An Experiment

I’m trying something new this week. This will be a true journal but it will be seven days in one post. I’ll write a summary of each day while it’s still fresh in my mind. We’ll see how it goes. I may or may not keep it up.

It was pleasantly warm with low humidity which made for ideal weather for drying laundry on the line. I took advantage of it and washed sheets, towels, and all sorts of clothes. I took a break in the early afternoon and lay in the sun for half an hour. I called DD back when I saw she’d left voice mail while I was outside. We had an hour and a half visit. I hunted up my ear piece and used it so I could continue on with my work.

The leaves are beautiful this fall. It’s amazing since we have had so little rain. I would have expected them to dry up and fall off before this.

Fortunately, the weather is warm enough I don’t have to run the heat much. I opened the windows and lit the gas logs today. The power bill came for October and it was over a hundred dollars more than it was averaging the past several months. I’d been home more, fought the fleas and heated more of the house than usual. I’ll have to do better.

My hour is back! My regular station for news had Nascar scheduled this evening. I turned to a seldom-watched one and heard the sun came up an hour early this morning! Amazing the government has enough power to cause the sun to rise and set at will. Kind of like the flowers getting an extra hour of sun when the time springs forward in—what is it now? March?

It’s so nice to have my circadian rhythm where it’s supposed to be. I woke before the alarm went off this morning but I lay in bed because I could.

Work was work. Problem after problem. One was solved easily. The others? Time will tell.

I took a few minutes and went to the supermarket to see about organic baby spinach. I’ve been campaigning (there’s that word!) to get it since they opened. No such luck. For some reason, it’s been out of stock each time they’ve ordered.

Speaking of campaigning, tomorrow is the day that will, hopefully, put an end to such for a while, at least. It’s been a long two years and I’m ready for it to be resolved one way or another. I’ll do my civic duty and vote. I don’t feel it’s so much a right or a privilege but an obligation. So many people in the world can’t vote. I have the opportunity and if I don’t take it, I’m cheating myself and them, too. I stopped at the roadside market this afternoon and the lady there told me she still doesn’t know who to vote for. I didn’t try to sway her one way or another. I told her to choose and go for it. She said she would definitely cast her ballot but who knows how? It doesn’t matter to me as long as she does it.

I’m getting to bed a little later than I’d planned but I don’t have to get up too long before daylight.

Today’s the day to go to the polls. I would have voted early but I would have had to leave work and go across the mountain. For the town-dwellers, it’s convenient, but not for residents like me who work in the next town.

Tuesday night
As planned, I was at the polling place not long after it opened. There was one man voting besides me. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. I got to work well before my usual starting time.

This afternoon, I headed over the mountain and down to the little town (again) where I got tomatoes last week. There were a few cups sitting on a bench at the edge of the yard but no one was anywhere to be seen. I went up and rang the doorbell. Nothing. I knocked on the door—twice. I could hear dogs barking but still no humans. Back at the car, I saw someone open the door. Poor man had been sleeping. He works nights. I apologized. He sold me five cups of tomatoes for $10. I have enough to do me for a few more days.

I bombed out at Wally World. There was one container of spinach and NO LIMES. My total purchase was the spinach, one package of romaine hearts, a jalapeno and some pears. Next was Goodwill and nothing bought there. BiLo was a bag of reject oranges and an onion. The produce place yielded bananas and some nice-looking grapefruit for 50¢ each. It was back home and I had everything unloaded and put away before 7 pm.

The election is proving to be riveting but I’m going to have to wait until morning to find out which part of history is made.

I turned the light off at 10:30. Had I stayed up another half hour, I could have gotten the election results. At 3:15 am, I got up to go to the bathroom and decided I’d waited long enough. My browser had refreshed and showed Obama as the new president. I wish him every blessing. He’ll need all the help he can get. Nothing much was said at work today.

The gas tank was getting low on fuel when I was coming up the mountain yesterday. I left a little early and went to have it topped off. I figured up I’m getting 36 miles to the gallon driving up and down the mountain. Not too shabby.

It was so nice in the sun today. I got 20 minutes outside.

I had every intention of staying for prayer meeting today. I’d taken three bananas to tide me over. They weren’t very ripe and after I ate them, I guess the starch turned to the kind of sugar I didn’t need. There was no way I could stay for three more hours so I came on home.

Today is probably the last really warm day we’ll have for some time. It was beautiful and got up to 75 in the valley where I work. Gorgeous and I got outside very little. Frustrating!

My second shipment of persimmons came in and I’m going to do a post about them tonight. When more get ready to eat I’ll be in hog heaven! (You can see the post here.)

Once again, I stopped by the new supermarket in town to bug them about organic spinach. They happily showed me what they’d gotten—organic spinach blend. It was mixed with radicchio and arugula. Not something I’d want to blend with bananas and blueberries. The person helping with the initial phase of the store called the person responsible for ordering organic produce for the chain and he promised to put some organic SPINACH PERIOD on the truck to arrive tomorrow. In the meantime, I got some of the blend. She told me to see the produce lady tomorrow and get a free container of spinach since they’ve taken so long to get the right thing. I picked out the spinach to use in a smoothie in the morning and put the rest in my salad for lunch. I’m not a big lover of either radicchio or arugula.

I was the post office person this afternoon and am supposed to take care of the mail and the deposit until further notice. Okay.

ORGANIC SPINACH AT THE NEW SUPERMARKET! This is a red-letter day! They finally got it in! I got three containers, took them to the hospital and put them in the fridge in the break room, then walked off and left them. I called and asked the unit secretary to put my name along with the date on the bag. Those are two things required on anything left in the fridge. I’ll have to remember to pick them up tomorrow.

It rained today! The valley got almost half an inch. Not much but better than nothing.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday Night
It was a sunshiny day but on the cool side. I got up early enough to fix my salad to take to eat and some celery sticks and sliced cucumbers along with Matt’s Dip. I put too much lemon in the latter.

Church was interesting, as usual. And, as usual, I “rocked out on the organ” as merm said when they were here.

I wore my $3.99 Goodwill suit and bowled over my friend from the nursing home. I’ll have to admit it fits well and looks nice. I feel extremely fortunate that I happened to be there at the right time to get it.

After the dinner was over, I went to the hospital and picked up my spinach then came on home. We’d been talking about the beautiful leaves so I got my camera and went out to take pictures. Absolutely none of them were good enough to post. I’m beginning to think I need a camera with more megapixels than 2.2 but I can’t fit it into the budget right now.

It’s getting on toward 8:30 and I’m getting sleepy. My post is ‘way too long. Maybe next week I can keep it brief. Good night!

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