It’s Another Weekly Update

DS2 went to the continental breakfast again and was unimpressed but what can you expect for free? I had a little over a quart of fresh-squeezed OJ and a banana/blueberry/spinach/water smoothie. Did that make me a better person? No, but it does make me healthier. I blended up a banana/romaine/water smoothie to take with me.

Practice time for DS2 was 10 o’clock. I stayed at the motel and Got Things Done. When he got back, he assured me the organist had a beautiful arrangement of It Is Well With My Soul.

Visitation was supposed to start at 1 at the church but it was well underway when we arrived. The memorial service was beautiful, the music was magnificent (the academy choir also sang “Nearer, Still Nearer”) and many people added their memories of Ted. I was so proud of DS1. He was truly inspired. After, there was more visiting and a meal provided by the church. I drank my smoothie.

We spent a couple of hours, at least, at my sister’s home before we came back to the motel. DS1 went to visit an old friend and I ate Clementines and then vegged out with a salad and watched TV. Pretty lazy.

See Tuesday

I never got around to updating last night because my computer died. More on that later.

Checkout was noon which surprised me. We went ahead and left a little over an hour early. It was handy to have The Son with me. He loaded the car as I assembled everything (I thought) and put it by the door. The lady at the desk told us they could have made vegetarian jambalaya had they known to. DS1 definitely didn’t go hungry, anyway.

From the motel we headed directly to my sister’s home. We saw the relatives who were on their respective ways out and were able to get in some visiting before they left. I worked on putting AVG on the computer. My sister offered us lunch and we agreed to stay. There were four of us around the table, two mothers and two sons. It was nice.

We left later than I’d planned and took some extra time to go to the sister market to the organic one I go to now and then. It’s considerably smaller than the one I shop but they have a good selection of raw foods. I got olives, raw flax seed crisps, Bubbies pickles and a few other things. Oh! I found Bacon avocados. The name intrigued me. I’d heard of the variety before and, at $1.49 each for organic, I figured that was pretty good. I’d planned to give one to DS1 but I forgot.

Our forays to the stores didn’t take long so we were soon on our way. We did have to stop back by the motel to pick up a book I’d left in the room. DS1 had been munching on Pringles and Clementines (bad combination) and it took me by surprise when he turned at an exit and had me take over. He said he was getting very sleepy and had actually dozed off at one point. I was glad to drive.

I was behind the wheel until I had to stop for a potty break. DS1 had taken a good nap and was ready for his turn. After a stop at the university supermarket, he took it on to his house. The family was glad to see him. I didn’t stay long.

After checking at two Wally Worlds for spinach, I finally found two containers. Not enough so I got some extra romaine in case. I am set for, hopefully, a week.

The sight that greeted me when I walked in the door was Twinkle’s pukefest. There were three places on the floor I had to clean up before I could do anything else. Pleasant.

I was tempted to leave everything in the car that didn’t HAVE to come in but I ended up unloading completely. I set the computer up and had no luck at getting it to boot up. I gave in and went to bed.

A night’s rest had helped me but not the computer. I’d tried calibrating the battery (the light was glowing red) but nothing. I dragged out my old Windows 98 machine and strung cords through the house to plug the modem directly into the network card. It doesn’t have wireless. After several attempts to get it to work, it accessed the Internet. It was amazing to find how little is available for Windows 98.

I found merm on gmail and told him my troubles. He suggested taking the battery out and trying it again. It worked! Then he found one on eBay which I immediately ordered. So it was merm to the rescue again.

My neighbors picked up the mail while I was gone. The first billing for my Medicare Part B came. It’s $289.20. Ouch! I figure it will eventually pay for itself, though, and next year it can come out of my Social Security check. I’m getting On Up There, folks!

I’ve mostly rested today. I did write my blog post and washed a load of clothes. And now I’m going to BED!

It was the first day back at work after being off four days so it was busy. There were still 20-some emails in my inbox when I left. Nothing was so important it can’t wait until tomorrow.

