrible blow today. She works at the Vo-Tech school in Everett, WA. Renovations of “her” building were going on and a spark set the roof on fire. It was a complete loss. If you are a member of the forum, sign in and look at her pictures here. It looks like a bomb was dropped on it. It was pretty much wiped out. It really hit her hard.

The rain was coming down steadily when I left the house. I have enough romaine to last me until tomorrow but I’m out of ripe bananas. I had two to take to work and that’s the end of usable ones. I have a few I’m donating to the Earthworm Relief.

I went in The Pig to look for ripe bananas and came up empty. I was there to get the scoop type chips to go with the salsa I was taking to work. I remarked to the cashier I was glad I didn’t eat stuff like that. They are expensive. I told her I was treating the girls in my office, that I’d made salsa. She said, “OH! and I’ll bet you make it fresh!” I assured her I did. She said she’d like to have a taste of it. When I went to the bank/post office, I took her a little bowl of it. I hope she liked it. She asked if the recipe is on my web site and I told her it is. What was left (which was over a quart) was licked up. I did my part.

One of the IT guys was at the hospital today. I’d just finished fixing my banana/romaine smoothie and was pouring it up to drink. He said, “What ARE you drinking??” I told him and he shrugged. “That doesn’t sound bad.” I offered him some but he passed. He did sample the salsa and pronounced it good.

I kind of wish I’d gone on to town this afternoon. It stopped raining and didn’t rain again until after dark and I would have been home well before then. Oh, well. I had a nice leisurely time eating my salad. Can’t beat that. Wally World’s produce truck comes in on Thursday so I should be able to get better fresh stuff.

I’d asked about ripe bananas at The Pig yesterday. The produce lady is very nice (as is everyone else) and she told me she had some in the back but she had to get the shipment put up. She told me she’d hold them for me until this morning. When I went in today, she had three bunches bagged up. They aren’t even begun to speckle but I got six lubs for $2.34. It was more than the 10 cents a lub she quoted me but they were still a good deal.

This was as nice a day as yesterday was rainy (which is nice in its own way). After I went to the bank and post office, I took the packets over for the courier then went out and sat in the sun for 15 minutes. It was SOOOOOOOOOO good to feel the warmth on my skin.

Later on in the afternoon, it got a little rainy but not bad. It had mostly cleared off before I went to the valley on the other side of the mountain to get my pantry restocked. I hit all the usual places except for Goodwill. I like to have more time if I’m going there. I got tomato plants, pepper plants and basil but there weren’t any burpless cucumbers to be found. Not even the seed. I got three different kinds of heirloom tomatoes. I wanted four but Mr. Stripey was nowhere around. I’ll keep my eyes open for later.

I struck out on romaine, too. I’d taken some back that was rotten when I opened the package two days before as was another one. The freshness date was the 7th which is today. When I showed it to the girl in Customer Service, she immediately credited my credit card with the price of two packages. What was there looked like it would be more of the same so I got all the organic they had. I get much less of the organic than with the conventional. I can use a whole package of organic in a day and the conventional lasts me a day and a half. Plus, it’s the lowest on the pesticide scale of any of the lettuces. I hope The Pig has some to get me through to next shopping day.

One thing they did have was—organic blood meal!

I unloaded everything and put the plants outside so they won’t be sun and rain deprived. When I started back to the house, I felt something crawling on my arm. It was a tick. I’m afraid this is going to be a Year for Critters. It reminded me of Brad Paisley’s song:

I was a little late to work because of the storm that hit just as I was getting ready to fix my romaine for the day. It was ‘way off in the distance but it must’ve been moving fast. When the lightning and thunder were almost simultaneous, I got away from the sink with the open window above it until things calmed down. I figured it was better to be late than dead.

I took advantage of a lull to go to the bank and pick up the mail. I stopped at the produce place and confessed that I had used the tomatoes for another purpose than dehydrating. The man told me I could pick up whatever rejects he had that afternoon. He seemed pleased when I said I’d have to make him some salsa. He had a pretty good amount in a box when I stopped by again:

Rejected Tomatoes

My neighbor had some news for me when I got home. Earlier in the week she had told me cedar for my Square Foot boxes was going to be around $20 a board and it would take three boards for each one. She advised using cement backer board instead. She knows better than I do so I left it up to her. However, one of her relatives has a sawmill and he quoted her a better price for cedar. So, we’re back to cedar. It will be rough cut but I figure that will discourage the snails and slugs and I won’t be walking on it barefoot. She’ll pick the lumber up Sunday.

I sorted through the tomatoes and got four spinach containers of usable ones this time. My biggest mixing bowl was full to the brim with peeled slices. I made over a half gallon of tomato/mango soup and drank it all. Usually, I’d try to stick my head inside the blender container to lick it all up but I had plenty and didn’t need to do that. Then I launched in and made about the same amount of salsa and took a quart to my neighbor.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
It rained off and on all day but I managed to find a break in the weather and got outside for half an hour. The church campout is this weekend. When I told DD, I said, “And guess what it’s doing…” She said, “It’s raining.” Yep. When she was in Pathfinders, I don’t think there was a single time they went camping that it didn’t rain. When she was still home and the church had the special weekend, we would go but I have no desire to now. She asked why and I told her when my family got down to me and my cat, I was done. One of the girls at work said Twinkle might enjoy it. We’ll never know.

I went to check on my plants and guess what I found crawling on my leg?! You’re right—a tick!

I’ve had a nice quiet day. I listened to the Sabbath School discussion from Pine Knoll and this week’s episode of Ranger Bill. I don’t know how to write that to make it read like it sounds. Ranger BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I guess that’s close. Then I watched some of 3ABN online. They don’t have archives so it’s whatever is on at the time but there are some good on demand programs at MOPCWeb.

After a genuine rest day, I’m still going to try to get to bed at a reasonable hour. That hour has been elusive at best lately. That’s it for this week. Bye, y’all!

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