Eight Days Down

I’m supposed to update on Saturday night but I was out and about, living the high life and didn’t get in until late. Actually, I was at a gymnastics exhibition with family. Maybe the first explanation sounds more exciting.

Last Sunday came in rather coolly. DD, merm and I had a leisurely breakfast and got ready to leave to visit DS2 and his family. We had a good time there and were able to witness my seven year old granddaughter ride her bike without the training wheels!.

When we got home, we had a quick bite to eat and made ready for bed. Next morning, merm told me he woke up on the floor. The air bed had given up the ghost. He gathered up all the parts plus things he’d bought that I wouldn’t use if he left them. Everything was on the sales slip he’d saved. I told him I’d take everything back to Wally World and ask for the bed to be made right and the other things refunded.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and it was with a heavy heart that I watched the little white rental car pull out of the driveway with DD and merm inside. Twinkle didn’t know what to think. I knew but I didn’t have to like it. They promised to make arrangements to stay longer next time they come down.

DD kept in touch via voice mail (all my calls go to Grand Central though I did manage to pick the last one of the day up before it was forwarded. They’d made it back home okay.

Tuesday, it was a work day for me. The Produce Man is back! He even seemed glad to see me.

I had all the stuff in the car to return and set out across the mountain after I got off to take care of it. I couldn’t get a refund for the air bed. The policy forbids it but they will exchange them for one of equal value or better. I paid another $15 and got a different brand hoping it would behave.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were work days. The last day, I’d called my sister who is in rehab and had a good visit. She’s scheduled to be discharged on Halloween. I left a little early so I could finish packing and get ready to go visit family. I was staying with DS1 and his. They no longer have Internet access so I’d made arrangements with BasicISP for a “lite” plan of 30 hours so I wouldn’t be completely without contact. It served to make me thankful I have DSL at home. I know the only option some people have is dialup and Basic is a good plan in that case.

Benji didn’t fully remember we were friends and bit me on the wrist. It didn’t break the skin but it smarted for awhile. He settled down after an hour or two and was let off his leash. It was worth it to see my loved ones.

I set up the air bed in the spare room and it smelled the place up with the plastic odor. It was cool outside but I opened the window, anyway. Other than that, it was fairly comfortable. I was a little cold, though.

Yesterday was spent with family at Homecoming at the university. It was so good to see two of my sisters, my brother-in-law, some of their offspring and their offspring’s offspring. We all ate lunch together. They had their cooked fare and I ate a salad I’d made earlier.

It was back to the house to rest and catch up on my family’s lives. They had accepted an invitation to go out to eat later that afternoon so I went back to the sandwich supper to meet the sisters, etc., and eat my salsa with avocado. My BIL approved.

As I said, I stayed for the Gym Masters exhibition. I was cold in my sweater but I survived. Afterward, we made plans to meet for breakfast and I started home. The windows on my car were frosted over—not with ice but with moisture. I couldn’t see to get out of the parking space. There was a vehicle parked directly behind me and with my history of backing into things, I didn’t want to chance it. I was sitting in the car looking (I guess) a little desperate when the fellow getting into the car next to me saw I had a problem. I told him I couldn’t see through my rear window so he was nice enough to direct me and I got out without swapping any paint.

DS1 et al were watching TV when I got back to the house. I sat down and watched with them until the news was over and then I hit the hay—er, air. I’d put a blanket on the mattress under the sheet and put another blanket over me. It was much better and I slept warm.

I had a job getting the air out of the mattress this morning. I haven’t quite figured out how to use the air pump to pull it out yet. I couldn’t put it back in the bag. It wouldn’t fold up that small. I currently have it in a box. I spent so much time on that I didn’t get my packing done.

Soon as I could get around, I fixed a little more than a quart of OJ and grabbed four bananas to take for breakfast. My DIL and granddaughter (the teenager) had passed on going with me. I was first to arrive but was soon joined by one of my sisters and my BIL. They’d eaten at the continental breakfast at the motel so they weren’t especially hungry. I was okay but began to feel pangs after their son and his family got there. THEN they elected to wait to eat. I wasn’t about to so I got a cup from the soup bar and drank my juice.

It was to the supermarket where we did our shopping.

We finally went to the little snack bar where everyone but me got fake steak and phony baloney. I ate my bananas, much to the amazement of the others. One of the daughters got an Oreo milkshake on top of whatever she’d had plus French fries and was feeling sick later. Wonder why?

My other sister and her family got there later. We visited while we stood by the car. There was a yellow jacket that made lives miserable for some of them but it pretty much left me alone.

We said goodbye and I went back to the house to finish getting things into the car. DS1 had left for work early early this morning. I’d told my DIL to leave the door unlocked if they went somewhere and sure enough, they were gone when I got back. I packed, loaded, and was down the road in short order.

I made a quick stop at Aldi but didn’t get much. My sister had told me they’d heard a house had burned in a little town in the valley. She said, from the description, it probably was our aunt’s old house. I took a little side trip and sure enough, it was Aunt Cora’s house. I spent many happy hours there. She has been gone for years but it still made me feel sad to see it in that condition. It wasn’t burned to the ground but was gutted. There’s a rather eerie look about it.

Goodwill was a must stop. I got three tops for 99¢ each. The produce place was the last and I was headed home. I’m unloaded, most things are put away and I’m ready to go to bed. Tomorrow is a work day and I have to be up and around with the chickens.

Good night!

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