I was the afternoon mail person. On a hunch, I stopped at The Pig and the organic spinach and arugula were marked down to $1.99. I got two containers of the former and one of the latter. I’m not a big arugula fan but it’s growing on me. It was a nice addition to my salad.

The temperature in the bathroom when I got out of the shower was 49 degrees. It was 12 outside and hasn’t gotten over 28 today. When I went out to start the car it was snowing.

My fuel light was blinking on yesterday so I left early and got the tank topped off. It was cold. I hated to have the station owner get out in it to take care of the job but I didn’t want to do it, either. He didn’t seem to mind.

I was the afternoon mail person again. I stopped at both supermarkets for bananas but there were no ripe ones to be had. Maybe one will have some tomorrow that are getting close to being all yellow. I won’t have enough to do me until they get ripe enough for a smoothie. Maybe I’ll live through it.

When I pulled up at The Pig, the news was on about the crash landing of the US Airways plane taking off from La Guardia en route to Charlotte. That caught my attention because that’s a flight that was available to me when I flew from NYC home. How fortunate the passengers were! And how cold they must’ve been! I sat in the car and listened to that piece until it was over.

It’s supposed to get down in the single digits before I get up tomorrow so I’m leaving the water running a little bit. My faucets are geared to shut off except for the set merm put in the kitchen. So…it’s the kitchen that will get the assignment. I’m leaving the heat up to 60, too. I usually turn it down to 50 and the gas logs are always off when I go to bed. Which is what I’m going to do.

The temperature was ‘way down there this morning. The low was 1.6º F though it was “up” to 1.9 when I left the house. The high was 25 but it’s 16 now. I’ve let the water run all night and all day and I’m leaving it tonight, too.

The lights blinked and my computer went OFF. It shouldn’t surprise me but I was hoping it would be able to hang on that long. It didn’t. I had to boot it up and it didn’t want to go into Windows the first time. Guess I need a battery after all.

I was dreading the cold water part of my shower but it wasn’t bad. Maybe it hadn’t had time to cool down completely.

And guess what! I was the bank/mail person today. I ran into the pastor at the post office this morning. No way could I get out early this afternoon. There was an influx of outpatients right when I was supposed to leave. I stayed and helped and THEN had to take two good-sized boxes in to mail.

There were lots of cameras at the dinner after the memorial service. I got this along with lots others this evening. It’s me on the left with my three sisters arranged in order of appearance. The oldest is on the right coming across to me, the baby. Our sister in the Great Northwest is the only one not present.

Three of Four Sisters

I stopped and got the ripest bananas I could find but they are still tinged with green. I didn’t plan too well.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
It’s not been above freezing for several days now and it’s supposed to start precipitating sometime tonight. Snow, sleet and freezing rain. With the ground frozen, whatever hits the roads will turn to ice. I was supposed to go to a wedding tomorrow but if it is like that, I’m staying in. I handed a card for the couple to the bride’s mother this morning. I doubt I’d be missed.

The low since midnight was 8 point something and then it got up to 28 in the daytime. It’s dropped back to 27 now but that’s still below freezing. DID YOU KNOW THAT?? I have on my Goodwill long johns under a Goodwill warm shirt and some sweat pants someone gave me. A pair of socks and pile lined Croc type shoes completes my ensemble.

Church was interesting. Someone had brought in a fellow who has an outreach teaching country living and good health practices. There was a fellowship meal after but I hadn’t gone prepared so I didn’t stay.

I called my sister in the Great Northwest this evening and we were on the phone for right at an hour and a half. We weren’t talking all that time. She used part of it to go where she could be more comfortable. She’s getting better at navigating and that’s good. The other day she went to the pharmacy for the first time since July. She hadn’t been in any kind of store otherwise. That’s hard to fathom. During our conversation, she said something that struck me funny and I laughed until I cried. I hadn’t done that for years. It felt good.

Tomorrow will be another day. It supposed to get up into the low 40s but it may not here. We’ll see what the weather will be like before I venture out anywhere.

Good night, all!

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