To Sleep, Perchance to Dream?

I’m as fascinated as most ordinary people by technology but every now and then it can get downright spooky. One day last week, I had the early morning TV on and heard a piece on Tech Bytes that got my attention. I’ve searched and searched but I’ve yet to find it. Maybe I dreamed it? Nope. I was wide awake.

The gist of the report was that there is technology available that can reproduce images of what a person is dreaming. The closest thing I could come up with is this article. As the title suggests, it’s scary. I don’t think Shakespeare had considered anything close to this when he wrote about Hamlet’s thoughts. That’s scary enough but let’s get real.

My mind is supposed to be a private place accessible only to God and me. According to the previously referenced article, it’s potentially possible for not only the privacy of my dreams to be invaded but my thoughts. I’m sorry but I don’t want anyone reading my thinking whether I’m awake or asleep. What are dreams besides the activity of my mind when I’m sleeping? To tell you the truth, I try to keep it clean so if anyone were able to audit, I wouldn’t be ashamed but that isn’t the point. My thoughts and dreams are MY thoughts and dreams. No one has the right to get in there and prowl.

The images as they were back in March of this very year were rough but the rate technology improves, soon there may be the capability of actually “painting” what the mind’s eye is seeing. Is it something that should be pursued? Will we be safe from it?

When computers first came on the scene, one that would do simple calculations filled a large room. Now a PDA that will do far more than that will fit in the palm of my hand. It’s conceivable that while it takes Magnetic Resonance Imaging plus some plain and fancy programming to accomplish simple images now, who knows how soon the equipment will shrink accordingly?

I’m for a free marketplace and allowing research and development to run its course but surely there would be limits on something of this magnitude. In the meantime, I’ll hide and watch.

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