Another 10,080 Minutes Passed into History

Today was sunny but cool. I would have liked to get outside and get some rays but I was a wimp. I didn’t get much of anything done. I’d called my sister last night and she didn’t sound good. She asked me to call back later but since it was already 10:15, I told her I’d call her today. I lay awake worrying about her and wished I’d stayed up and done as she asked. When I did go to sleep, it wasn’t for long. I woke early and started praying for her and everyone else in the family.

In my hungover condition, I forgot to exercise. I had my OJ fixed before I realized I was ahead of schedule. Nothing to do but go ahead and drink it. If I let it set very long, it degrades and isn’t as good as it would have been, taste- and nutrition-wise.

DD and I had our weekly chat and I called DS1 after we hung up. Both conversations were on the Magic Jack phone. DD said it sounded like there was an echo. I don’t know if that was because of the MJ or the fact I was using a different phone and I was on speaker.

My sister called and I called her back so we wouldn’t be using her minutes. She is still in a great deal of pain and has been having strange dreams because of her medication. I do wish she could get over this. She would like to have a nerve resection done but hasn’t found anyone to do it yet. She was asking me about some of the effects of eating raw food. Hmmmmmm.

I exercised. I actually exercised before I went to work. It’s a good thing. Everything was popping and I was extremely busy all day.

I exercised for the second day in a row. Can you believe it? Busy busy again.


It was my usual day to go grocery shopping but there was no way. The office was short-staffed so I decided to put it off until tomorrow.

The weather turned nasty so it’s just as well I didn’t try to go anywhere. I was in the office alone when one of the nursing staff came whirling in and told me to announce a Code Black/tornado warning. When I did, the phone immediately rang and someone shouted at me it wasn’t a warning—it was a watch. Well, I know she’d said a warning (I was surprised by it) but I was told that no, she did not. I got back on the overhead and announced to cancel the warning and re-announced the Code Black/tornado watch. I don’t know why they wanted a Code Black announced. It isn’t supposed to be in the case of a watch anyway. Then there were thunderstorm warnings and that was valid. The wind was whipping and the rain came down in sheets. The sun was shining when I left to come home.

Four days of exercising! I’m feeling better all the time.

I went to pick up the mail and take the deposit this morning but left at noon so I could pay my property tax (OUCH!) and go to Aldi! I got grapefruit for a quarter each and wonderfully tender and sweet romaine for $1.49 a package. I stocked up on both. I got a few other things, too, that weren’t on my list. Wally World, Bi-Lo, and the produce place rounded out the afternoon. I skipped Goodwill again and got home while it was still daylight.

The yard is still too muddy to chance pulling up to the house so I was making trip after trip to bring things in. My neighbor got me a two-wheel wheelbarrow and some gloves so I wouldn’t have to go back and forth so often. It was so cold that, by the time I got done, my hands were about frozen in spite of the gloves. I held them under warm water to thaw them out but it was too painful so I backed off to barely warm.

I woke at 1:30 this morning to go to the bathroom and didn’t go back to sleep until I got up at 3 and took a melatonin. I overslept and didn’t get to exercise. Guess I needed the sleep more anyway.

My neighbor had met me yesterday afternoon and said she had to put her vehicle in the shop and could I let her ride to the valley with me. Of course! I was a little later getting out than I’d told her but I’d started the car and let it warm up so we were toasty. After I dropped her off, I still made it to work early.

I was the mail/bank person both morning and afternoon. I was by myself in the office from 3 until 3:30. It was quiet until about 3:15 and then the flood came. I didn’t get away for another half hour even though my relief person came in at 3:30. It’s either Feast or Famine.

There was an unexpected package in the mailbox. It was a book from my oldest sister. Bless her heart! She is building up my library for when I retire, I guess. I don’t have time to read what I already have.

Saturday night
The oranges I got at the produce place are sour as lemons. I’d juiced more than a quart this morning to have as a treat and ACK! my taste buds stood up and rebelled. I drank what I could and poured the rest into the blender to mix with strawberries and agave nectar. Didn’t help. I choked it down and went to church.

The service was powerful today and there was a Prayer Vigil listed in the bulletin for 6 CST this evening. I decided I would go even though I had several things I needed to do tonight. Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and the church was dark! I’d had to go out to the bathroom during the announcement time so I probably missed the cancellation. I drove on by and came home. I was disappointed because the mid-week meeting is at a time I can’t make and there was one last night I couldn’t attend because it started about a half hour after I got home. Even if I hadn’t eaten, it would have been impossible to shower, change and get back to the church.

There was another unexpected package in the mailbox today. I didn’t recognize the return and was greeted by a strange looking contraption when I opened it. Came the dawn! When merm Skypes anyone, he wants to be able to look at whoever he’s talking to. I have no idea where my webcam is. It’s an el cheapo one I got on Ebay. To end his frustration with me, merm has bought me a nice Logitech QuickCam with built in microphone. QuickCam When I got it out of the envelope, the thing that’s crooked down was straight out and it took me the longest to figure out it would bend. I thought I’d have to sit here and hold it. Talk about seasick! I bet he would be if that were the case. Anyway, I’m waiting for him to tell me what software to download for it and it will probably be another week before we can try it out. Guess I’d better not lose this one.

I’m preparing to format my hard drive tomorrow. It’s something I absolutely dread to do. Getting things back the way I want them takes forever, it seems. I’ve burned one data DVD tonight and I’ll start another before I go to bed. My computer is probably about 92 in Computer Years so it takes longer than with newer ones.

I’d better get to it. Off to get another DVD to burn.

Later, gator!

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