I’m Seven Days Older

Today was the day for the memorial. You can read details of my day here. I didn’t mention that it was a beautiful sunshiny day with the temperature climbing up to 70 degrees. I was aching to go outside but there was no time.

If I still ate cooked food, I would have probably fallen over before I got home. OJ, a green smoothie and a quart of water was all I’d had prior to leaving the house. I made up for it later.

I didn’t bounce last night but I put in 15 minutes this morning.

On the way to the hospital, I got behind not one but two tractors. The first pulled over and let me by almost immediately but I was stuck with following the other one for, I could swear, several miles. Maybe not but it seemed like it.

Midmorning, I went to visitation for the mother of one of my co-workers. The woman was 90 but that’s looking younger all the time.

I’m penniless. I got some bananas at Save-a-Lot and they were exactly $4. Guess how much money I had with me? Exactly $4. I couldn’t have planned that.

It was a wild and crazy day. The sun was out and it was warm and beautiful—again—but I couldn’t get away to bask. I did steal seven minutes this afternoon.

My sister emailed that her HP printer she got in September won’t turn on. Thank goodness the one my sister gave me is a Canon. The run of bad luck in this family with HPs would forever turn me off that brand.

I’m reluctant to admit it but I’m getting adjusted to the blasted Daylight Saving Time. I woke this morning just before the alarm went off. The Cellerciser got a 20 minute workout. Oh, and I did that much last night.

Another sunshiny day and it wasn’t as busy as yesterday. I got out for 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 in the afternoon.

I’ve taken the plunge! I’m terminating my land line as of Monday and will be using my Magic Jack to make calls. Google Voice will handle my voice mails so no one will be calling me direct. I’ll get the message(s) and call back. With the money I’m saving, I’m having my DSL upgraded to 1.5MB, the fastest I can get out here in the boonies.

The printer problem turned out to be a bad outlet. Whew! Not the printer’s fault at all.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the “forward” button didn’t work sometimes? I got, yet again, the urban legend about the Telemonia dimadiata. I have asked everyone in my address book to please check these things out on Google before clicking the Forward Button but there’s always bound to be some to come on through. Guess I’ll have to set up that rule again that routes them somewhere besides my Inbox.

I didn’t bounce last night and I woke at 3 o’clock and never got back to sleep. At least I didn’t make the mistake of taking a melatonin. I didn’t feel like going to work but I went anyway.

Today had dawned overcast and rainy and I had an appointment to go to the Honda dealership and have the four wheel alignment done and the tires rotated/balanced. I’d gotten a sermon when DS1 and I went to NC for my brother-in-law’s memorial about the importance of tires wearing evenly. I guess my front tires were wearing on the outside edge because I go up and down (or down and up) a mountain six to seven days a week on a curvy road.

I left work at 11:30, got a check cashed and headed out. I go to that place so seldom I’m always unsure of the way. I made one wrong turn and still ended up getting there five minutes early.

They have a couple of nice waiting areas. I went to the one where there was no TV. I wanted to get some reading in. I still haven’t finished Stiff but in spite of the fact I’d failed to put my glasses in my purse, I read several chapters while I munched on four large bananas.

On the way back, I hit the university market then went by my niece’s house and picked up the printer. She carried it out to the car for me because she didn’t want me to do it. The sad thing was she wouldn’t come home with me to bring it into the house. I visited for a little while and then it was on to Aldi.

I guess grapefruit season is about over. There were enough for me to get 40 and still leave some for other people.

Wally World was my last stop. The produce place was already closed. It was after 8 by the time I got home and unloaded. I left the printer in the car.

It was a miracle I felt good enough after all that to give my rebounder a workout. Oh, and I’d put 15 minutes on it this morning.

Work was stressful today. I had a meeting with several of the other department heads and a couple of people from the Mother Ship. After we’d been so thrilled about having scanners and using them every day, I found out we weren’t supposed to be scanning until March 30 at 8 am and no earlier. I knew Medical Records had been told not to scan but I didn’t understand that applied to us, too. It was only during the meeting I learned what problems we’d caused. I immediately called the switchboard and said to quit scanning.

There was a department head meeting later and the same two people were updating the others about the hybrid electronic medical record. It’s hybrid because it’s scans of the paper record and not entered directly on the computer.

The printer was sliding around in the trunk of the car. I’d planned to leave it until Sunday but I brought it in this afternoon. It’s still in the box.

I learned my lesson not to leave out my bouncing. Morning and evening. That’s my new motto.

The staff is back to making copies until Monday. Bless their hearts. They have too much to put up with considering what they make. They are worth much more but my hands are tied. There’s nothing I can do to get them more money or more hours. They have to be happy they have jobs and in this economy that’s a big thing.

The IT guy came and put a new computer with dual monitors on the desk on the other side of my hutch. It will take some getting used to using two monitors rather than paper. The problem is no test environment. It’s go live and that’s that. Always something new.

After I showed one of the people how to print from the scanned material, I took the mail to the post office. I managed to catch the produce man before he folded his tent and silently stole away.

It’s a given I bounced tonight.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
There was a singing group that had the church service this morning. It cut out my having to play opening and closing songs and the postlude. After it was over, one of the singers came to talk to me. She looked familiar and I found out why. She’s DH’s sister’s best friend. I found out my brother-in-law has been back in the hospital. Seems like I have little contact with my in-laws any more.

I’d had OJ blended with pineapple before I left the house and I was hungry when church was over. My car was blocked in but someone got the key and unblocked me. I came home and blended cantaloupe with spinach and drank it. It was very sweet and good. I’d saved some of the melon just to eat, too.

The sun came out this afternoon but it was too cool to get out in it. Tonight there is a tornado watch for this area until midnight.

I had a phone call from DIL2 tonight. She put my granddaughter on the phone to thank me for the Little House boxed set I’d ordered for her. Seems my luck is continuing. Farmer Boy is missing and there are two of The Long Winter. I said that was a lot of snow. I’ll have to contact the seller and get that corrected. They’re going to Dollywood tomorrow. I hope they’ll be warm enough. I like to go in the summer.

I haven’t bounced yet so I’ll do that and go to bed. Good night!

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