Weekly Update: Rubbernecking

No, I haven’t seen a wreck for a long time and that’s a good thing. My rubbernecking is because of spring. Now that the redbud blooms have disappeared from the trees, the dogwoods are coming out in full force on the mountain. They’ve been blooming for some time in the valley but since I go from approximately 2,000 feet above sea level to 800 feet elevation then back again, I get to see spring in a progression. As I drive up (or down) the mountain, my head is swinging back and forth and I’m craning my neck to see all the beauty Nature affords. I stay safe, mind you, but I’m enjoying the livin’ daylights out of the beautiful flowers and the spring green of the trees.

My sister had emailed for help saying she had lost her sound. She thought she might need new speakers but wanted a second opinion. Not long after she emailed a second time that her sound had, somehow, gotten turned down without her knowing it, I heard a loud bang. MY sound was gone. I checked my hardware properties and my drivers. I restarted my computer. I checked my volume. Nothing was amiss. Just as I was thinking I needed to yell at merm for help myself, I noticed the huge transformer that goes to my speakers on the floor. I plugged it in and I was back in business. My chair had knocked it out of the outlet when I rolled back to get up. Whew!

My sister in NC emailed DS1 had left to come home. He was able to get some technical-type things done for her besides mowing her lawn, etc.

DD and I had our weekly visit. She called my Google Voice (no longer Grand Central) number and, much to her surprise, I answered. I’d told her she’d need to leave a message and I would call her back because I don’t have the Magic Jack plugged in all the time. It was plugged in, though, and Google Voice forwarded her call to my handy dandy affordable phone.

The day was drizzly and cool so I didn’t get my romaine plants set out. They’ll get to harden off for another week. Plus the others I bought have been hardening off.

I was surprised by the appearance of my neighbor at my front door. She’d been on a job in Florida for lots longer than planned. My gift from her was a cute little Tiki hut bird feeder that, according to her, is more ornamental than practical. It’s adorable, though, and I’ll use it for a decoration rather than let the birds tear it apart for nesting material.

Tiki Hut

She also brought me four pints of luscious strawberries. I’ll have them to eat for several days.

Today was Day One of Patient Access Week for us. I got a late start this year. I usually do it during the official week but I had people out so I waited. I dug the banner out of the drawer where it lives 51 weeks of the year and put it up.

This was the day for the staff’s choice of food from a local fast food place. I was, by default, elected to go pick it up though I had one of the girls call it in. When I got there, the order wasn’t quite ready so I got to absorb the smells of frying hamburgers and potatoes. On my way back in the car (which wasn’t easy in itself since I had to work my way out of the crowded parking lot), I thought I would choke from the smells emanating from the carry out containers in the back seat. How anyone can eat something that has such horrible odors is beyond me but there are people who love Limburger cheese. I’ll have to admit I’m pretty crazy about durian, myself.

Another cold windy day and I couldn’t get outside.

Today was Happy 31st to DD. I ordered her present (an ice cream attachment for her KitchenAid mixer) and it arrived just on time. Being too lazy to mail her a card, I sent her one from Jacquie Lawson’s site. I made her promise to ship me some mango sorbet the first time she makes it by my recipe. I had intended to call her but I never got that round tuit.

On the way to work, I figured I’d take the time to go by and get the grocery gift cards for the girls and not have to do it later. Bad choice. The cashier (the nice lady who is planning to start her own blog) had never done them before and it took forever plus a phone call to get it figured out. I was supposed to go to orientation (AGAIN) but I was too late. I can go another day but I wanted to get it out of the way. Oh, well, the cards are done.

It was also Day Two of Patient Access Week (hereafter known as PAW). This was Cookie Day. I ordered “homemade” cookies from a little cottage restaurant not far from the hospital. Once again, the smell was unpleasant and I wondered why I once loved it and created it in my own kitchen. Four years ago, I would have tied into the sugar cookies and washed them down with a glass of cold milk. How times do change! Funny thing, it was the sugar cookies that went begging.

Another overcast, drizzly cool day. I didn’t attempt to get outside except to go pick up the cookies.

Got an email from my sister who had planned to spend a couple of nights with me next month. She said I was off the hook (I never knew I was on it) because she’s riding over with our other NC sister and they’ll stay at my niece’s home.

