Comparing Oranges to Oranges

I use a lot of oranges. I don’t eat them that much but I do juice them with a citrus juicer that leaves most of the pulp behind. This is an area of contention among raw foodists but I choose to drink OJ. If someone else doesn’t, it’s their business.

Photo by WGyuriThe little juice oranges are the ones I buy. I’ve been getting a mixed bag of okay to excellent until recently. The other day, I went to pick up my every-other-week box of oranges. I still had some really good ones in the fridge but the new ones were more easily accessible so I used them and blended the juice with some strawberries. I always sample the result and boy! was it a shock! It was sour enough to make me feel like I had the mumps without the mumps. I had to put in a good amount of raw organic agave nectar to make it palatable. I don’t like sweetening my OJ.

I debated for a day arguing with myself whether to bite the bullet and tough out using the oranges or call the produce place. I finally ended up doing the latter and I’m glad I did. After I told the woman I couldn’t handle the oranges, she told me they are a new variety and no one liked them. When I asked if I could bring them back and swap them, she assured me I could. I was promised a box similar to the ones I’d gotten a couple of weeks before.

It wasn’t in the plan to go to town today. I’d hoped to be able to put it off until Sunday, at least, and longer if possible. However, as soon as I left work, I made my way home and boxed up the oranges. It’s easier for me to use both parts of the box to carry the fruit. I put half in the bottom and half in the top and it isn’t so heavy. I’d told the woman I used 10 of the oranges and she said that was okay.

When I got there, the man got his cart and was going to get the oranges out of the car but he changed his mind and decided to get the other oranges out of the cooler first. When he did, it was a box just like the ones I was bringing back! I couldn’t believe it! I had gone to swap a box of sour oranges for another box of sour oranges! When I asked if they weren’t the same variety I was told yes. Well, DUH! Why would I want the same thing? I could have stayed home and used the ones I already had! I asked about the others they were supposed to have for me and they said maybe tomorrow. I won’t be there tomorrow. I’m sorry. I can’t run to town on the other side of the mountain every day.

The woman looked around and found a little over half a box of size 56 oranges (I prefer 100’s or smaller) (the higher the number, the smaller the orange) so I agreed to take them until they could get some more in. I did sample them first and they are good. Sweet and juicy. Along with some tomatoes and bananas, I got $8 and change back.

Being a raw foodist can be a little dicey at times. Quality of fruit varies more than cans of Campbell soup do. When you buy a box of Cheerios that are still within their freshness date, you know what you’re getting. I guess it’s part of the adventure of being a raw vegan, though. And I wouldn’t trade it for being able to eat all the Cheez-Its in the world. That’s saying a lot since I would have liked to try to do it once upon a time.

One piece of advice—if you get produce that is inferior quality, let the seller know. Nine times out of ten, you’ll either get a replacement or get your money back. They don’t want to lose a good customer. Plus, that customer will pass along the word about the way the seller approached the problem whether it was good or bad.

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  1. Fruitloop October 23, 2008 at 12:42 am #

    Thanks for the feedback. I am going to have to watch my dollars and be frugal.

  2. Tommie October 23, 2008 at 6:41 am #

    In this day and time we all need to… 😉

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