Another One for the Books

DD and I had our weekly visit after missing last week. We’d chatted on Google talk several times in the meanwhile.

I attended a most interesting wedding today. A young couple from my church got married. The groom is a distant cousin, I’m told. His mother is into genealogy and found we are swinging from the same tree. Since she is my neighbor’s sister, I have kinfolk next door, too. Back to the nuptials. It wasn’t so much the attire—it was pretty much traditional. The preacher who married them started out by saying to the groom, “Isn’t she pretty? She’s beautiful!” Then, to the bride, “Isn’t he handsome?” All of this was in a conversational tone. He said, “I can hear you saying, ‘Get on with it!'” and he did. It was a most unconventional marrying and he ended the vows with “until I stop breathing.” After he introduced the married couple, they left the sanctuary and then came back in to dismiss the guests.

I didn’t stay for the reception. As far as I could see, there was nothing there that hadn’t been cooked or baked or otherwise processed. That was okay. I hadn’t planned to stay, anyway. The cake caught my eye. It was three tiers on three separate stands and the frosting was black and white squares similar in size to the ones on a checkerboard. The bride and groom cake topper were salt and pepper shakers. The bride was the salt and it had a netting veil. The groom pepper was set off by a top hat and cane. My neighbor told me the idea came from a movie but she couldn’t remember which one. I tried Googling it with no luck after I got home.

The line to the septic tank froze last Friday and nothing has moved through since. That can get old fast.

Busy! That hardly even comes close to describing the day. Plus the weather turned nasty with icy roads and blowing snow. I want a good snow but I want it when I’m already in with plenty of food and toilet paper. I was trying to get out and come on home before it got any colder (the temperature had gotten up to 45 yesterday but the balmy breezes were short lived). The evening registrar was in the ER and I was manning the phones and registering outpatients. Once she got back to the office, I took my leave at my usual quitting time. Coming up the mountain, I drove more slowly than is my custom and relief! I met the salt truck! The downside is my car was sprayed with salt.

Still too cold for a thaw.

Inauguration Day. History. Lots of words could be used to describe it. DD and merm were there and the words merm used were, “It was coooooolllld.” I took a break from my place in front of the computer at my desk and went to the lobby to watch the proceedings. I saw Aretha in her way out hat and the much debated invocation by Rick Warren. After the mangled oath was pronounced, I went back to work. We have a New President. Better him than me.

My sisters are planning a Road Trip tomorrow. They’ll let me know when and where we’ll meet. I’m taking the next two days off work. Who knows when the four of us will be together again?

Still frozen.

After several phone calls, some successful and some not, my sisters and I met up at Wally World. They each had a little shopping to do and I had my cart loaded up with a week’s worth of spinach and other items. On the way to the motel, we stopped at Goodwill. I didn’t want to take up their time looking for anything and no one else found garments to buy, either.

It was on to the motel. They checked in and got a room on the ground floor and practically next to the office. While they were doing the business of getting the finances squared away, I got on the computer in the lobby and checked my email. We unloaded the car and went back to town to meet my niece and her son by the courthouse. I left them with their plans for eating at Wendy’s.

Dark was coming on and the front steps had a thick layer of ice. I boiled water and managed to melt a lot of it AFTER I’d unloaded everything. I had my second Bacon avocado and sat in Mother’s chair and dozed.

No flush.

Guess I got my nap out because I watched the clock go from 9:30 something to 10:02 and then 10:32. That’s when I got up and took a melatonin and here I am. Think I’ll go back to bed and see if I can get some sleep. Good night!

My middle sister of the three had told me to sleep as long as I wanted to so I almost did after being awake until midnight. I could have slept longer but I got up and did about as Mother would say. The younger sister called and caught me without any food yet and no shower. We made plans when and where to meet which left me no time for the latter after I took care of the former.

The “where” was Mother’s grave. We walked around some and the oldest sister took pictures.

The next thing on the schedule was to come to the mountain and see Mother’s ex-house. My middle sister was driving and the area had changed so much she didn’t find it at first. I tried to motion her on but she didn’t see. We got separated and I had to drive to where I could see the valley to get a signal for my cell phone. I found out their location and led them to the next point of interest.

