Time is passing much too quickly!

I was up until 1 this morning last night (I’m just full of oxymorons) for no good reason. I just wasn’t inclined to go to bed. Nothing constructive took place except for my working out on my rebounder for about 20 minutes. Once I get on there, it’s hard to get off. I did get a good night’s sleep in spite of myself.

The dreaded task of filing my income tax has begun but I hit a snag. I believe it was the same one I hit last year. I can’t locate my 1098 from the bank so I can report my mortgage interest. I always put everything relating to the IRS in one place so I must not have gotten it. I’ll have to call tomorrow for a replacement. What I did get done took me about a half hour using TaxAct. That’s been my program of choice for many years now. It walks a person like me through the maze of entering all the details and makes it relatively easy. If anything IRS can be easy.

I already talked about the rest of my day here.

After beautiful sunshine yesterday (but too cool to get out) (I’m a wimp), it was overcast and raining off and on today. Plus, the temperature dropped steadily. There’s a freeze warning out for tonight.

One of my regular readers called the nursing home and I answered the phone (our switchboard is for both the hospital and nursing home). She told me she’d just finished reading my latest post. It’s her opinion I could write for the city newspaper but I doubt they’d want my cogitations. In this economy, I’m sure they have better ways to spend their money. It was flattering to hear…

I called the bank and my 1098 was faxed over forthwith. I have completed my return and e-filed it. Now THAT’S done for another year. I don’t know why I hate so much to do it but I do.

As soon as I topped the mountain this afternoon, the sprinkling rain turned to snow. It’s snowed off and on ever since I got home. The weather people were talking about the last measurable snow we got in April and it was 1987. I remember that well. We had 8″ on the mountain and I had to call in. There was no way I could get there. It was one of those heavy, wet, slick snows. I didn’t want to miss because I’d been working for just over a month. I could hear people say, “She’s not been here long and she’s already laying out.” Twenty-two years later and I’m still there.

I Google Talk-ed to merm last night and told him it was snowing. He didn’t believe me. This morning, there was a good two inches when I got up and it was still coming down. I didn’t realize how heavy it was until I got to the car and had to clean it off. By that time, the quantity had doubled. It made me late to work but going down the mountain was like driving through a winter wonderland. Gorgeous! The snow was sticking to every branch and leaf. I wished I had my camera. I did take a couple of pictures along about dawn. Here’s one. It doesn’t show much but I didn’t have time to take any more.


My assignment was to be the bank/post office person. It was COLD and the wind was blowing. We are supposed to have a hard freeze tonight. It was 29 when I left the house for work. Wonder how much colder it will get tomorrow morning?

I need to go bounce and get to bed.

It started out badly. I squeezed half a dozen small juice oranges and blended them with some strawberries and pineapple. Usually it’s delicious but one of the oranges was past its prime and it spoiled the whole shebang. I started to pour it down the sink but had second thoughts. It wouldn’t be good for Ralphs so I put it in with the scraps for the compost pile. The substitute was grapefruit juice which was pretty yummy, in and of itself.

The produce man was in town. He hadn’t come yesterday because it was so cold and snowy.

Today was grocery shopping day (my mother would have said she had to Go Trade). It was overcast most of the day but it didn’t rain. The wind blew quite a bit. It was more like March. I was the mail/bank person which got me out a little early which always helps when I have to go across the mountain.

Still didn’t make it to Goodwill. I’m going to have to go and get me some decent summer clothes that fit.

The mango display was still at the top of the bin at Wally World. I got my revenge by moving a lot of them into lower receptacles as I sorted through to get the ones I wanted. They’d gone back up to $1.44 each so I only got three.

It was back to warmer weather and I took a lunch break for the first time in I don’t know how long. I sat on the patio and drank my smoothie. It was wonderful!

As nice as the weather was yesterday, it was the opposite today. I sat at my computer much of the afternoon and tracked the storms as they came through. The rain came down in sheets at times and there were tornado watches out for our area. Two tornadoes were sighted in a neighboring county and one did some damage close to where the Mother Ship is. 15,000 were without power according to the news. No one was getting out in that mess so things were pretty slow. The registrar who was scheduled to leave at 3:30 but asked if she could go on at 3. No use to keep her there when nothing was happening so I told her to get outta there. The storm was in full force when she left. By 4 when I left, the sky was clearing and the sun was shining. Birds were singing and it was truly like spring.

I got home and merm has been wanting to configure my router so the Magic Jack wouldn’t be so sensitive to other activity coming through the Internet. He didn’t think it would take long but he hadn’t counted on my plugging the modem into the router in the wrong port. He probably scratched a bald spot on his head trying to figure it out. Once it occurred to him what had happened, he was able to get it done but not without my having to stand in the bathroom—by the tub this time—to get a signal on that blankety-blank cell phone. Even if I were happy with the service, I would be unhappy with the phone. If I don’t do anything for a couple of minutes, the keypad locks and it takes all sorts of gyrations to unlock it. I have to press the Unlock key and then quickly press *. That’s more easily said than done.

Happy Sabbath everyone!

Saturday night
I’ve been getting to bed much too late and last night was no exception. I slept in as long as I could this morning.

The pastor was still 20 minutes away when the preliminaries were over and I needed to go to the bathroom bad. Someone reached for a hymnal and I think I looked horrified. If they’d decided to sing, I would have had to announce, “Not right now!” Mercifully, the person over the conference schools was there and offered to fill in the gap. I went to the bathroom and I felt much better.

I was it for the accompanist. The Sonrise Pageant took a lot of the people away. We had sort of a skeleton congregation but the blessing was still there.

After I had a quart of cantaloupe smoothie, I sat down in Mother’s easy chair and quickly went sound asleep. I don’t know how long I was out but an email alert woke me. It was from my sister wanting me to walk her through retrieving her Favorites and address book from her Personal File Cabinet on AOL. I haven’t had AOL for years and years and I have no idea where to start. If anyone can give me a clue, I’d appreciate it. Her hard drive had to be, I think, formatted and everything is new. She doesn’t want to have to set everything back up from scratch so HELP!!

Does a song ever get stuck in your head and refuse to leave? When I was a little girl, my mother would sing the first verse of “Tit Willow” from The Mikado. I didn’t know for a long time there was more to it. She’d call me “Tick Will-yer”.

A few days ago, I bought some fresh Brussels sprouts and forgot about them. Last night, I trimmed them up and today I marinated them. They turned out to be pretty tasty. When I get some more, I’ll take pictures and put the recipe up. It isn’t one I’d recommend for very often but once every six months or so shouldn’t hurt.

I’ve been rebounding faithfully morning and evening. That’s what I’m going to do shortly and then I’ll go to bed.

Good night until next time!

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