The Raw Vegan: Part LIX, The Wedding

Even though DS1 had to give up his plan to graduate from college, he had stayed with the male chorus. They’d toured the country and he went abroad with them, as well. He brought back tales of life in what was then the Soviet Union. I’ve always wanted to travel but I had to be content to see things through his eyes.

He’d had an active social life but he was getting frustrated he’d never found The One. I kept telling him to be patient. I was sure the Lord had Someone picked out just for him. It didn’t help that DS2 was in a serious longterm relationship.

One night, the chorus had a home concert and he got on the elevator. An attractive young woman was on there and, not being shy, he struck up a conversation with her. I don’t know exactly how it went but he got her name and phone number and that was just the beginning. They started dating and one day he brought her up to Meet Mom. She didn’t waste any time winning me over. In her own quiet way, she convinced me she had something none of the others had. I could tell she was a keeper.

DD, DS1 and I went to Dollywood on our usual schedule—go after 3 and spend the night at a motel, then go back for a full day for free. We watched a man doing beautiful woodwork. He had rolling pins he’d turned and polished. DS1 decided the perfect gift for his girl would be a rolling pin with her name engraved on it. He picked out the piece of wood and we watched while the craftsman fitted it on the lathe and expertly turned and sanded it to near perfection. I told DS1 it was a little strange to give it to her. She might rise up and use it on him if he made her unhappy.

As it happened, she was quite the cook. My mother had come over to visit and she had to meet DS1’s sweetheart. We went to the apartment she was sharing with a friend and she fixed a delicious meal that even impressed my mother. Not to be too complimentary, she remarked later that it was good but it was “awfully rich”. It became a standing joke.

After a long courtship, a date was set for the wedding. I had been on one of my many diets and lost enough weight that I could shoehorn myself into a size 8 suit. The ceremony was to take place in the very building where the couple first met. It would be a beautiful setting.

Then the Blizzard hit. My future daughter-in-law was going to make the bridesmaid’s outfits and the power went out. Things were at a standstill. When the worst was over and she was able to get back to work, it was crunch time.

DS1’s future in-laws came in and DD and his true love’s sister were fitted in their bridesmaid clothing. A few alterations and they were ready to go.

The wedding cake was ordered and I made five Plum Good cakes for the groom’s cake. We wouldn’t go hungry.

There was a tight budget in play and even though the groom’s mother was supposed to “wear beige and keep her mouth shut”, I helped to get things ready. I didn’t have a lot of stamina and I was getting tired.

The day came and we gathered in the Music Building to see two lives joined together.

The male chorus gave a gift of singing for the couple’s ceremony. The choice of the piece was the groom’s gift to his mother. It was my favorite of all time they sang—“Cantique de Jean Racine”. I sat back and let the music wash over me. This is one of the more unusual performances I found on youtube.

After being pronounced Man and Wife, the couple kissed.

The Kiss

Then it was the first step into a new life.

Mr. and Mrs.

Next, it was DD’s turn to be escorted out.

DD and Escort

The couple drank to their health.

To our health!

It was back to the auditorium for a picture of the groom’s family. I didn’t get a picture of the bride’s family. Maybe they’ll send me one so I can post it, too.

DS1's Family

Four of the sisters and our mother were there. We had to gather for a picture. I’m the one on the right with the mushroom on my head and the Tin Grin.

Sisters and Mother

The bride helped to clean up after the reception was over. The couple left on their honeymoon—to their apartment. We were all near collapse but they were married. I could take off my too-tight skirt and relax.

It was back home, back to work for me and school for DD.

One day the phone rang and it was DS2’s significant other. From the sound of her voice, I knew something had changed. But what?

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  1. Zucchini Breath January 28, 2009 at 5:43 pm #

    You just keep me going with your cliff hangers!

    I can’t wait!

    • Tommie February 1, 2009 at 8:25 pm #

      That’s the plan!

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