A Birthday Week

Today is my sister’s birthday eve. When we were growing up, our mother would put us to bed the night before a birthday saying somberly, “This is the L A S T night you’ll ever be X years old.” (Fill in the X with the year between 1 and whatever.) It made us almost feel like we didn’t want our birthdays to come. I say “almost” because our mother would make a big fuss over our special days no matter what condition the bank account was in. Not much happens now since she’s gone.

I called my sister and we chatted for 20 minutes or so (a long conversation for her any more) when I said, “Do you know why I called?” She said, “Well, I was hoping you were going to wish me a happy birthday.” Being ever so technical, I said, “But it isn’t your birthday yet. It is the L A S T night, though…” She shrieked and yelled, “Didja call to jeer at me?” I had to admit that yes, that’s why I’d called. Then I made sure I was the first to wish her a happy one.

Since I’d been awake until 1:45 this morning, I figured it was time to go to bed after that.

Today was warm—the high was 64—but overcast. On the way to work, I stopped and got about 11.5 lubs of bananas. I was down to one, yes ONE, banana. I’d cut it pretty close. I got enough to do me for several days. They were okay in the car since it was cloudy all day.

I met the pastor’s wife at the library after work and gave her money to get me some romaine and grape tomatoes at Aldi the next time she goes. She isn’t sure when that will be. I said, “I have one package of romaine and enough otherwise for one regular and one small salad.” She asked, “Will that do you until Monday?” Uh, NO! I said, “It will do me until Wednesday.” Actually, I’ll have to stretch it to make it go that far. We sat and talked until the librarian was getting ready to close the doors. They were getting their books checked out when I left.

Today was when I finally got around to making the Christmas cards from the office staff to the rest of the departments. My printer kept acting up and it made me late. When I got out of the car at work, I grabbed at my tote and missed the handles. It landed on the pavement and my quart of OJ/strawberry smoothie was history. I didn’t care about the jar that much but the loss of half my breakfast was heartbreaking. I put tote and all into two plastic bags and left the mess in the car.

I talked to my sister today. She left rehab AMA yesterday. I hope she doesn’t have problems with Medicare denying her bill.

We were supposed to get light rain but it opened up and poured several times. Mercifully, I didn’t have to go to the post office OR bank. I’ve been fighting a cold since my late night. I know I need more sleep. I didn’t feel up to delving into the past tonight.

Tomorrow is the office party. I’ll take a salad to share and the rest of my food will be standard for me.

To bed! and nobody had better try to stop me!

It’s been a long busy day. I stopped on the way and got the stuff for the salad. I’d whizzed up some persimmon pudding and I was the only one who ate any of it. Might as well have saved the effort.

I wore my beaded Goodwill sweater and got many compliments. I let most of them know where I got it. My friend in the nursing home tells me I shouldn’t tell but I don’t care.

After I got off, I headed over the mountain to Trade as my mother would say. I’m battling a runny nose so I got some garlic and laid in a supply of lemons. I went to Goodwill but wasn’t inspired to shop. I got food and came home.

Berry from the forum had called me so I called her back. It’s the first time ever we’ve talked.

It’s bedtime for me! Night!

It was a cloudy, overcast day. It never rained but it just out-dismalled dismal.

I left the office long enough to run a couple of errands, one being taking the veggie tray and almost a quart of dip to the school. I can’t handle two nights in a row of not having sufficient food and sleep so I came on home as soon as work was over.

And tomorrow, I’ll do it again. Good night!

I talked to my sister in the Great Northwest twice and my sister in Colorado more than that. They are both inundated with snow and won’t share with me. The one in the GNW had to get out in it to go to the doctor. Their driveway slopes from the street down to the house and her husband couldn’t get out. A neighbor took them to the appointment in his 4-wheel drive and it took over an hour for a 15 minute trip. She had an intercostal block to, hopefully, control her pain level.

I’ve been spinning poi in addition to my hula hooping. In addition to the spin, I flex my legs and it can be a real workout.

The first few days, my feet and legs were sore. They’re better now.

Saturday night
Twinkle is perched on my lap watching me type. I don’t know where the fascination is.

Today was as usual except I’d been asked to sing and hadn’t thought of it since. I hadn’t practiced so I didn’t do it. I need reminders. I’m getting old. We had a church service where one of the elders read the Christmas story and it was interspersed with carols. It was right nice and a good end to the holiday season as far as playing the organ is concerned.

My sister had asked me to call her today so I did. Her pain was back, full force, and she wanted some lidocaine cream. I couldn’t get into the site where she usually orders such so I got it from Amazon. Was that breaking the Sabbath? I don’t think so. My sister was in distress and it comforted her to know that it’s on the way even if it will take days to get there.

It’s been a cloudy & dreary again and it started raining as soon as I got in from church. I’m glad it waited until then.

Guess I should hang this up and go to bed. Good night, everyone!

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  1. zucchini breath December 21, 2008 at 12:54 pm #

    I love reading your blog and always look forward to your updates. I get all my clothes at Goodwill too, AND I worked for them for 6 wonderful years. If anyone compliments my clothes I am proud to tell them I got it at Goodwill. You save money, that money goes right back into their programs and you are keeping items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Win/win/win!



    • Tommie December 21, 2008 at 9:37 pm #

      Thanks for visiting me and letting me know you’ve been here. This is so true, ZB, about Goodwill. I like it that I’m helping people in the community have jobs, too.

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