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The Last Seven Days (including today)

Sunday I got up, had my devotions, exercised for most of an hour and then started in on My Project. It was Format Day. I started searching my hard drive for the things I wanted to keep and burned DVDs. I ended up with most of three. It took longer than I thought it was […]

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I Owe My Car an Apology

Might be you remember, three weeks ago tonight I accused my car of making me sick. I went into all sorts of reasons why I thought it was my poor little automobile that was causing me to feel puny. There was the lightheadedness and headaches, the general “out of it” feeling, the wooziness. I was […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LXIII, No Trains, No Planes

Just automobiles. The Buick I’d bought from my brother-in-law was supposed to be a gift. I knew there would be members of DH’s family who wouldn’t appreciate the fact that I had been given a car. It wasn’t fancy and it was aging. It wasn’t like a magnate giving me a luxury sedan. I scraped […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LXII, Leaving the Nest

The application for academy had been sent in and it wasn’t long before the letter of acceptance came back. My little girl was growing up. She was ready to spread her wings and fly. We had some shopping to do but the gifts she’d gotten for graduation helped tremendously. She’d received linens and other items […]

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Twinkle Speaks

I’ve been trying to figure Twinkle out but finally gave up. She is tired of my analysis so she has offered to take over for one post. First of all, I prefer Orriblay, the Jungle Beast to Twinkle. I don’t care how cute the little girl who named me was. Twinkle is just too minimizing […]

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Weekly Update

Sunday I forgot to exercise this morning. I’ve had so much on my mind that it was the last on the list, I guess. Exercise is necessary and I know I need to do it but I’d juiced my oranges and blended them with some mango. Couldn’t do anything but drink it at that point. […]

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B-12 Revisited

As you may (or probably don’t) remember, I had my blood drawn around the end of 2008. And, as you may (or probably don’t) remember, my B-12 came back exceedingly low. I found out about it on New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year to me. If you don’t know where this is coming from you […]

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My 65th Birthday Pictures

Just as a lark, I tried the adapter earlier today and it works! I don’t know that it will work tomorrow but it’s working right now. I have uploaded three of the better pictures I took last night so click on if you want to see them. I was trying to use a picture I […]

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