It’s been a busy week…

My, my! There’s no way I can remember even a fraction of what has been going on. Lucky for you! I doubt it would be that interesting, anyway.

Sunday was involved with my moving everything that could be moved and thoroughly vacuuming the carpet. After that, I started Borax-ing. It was a long process and I ran out before I could finish my bedroom or bathroom. I hadn’t even started on the guest bedroom except for vacuuming. I continued on with emptying cabinets and washing the contents. I threw away all sorts of stuff I don’t use any more. I was proud of me.

Monday, it was more of the same. Pulling things out, washing, letting them air dry and putting them back. I also did three loads of laundry which I hung out on the line. I got plenty of sun that way. I loaded the car with trash to haul off later. I was fairly close to tired when I went to bed that night.

Tuesday, I went to town. On the way, I stopped at the cemetery to check on things and all was well. Then it was on to the place where I dump my garbage. After that, I hit the stores, got some more Borax and picked up another box of oranges to make sure I had enough with company coming in. Back at the house, I started in again. It was time to do the spare bedroom and I used almost the whole box of Borax in there. I didn’t want anyone getting bitten in the night. I still ran out before I could finish my bathroom but I got my bedroom DONE. I was even able to get everything put back where it belonged.

Wednesday was Arrival Day. I was busy all day long and looked like what my mother would call a Yea-Catcher when they got here. I had had presence of mind to put on a bra and a clean shirt. It was good to see them again. I hadn’t seen them for over a year. It was DD and merm! It was after dark but we stayed up and talked until late.

Thursday, we had a rather leisurely day. Nothing was planned except for Twinkle’s bath. DD went bravely into the little bathroom with The Victim and closed the door. It was obvious from the sounds that Twinkle wasn’t too happy with what was happening but they both lived through it. It wasn’t until it was over Twinkle used her back claws and her teeth. There was no real damage, though.

Later, DD wanted to go by the nearby apple processing place & store so that’s what we did. I bought a bag of apples plus a couple of homegrown red sweet peppers and they shopped and did a little buying. We went into the pie shop where they split a fried apple pie while I watched. Then it was on to Goodwill where DD bought a couple of footed glass cups and a can opener (I gave mine away). I got a top. Lowes was next because merm had spied the leak under my kitchen sink. While we were there, he also found a nice affordable kitchen faucet set complete with spray. We went to the produce place so I could get some bananas, too.

When we got home, merm finished fixing the pinto beans he’d put on to cook earlier in the day and they had them with tortillas, corn chips, and various and assorted additions. I ate my scuppernongs, pear, and a couple of bananas and merm was surprised I wasn’t tempted by their fare.

After supper, he set to on the sink and had it done in no time. I’m getting uptown! I made a batch of salsa and treated myself to a bowl with half an avocado while we started watching “Fast Food Nation”. The opinion I had of the movie was seconded by merm. It’s not something I’d want to see again. Too many plot lines and gratuitous this and that.

Friday, we got up and got ready to go see DS1 and his family. On the way, we ran a couple of errands. We stayed and visited with them until after 7 and came on home. It was going on 8:30 when we got here (merm doesn’t drive as fast as I do). They had their beans, etc., again and I ate some salsa with the rest of the avo.

This morning, it was up and get ready to go to church. I had a quart of OJ/strawberry blend and the others split a quart.

There are several new faces in the congregation but a lot of the familiar ones were there, too. Some of the members were away for the weekend but DD got to see quite a few she knows. It was a nice reunion.

We came home and ATE. They’ve been eating beans, beans, and more beans. After they get back, they’ll probably go without for a few weeks.

Tonight, we watched the peach battle on Iron Chef. It’s a classic. It isn’t available online yet but if you have a chance to see it and you’re an Iron Chef fan, do. After that, we watched “I’m Not Rappaport”. It gives me lots of ideas for who I can be when I get older.

Believe me, if I wrote about everything that happened this week, you’d be begging for mercy. This is where I cease and desist. Good night, all!

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