Medicare and Beyond

My Medicare is effective today. There are advantages to getting older. I now have a supplement to my employer group health insurance. I’ve never had two insurances before. Now, if I get something really wrong with me, I won’t have to go broke paying for treatment. I don’t plan to have treatment but who knows when a tree might fall on me or something?

It’s been a nice day. I hung laundry out on the line after DD and I had our weekly visit. Guess I already wrote about that in My Tour.

Something caught my eye this morning when I was fixing my breakfast to take to work. Snow! It was coming down thick and heavy. It isn’t that cold and the snow is wet so I doubt it will last long.

What a day! Seems everyone and their kid brother needed to have lab work or x-rays or some other diagnostic testing. That’s okay. We’re there just to take care of such.

Well, I was wrong. It turned cold as whiz again and the snow is still sticking around. As a matter of fact, some was added to it last night. Not much and not enough to take pictures but it’s there.

The registrar’s son with the broken arm had surgery today. He came through it fine but he has a lot of pain. Keep praying for him! And for his mom. This is a trying time.

It’s still cold and the ground is frozen hard and “spewed up”. I crunched out to the car and started it so it would melt the frost off the windows.

Work was busy as it usually is when we are short-handed. I had planned to leave at least by the time I was supposed to but it didn’t work out that way. I was late getting away so I was late getting over the mountain to do my shopping.

I did my usual rounds. The produce place, Bi-Lo, Goodwill and Wally World. I found a brownish turtleneck and another bra my size at Goodwill.

The ground was still frozen so I took a chance and pulled up to the house to unload. It was okay.

Once I got everything in and ate something, I got on the computer and lo! my adapter had died. I used up precious battery power telling merm about it. He found several adapters for me but most of them supplied less power than the original one. I’d read that using an underpowered adapter can be a fire hazard. I signed off and went to bed.

I woke in the early early this morning, about 3-something. I never did get back to sleep. I lay there and prayed for everyone I could think of and got up well before the alarm alarmed.

My poor little laptop was gotten out of retirement and put to work. I found another network cable so I could “daisychain” the modem to the router to the computer (it doesn’t have wireless). That’s what I’m using now to write this. Once again, it’s mind-boggling that so little is available for Windows 98. A friend of mine is still using that OS and I don’t see how she manages.

Work was work. That’s all I have to say on that subject.

I stopped by The Pig and got four $3.99 bags of organic spinach for 99 cents each. I was pretty proud of myself.

It’s still cold. The wind isn’t as strong as it was yesterday which makes it more bearable.

It was time for my B-12 repeat. The girls weren’t anxious to register me since I’m now Medicare Secondary. It’s ‘way more involved than a regular Medicare Primary person. I registered myself and got one of them to witness my forms. Now we have to wait for the results.

The girls in my office gave me a birthday card and one of them had picked up a package of romaine from Aldi the day before. She gave it to me and said that was my birthday present. I’m saving it for tomorrow.

My late shift person wasn’t feeling up to par. I told her to call me if she wasn’t able to finish but I never heard from her. Like all the others, she goes above and beyond.

I stopped and got gassed up this afternoon and the station owner/mechanic checked over the guts of my car and couldn’t find anything wrong. He advised me to take it to a muffler place where they can put a sensor on it to see if there’s a leak in the exhaust system somewhere. He said I should be able to smell it if there is, though.

I got the hymns for tomorrow and the closing is “A Mighty Fortress”. Not one I can comfortably play without practicing. I emailed the bulletin secretary to find out who is speaking but I haven’t heard back.

Guess that’s about all that was exciting today. I’ll wish everyone a Happy Sabbath and good night.

Saturday Night
It’s been a strange and busy birthday. DD called this morning to wish me a happy birthday. She sounded so much different than usual, I didn’t recognize her voice. We talked for a little more than 15 minutes and I had to go ahead and get ready for church.

I’d already spent so much time trying to get in touch with the speaker I was in what my mother would call “a strut”. I am totally up to here trying to play songs that are too difficult and seldom used that I have to practice on the congregation.

Soon as I got in the door, there was the speaker! I didn’t say, “Would you mind” or “Please”. I said, “I need an alternate song for the closing.” He looked a little flustered and said he’d get back with me. He did just that and we went over some of the songs in the “Faith and Trust” section of the hymnal. One after another, he nixed the songs. Then we came to number 512. “Just When I Need Him”. He said he thought he knew it but he wasn’t sure. I sang through the first verse and he said, “We’ll use it.” I told the pianist and she was relieved.

During Prayer Request and Praise Time, one of the ladies expressed her gratitude for my playing the organ and announced it was my birthday. I commented there are advantages to getting old—that I’m now Medicare eligible.

When he got into the message, I felt bad that I’d refused to play the first selection. He told about his family fleeing Cuba when he was less than three years old. It was a gripping story and I didn’t look at my watch once. He went 45 minutes over and no one cared.

He announced the second choice song and said we were using it because the other one would have to be practiced. Oh, well. That was the truth. I think he was still disappointed. He asked another elder to come up and lead it, I guess because it was unfamiliar. They sang first, second and last verses.

Just when I need Him, Jesus is near,
Just when I falter, just when I fear;
Ready to help me, ready to cheer,
Just when I need Him most.
Just when I need Him most,
Just when I need Him most,
Jesus is near to comfort and cheer,
Just when I need Him most.

Just when I need Him, Jesus is true,
Never forsaking, all the way through,
Giving for burdens pleasures anew,
Just when I need Him most.
Just when I need Him most,
Just when I need Him most,
Jesus is near to comfort and cheer,
Just when I need Him most.

Just when I need Him, He is my all,
Answering when upon Him I call;
Tenderly watching lest I should fall,
Just when I need Him most.
Just when I need Him most,
Just when I need Him most,
Jesus is near to comfort and cheer,
Just when I need Him most.

William Charles Poole

On my way out of church, I shook his hand and told him I couldn’t wait to hear Chapter Two. His wife came up and was amazed at how the song fit so well. He thanked me for picking it out. I couldn’t take the credit. I believe God had His Hand in it.

The sun was warm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I had the windows down in the car for more reasons than one. When I got home, I dressed in shorts and camisole and lay in the sun for 15 minutes. It was getting too cool too quickly.

DS2 called and left a message on Grand Central. I called him back and he refused to sing to me but he “belched” “Happy Birthday”. He and my DIL and granddaughter were at the park so I didn’t keep him long.

My oldest sister called for a 45 minute conversation. While we were talking, DS1 called and left voice mail. I called him back and he actually sang to me.

There was more voice mail from my neighbor that her husband’s father had been taken to the hospital and she asked me to pray for him.

DD & merm gave me a gift certificate for eBay and I had cards from three of my four sisters. DH’s cousin sent me a card, too. Her birthday is February 29 and she wrote a note saying, “Can you believe we are eligible for MEDICARE???!! Where did the years go?”

I’ve eaten so much today I’m ashamed. DD suggested durian for a birthday treat so I got a pod out to thaw. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but not the worst, either.

When I get my other computer set back up (I have an adapter ordered), I’ll see if any of the 65th birthday photos are worth posting. In the meantime, I’m going to bed before I get any older.

Good night and have a good week!

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  1. cathy February 8, 2009 at 8:23 pm #

    Happy birthday Tommie!

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