Not long after, the oldest sister got in the car with me and we had a good visit as I drove. We saw Aunt Cora’s sad burned out house, Ted’s birthplace, and the cemetery where my parents courted. Strange, huh? After some more sightseeing, I led the way to Bi-Lo and that’s where we parted. They started out for North Carolina and I went to Goodwill.

I found a 34D Maidenform and a long sweatshirt. They were $1.99 each. I’m a big spender.

Aldi was next and I met a woman in there who loves the prices as much as I do (I gave her my card), then the Asian market where I got A CASE OF KENT MANGOS! They still have several days to go before they’re ready. After shopping the organic grocery, I sat in the sun (!) and drank my green smoothie. I ended up the day at Wally World and came on home.

I was hoping it had gotten warm enough today to thaw things out. I operated on the commode but that isn’t where the root of the problem is. Didn’t help.

I had no problem sleeping last night. I think it was all the excitement the day before that messed with my rhythms. The excitement today is that the line to the septic tank has thawed! I cleaned up the mess and got everything moving through before I took my jacket off. A solid week of gross. 😛

Today was a busy busy day. Besides going to the bank and post office, there were lots of emails to go through and reports to review. It was a busy day for the registrars, too. Oh, I went through the car wash and got the salt off the car. Wouldn’t you know it? When I started home, it began to mist. What salt was left on the road is now on my car. WAAAHHHHHH!

The son of one of the girls broke his arm (again). She told me I could request prayer for him at church tomorrow. I don’t think she’d mind if I asked for praying people who read my blog to remember him, too. If the arm doesn’t heal the way it should, he’ll have to have surgery to have rods put in. Both the radius and ulna are completely broken. She is hoping and praying that surgery won’t have to be an option.

Several weeks ago, I went to get my bond renewed for my notary. There was a glitch of some sort and it didn’t go through. The man from State Farm brought it by the hospital while I was off. Wouldn’t you know the Powers That Be met this week and won’t meet again until April? That means I can’t notarize anything until then. It’s good I’m not the only one there who can do it.

The battery for my laptop came. That was pretty quick from Hong Kong.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
Last night, I put the battery in my laptop and started it calibrating. It took most of the night. I got up a couple of times and checked on it, then restarted my computer when it finished. It didn’t want to go into Windows until I changed the boot sequence to the hard drive. Guess I should see what the problem is.

Church was a DVD. I’d taken food for the fellowship meal. Salad and persimmon pudding. Surprise, surprise. For myself, I took a banana blueberry spinach water smoothie. Two people expressed an interest and I, jokingly, asked if they wanted to try it. They both took me up on it! I explained it would have been better fresh but they said it was pretty good.

The male part of the two who sampled sat down and questioned me about raw food. I believe his mother had eaten primarily raw food at one time. I gave him my card.

A couple was there who takes it upon themselves to grill me whenever we are all in the same place at the same time. He commented that my weight was staying off. Well, YES! You don’t get obese on raw food. Then he wanted to know if my energy level was back up. I didn’t know it had been noticeably down except for a few days when my B12 was significantly low. After the meal, she came over and started telling me about all the bad things she’d heard about raw food. It doesn’t matter if she heard 10 good things and one bad. It’s the bad she focuses on. She asked if I knew who Dr. Lorraine Day is. I told her yes. She informed me she’d gone back to eating cooked because her raw diet had caused her problems. I tried to find something about it online but came up cold. The thing about her information is that she can’t tell me where she saw/heard/read what she tells me. It’s all very vague. She was saying I should be eating at least 20% cooked “to move things on through”. (Sounds like my erstwhile septic tank problem.) I asked her how one calculates 20%. Is it by volume? weight? calories? She didn’t know. I prefer no information to what can’t be documented.

My sister flies out tomorrow afternoon. During prayer time in church, I asked for folks to remember her for her safety.

It’s been a busy seven days. And, once again, this is too long.

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  1. Cupcake January 28, 2009 at 12:07 pm #

    The salt and pepper shaker is from fireproof… it is an excellent movie!! it is a christain movie about saving a marriage on the rocks…

    • Tommie February 1, 2009 at 8:26 pm #

      Thanks, Cupcake! I knew someone out there could tell me!

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