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Seven More Days Passed…

I’ve gone and done it again. I should have kept it up for another week and it would have been a habit but NO! I lapsed after two weeks. You see, I was faithful for 14 days, blogging highlights from every 24 hours. Somehow, some way, my old nature took over and I didn’t do […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LI, A New Job?

The two were sitting in the corner with their heads close together discussing something in earnest. I hadn’t been paying any attention until I heard my name mentioned. It’s strange how a conversation can be blocked out unless or until the mention of a name can catch the ear. I’d like to say I didn’t […]

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Rationing in Today’s Economy

Friday, I had a pink envelope in my mailbox which is unusual to begin with. It isn’t close to my birthday but it was greeting card size. Christmas cards aren’t sent in pink envelopes as a general rule and with my bah! humbug attitude about Christmas before Thanksgiving, I certainly hoped someone hadn’t already gotten […]

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This Week with Tommie

Sunday I’ve had a do-less day. I’m not cut out for the nightlife any more. My visit with DD, washing dishes, eating (not in that order) and fixing romaine for salads was about all I got done. Pretty pitiful if you ask me. Two people called to let me know one of our long-time church […]

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Wild Persimmons vs Fuyus

A couple of friends brought me some wild persimmons. I decided another post about the fall fruit was in order. I’ll compare the wild persimmons with the fuyus from Dario as well as adding a note about persimmon pudding. This picture shows how small the wild persimmons are alongside the fuyus. The first wild persimmon […]

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I got home sooner than I thought I would. I was back at the car and heading off the campus at 9:30. I’m getting ahead of myself. When I got to the auditorium around 7, there was a person directing traffic away from the closest parking lot. The one he said for me to go […]

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Experimenting Again

This time, I’ll try for brevity. Not that it will be witty but it will be my soul in each word and resulting paragraph. The last weekly update was ‘way too long. I’ll try to keep it down this time. Sunday I’ve been successful two weeks in a row. My aim has been to have […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XLIX, Psalm 37

I had to have something to cling to during those hard stretched-thin days. Felix Mendelssohn had written an oratorio, “Elijah”, back in 1846. That was 140 years before DH had walked out. I had learned “O Rest In the Lord” from my mother’s 52 Sacred Songs You Like to Sing when I was very young. […]

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