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Medicare and Beyond

Sunday My Medicare is effective today. There are advantages to getting older. I now have a supplement to my employer group health insurance. I’ve never had two insurances before. Now, if I get something really wrong with me, I won’t have to go broke paying for treatment. I don’t plan to have treatment but who […]

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Is My Car Making Me Sick?

I love my little car. It’s been good to me and I try to be good to it. Lately, though, things haven’t been quite right. I think it started a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was me but I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t. I’d been to shop the organic market, […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LX, Please Rewind

I’ll have to admit it. I’ve had a Senior Moment. For all this time, I was thinking something happened in 1993 that happened in 1992. In my defense, I wasn’t there so it isn’t burned forever in my brain. Not that I wouldn’t have liked to have been there but it didn’t work out that […]

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My Own Personal Tour

About a month ago, DD and merm moved from their familiar-to-me apartment to a strange place I’d never seen. DD had been telling me about it and I’d seen the outside on Google’s Street View. I got a good idea of where it’s located with the aerial view but I still hadn’t seen inside. Today, […]

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