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Goodbye, My Friend

Do we ever think we’ve done enough? Will any of us never have regrets? I wonder. I still have to live with myself, though, so I’ll have to come to terms with what I did/didn’t do. I’m writing this as a friend and not an employee of the hospital OR the nursing home. Yesterday, the […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LXIV, A “New” Car

It was midday when we set out on what was to prove an adventure. Here we were, one definitely large person, two approaching large-ness, and one slim one all crammed into the cab of a pickup truck. I don’t remember if we took lunches or if we planned to stop to eat on the way. […]

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Do I Need a New Computer?

I’ve been babying my ancient (in computer years) laptop for many months now. It’s hard to remember the number. I grown so accustomed to Beulah2’s quirks (yes, I name my computers) that it’s second nature to make allowances. Being of a curious bent, I decided to see how old Beulah2 is in human years. I […]

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Spring Forward? >:P

In case you’re wondering, the three characters on the right make up an emoticon that tells you I’m not happy and I’m sticking my tongue out. I would rather go to the dentist than spring forward. I have a few hours left of Standard Time and I’d like to hoard every one. Since there is […]

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