Another Saturday Night…

Here I am at the end of a long long week. I didn’t make any notes so I’ll be winging it again. My memory is improving with the infusion of B-12 so you may be in for it, anyway.

A beautiful day! Pretty as Sabbath and a bit warmer. I lay in the sun for half an hour after merm and I christened my new web cam. We visited (the three of us) for most of an hour. They’d been to a permaculture class and were fired up. I’d like to get into it, too, with things that would grow in this area. There was one suggestion that merm made that just might work for fuyus—graft the fuyu variety onto the native persimmon stock. Not a bad idea. After I sunned, I worked on my little square foot garden boxes.

DD and I had our weekly chat by phone. She sent me a link for a raised bed similar to the square food system but deeper and sturdier. I sent it on to my neighbor with the question about how much it would cost to get them to build me one this spring. I haven’t heard back since she is away on a job right now.

The dreaded DST took its toll. I woke an hour later than I should have but it was still at my usual time. No exercise.

Another beautiful day. I sat in the sun in the morning for 15 minutes. I called my nursing home friend and asked her to meet me on the patio for some sun but she made some excuse and wouldn’t. I went, anyway, for another 15 minutes.

When I got home, the male half of my neighbors was working outside. I couldn’t help myself and broke into song, a la Mister Rogers, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!” He agreed.

Another gorgeous day. I sunned for 15 minutes morning and 15 in the afternoon. I didn’t bother my friend about coming outside. I’d gotten an alumni newsletter via email that had an article by her daughter. I printed it off here at home and took it to her. One of the ladies from the church was visiting her with her little dog. It was sitting on my friend’s lap and licking her arms. She seemed to enjoy it.

It got cooler and was overcast with a thick layer of clouds all day. I’ve already written about the people coming up to make me a celebrity (yeah, right!) so I won’t go into that again.

There’s a sad note here—it was the last day I was to see my friend in the nursing home when she could still see me. That’s why we should live each day like it is our last. We would probably both done things a lot differently.

My trip to get groceries was just that. To get groceries. I didn’t go to Goodwill.

A lot of what happened is in this post about the passing of my friend.

All week, I’d been tracking my rebounder’s progress on getting to me. When it got there, it was an anti-climax. Death overshadowed it. I’d asked to be notified when it was delivered so I could pull around and pick it up. Otherwise, it would have been brought to my office and then I would have had to take it to the car anyway. I got the call and went and picked it up. Or my friend with the muscles picked it up. And loaded it. It weighs just about 300 lubs, give or take 259. Getting home, I struggled from the car to the house with it and about injured myself working it up the steps.

I was wrung out from all the day’s activities so I propped it up in the living room, still in the box. I’d had my breakfast smoothie after noon and my lunch smoothie after 3. I needed to eat.

Then it was time to blog and I went on and on until after my bedtime. I wasn’t inspired to go to bed. I was too wired.

Ignoring the ticking of the clock, I decided I would at least open the rebounder box. One thing led to another and I pulled the rebounder out (not an easy task). In the middle of the floor, I tried opening it up. It folds in half. I’m glad I didn’t get the tri-fold. It would have been that much harder to handle, I’m sure. I finally turned it over with the legs on top and put one foot on one side and one on the other and pushed down. There was a satisfying “click!” and it was open. I popped the legs onto their pegs and rolled it to what has proved to be its final resting place.

I was going to wait until the next evening to put the bar together and install it but I was still loath to go to bed. The instructions was for the old style bar but I figured it out in spite of that and had the bar assembled in a few minutes. Then I had the job of putting it on the rebounder. The ends were supposed to go over Legs 1 and 3. Okay. That made sense but how? I picked up Leg 3 and took off the tip. The bar thingy slipped over the leg easily and I put the tip back on. That wasn’t hard at all! Now to Leg 1. Not so fast! It went on at an angle (because the other one was all the way on) and bound up. I pounded on it and beat on it and I couldn’t get it to go the rest of the way or come off, either one. I had to pray my way through and the Lord had mercy on me. It came off.

I took the Leg 3 side off and decided I could put them on at the same time if I turned it over. So I did. Didn’t work. The bar doesn’t do any good if it’s hanging down from the rebounder and the rebounder can’t sit flat on the floor with the bar hanging down. Back to square one. Or maybe it was round one only it was about round three by then and I was getting tired of trying. I’m not one to give up easily, though, and I started praying again. It was back to Leg 3, then Leg 1 and this time, it worked. Praise the Lord!

The thing came with a carrying bag. That will never be used—not by me! There’s no way I could break it back down, put it in the bag and carry it around. THEN it would be to assemble again. I don’t think so. HA! I say!

To celebrate my victory, I got on My Cellerciser and bounced a few times. Then I went to bed.

I woke and looked at the clock with one eye. Oh, groan! It was 6:21 and I wouldn’t have time to exercise. I pulled myself out of bed and got started on the day. It was 40 minutes later when I glanced at the clock on the computer and it said 5:55. I couldn’t believe it so I checked two other clocks and sure enough, I had misread earlier. There was plenty of time to exercise so I bounced for 10 minutes. Maybe it was purely psychological but I felt like I had more energy.

Compared to the day before, it was rather quiet.

I bounced another 10 minutes in the evening.

Saturday night
I slept well after my rebounding. It’s supposed to exercise every part of the body and I believe it. I’d had to put on a bra after fearing my knees would get bruised or I might get a black eye from the recoil.

There was nothing in the bulletin about my friend. It wasn’t mentioned during the announcements. I don’t know if it were an oversight or if they were waiting for memorial plans to be finalized but I asked the platform elder about it. Just then, one of the members spoke up and said it should be announced. So it was.

I had to go out during the children’s story to get rid of some of my OJ and one of the deacons demanded to know what had happened. I told him she’d had a massive stroke and lived a few hours after.

It was a rainy, drippy day. I haven’t rebounded. I figured I’ll continue to take Sabbath off from exercising. I’m supposed to rebound 10 minutes a day but I plan to do it 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening until my body gets in shape. Then I’ll try some of the more complicated moves. That’s my goal. We’ll see where it leads.

This is much longer than I’d hoped. If you make it to the end it’s incredible. You should have better things to do with your time.

Good night.

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