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I’m Seven Days Older

Sunday Today was the day for the memorial. You can read details of my day here. I didn’t mention that it was a beautiful sunshiny day with the temperature climbing up to 70 degrees. I was aching to go outside but there was no time. If I still ate cooked food, I would have probably […]

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Rebounder Side Effects

Everything you do, everything you eat, everything you wear, everything you see has side effects. You swallow a pill to take away your cold symptoms and it makes you sleepy. That’s a side effect. You eat a large portion of lasagna and feel bloated. You may even gain weight. That’s a side effect. You put […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LXVI, It’s a Baby!

Once they got into the delivery room things went faster. I had hoped she’d hold off for another day so the baby would be born on the 4th of July but my DIL was so exhausted she couldn’t push any more. She’d had her heart set on natural childbirth but it was decided she’d have […]

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In Memory of…

This has been quite a day. After I said good night last night, I tried to fix one of the photos my friend’s daughter had sent me. Earlier in the week, I’d installed Photo Explosion SE but it wouldn’t open. The only thing I could figure is it doesn’t like service pack 3. I looked […]

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If Wishes Were Horses…

Sunday I got more done than usual. My energy level is picking up. I did 10 minutes on the Cellerciser both morning and evening. Not a bad deal, at all. It’s actually kind of fun to just do whatever kind of move I want to as long as I’m bouncing. DD and I had our […]

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To Rebound or Not to Rebound

That is the question. I’d been rebounding for five days, 20 minutes a day until yesterday. I overslept. I didn’t have time to bounce before I went to work. I’d been feeling so good. Sleep was more sound, energy was ‘way up and I generally felt better. Yesterday was also grocery shopping day. After I […]

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Raw Vegans and Rebounders

I know not all raw vegans have rebounders and I know not all people who own rebounders are raw vegan. It seems more and more raw vegans are getting into rebounding, though. Several years ago, I read a recommendation by Frederic Patenaude for the Needak. He said eBay had good prices on them but the […]

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Forgetful Me

I’d taken a picture to include in last night’s weekly update and totally forgot it until today. This is by way of a PS. My second installment of expensive Harry and David fruit of the month came last Wednesday. Or maybe it was Thursday. My camera doesn’t capture the date of a photo. More’s the […]

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Another Saturday Night…

Here I am at the end of a long long week. I didn’t make any notes so I’ll be winging it again. My memory is improving with the infusion of B-12 so you may be in for it, anyway. Sunday A beautiful day! Pretty as Sabbath and a bit warmer. I lay in the sun […]

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