What extremes! It got down to 33 at my house this morning and there were freeze warnings in the valleys. I don’t know how low it got in the one where I work because the station that reports for WeatherBug has been out of commission for weeks. Makes me wonder if I’m going to renew my subscription when it comes due. From that low, it went up into the high 60s. Still overcast and windy.

PAW Day Three–Pizza Day. Once again, the smell was something to make me gag. The only meat that ever smelled good to me was (!) pork chops and I don’t know I’d like to smell them now. Turkey is only too gross. Enough of that.

Grocery shopping day! I had ordered a box of juice oranges so I picked them up. Hit Goodwill today and got a Bob Mackie top, a Supergirl spaghetti strap top, a sparkly top I don’t know how I’ll wear, and a Hawaiian shirt! Went to all the usual places, rearranged the mango display (again) and came home. It was warmer but still windy and cloudy. Nice to be inside.

PAW Day Four—My original plan was to buy the staff salad at the weekly salad bar in the cafeteria but wouldn’t you know! it was the first week in a long time they didn’t have it. I’d bought salad stuff yesterday and I was the salad bar maker. I’d been tempted to charge the hospital mileage since a lot of the shopping wasn’t for me but I didn’t. I was going, anyway, so I didn’t think that would be quite right. I did put lots of miles on my feet looking for stuff I don’t ever get for myself.

After all my hard work, it was only three that ate salad. I’m going to take it back again tomorrow for a second try. Then I’ll have salad, myself, for a couple of days.

It was a beautiful day today and I got out in the sun for a whole 7-8 minutes.

My last installment from Harry & David was leaned up against my front door this afternoon. Here are the contents:

Harry and David Last Installment

The lawn looks beautiful! My neighbors put some hard work in today. There was a pile of clippings, leaves, etc., that I put in the compost.

I was elected to do the bank and post office and that was okay with me. It was another ideal day to be outside and I loved it! Someone took the afternoon mail, though. When I went in to get it to take to the post office, it had disappeared.

PAW Day Five—The last day! Even though I didn’t put forth as much effort as usual, it was a stressful week. Today was Ice Cream and Fixins’ Day. No smells to contend with. That was a plus. I had a hard time finding bananas that were ripe but not speckled. After all my searching, only two people took bananas. Oh, well, I brought the other four home.

The picky eater in the office actually likes romaine, spinach and arugula! I gave her the rest of the romaine and the arugula and kept what was left of the spinach.

I’d asked the staff to bring baby pictures so we could have a guessing contest but only one brought one in. I scanned it and, by default, she was the winner since she was the only participant. I would have been ruled out because I would have known which was who. Or who was what. Or whatever. I gave her a little gift and a 5X7 of the picture that I’d printed off with my NEW PRINTER. (Thanks again, MJ!) I also made cards and it was the easiest time I’ve ever had with them. Before, I’d have to print and then shift things and print again but these printed right the first try.

I’d bought little Bible CDs (I don’t ask the hospital to reimburse me for such) and tucked those along with the gift cards into the envelopes. The girls seemed to appreciate them.

I’d washed my Hawaiian shirt yesterday and wore it today.

Hawaiian Shirt #2

My Personal Photographer had left early so I got one of the registrars to take the picture. She said she is notoriously bad at it but I think she did a pretty good job.

Another gorgeous day but I didn’t have a break when I could get out and enjoy it except for my trips to town.

Our mother’s firstborn had called me earlier in the week saying she couldn’t email because AVG wouldn’t let it go through. I told her to close AVG and then send the mail but, for some reason, it didn’t work. Then I advised her to use one of her two gmail accounts instead. We’d heard from her once since then so I called her to find out what was going on. She’d been too busy to email but promised she would soon. Support is closed for today.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Today was Communion so I had a tidbit of bread and a tiny glass of grape juice and neither was raw.

When I got home, I had a cantaloupe/spinach smoothie and went out to GET SOME SUN! I lay out there for half an hour. It got up in the low 90s here at home but I don’t think it really got that hot. The sensor is in the sun in the afternoon.

I killed a small watermelon (the produce place had huge ones the other day but I didn’t get one) and ate half of it. I’m gaining weight with all the additional food. I’ll have to cut back on bananas. Nice that it’s so easy to level things out.

It’s late again and I’m not in bed. This is also too long for the umpteenth time. With that revelation (bet you hadn’t noticed?) I’ll say good night. CU!

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