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Organization and Fleas

Encouraged by merm to get my flea posts better organized, I’ve crafted a page with his help that, hopefully, manages to bring the links all together in one spot. It puts them in chronological order. Besides maybe helping some poor unfortunate soul who is trying to get rid of fleas, it serves to amaze me […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XLVII, This is home?

Several weeks before moving day, my father-in-law painted the interior of the house and did some minor repairs. At my request, he measured all the rooms and sent me the dimensions. I took graph paper and mapped out the bedroom and office, the only two actual rooms that would allow for furniture. I made little […]

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Eight Days Down

I’m supposed to update on Saturday night but I was out and about, living the high life and didn’t get in until late. Actually, I was at a gymnastics exhibition with family. Maybe the first explanation sounds more exciting. Last Sunday came in rather coolly. DD, merm and I had a leisurely breakfast and got […]

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Raw Vegan Recipe: Salsa!

As promised, I made salsa for DD and merm (and me) the day after they arrived. DD grabbed merm’s camera and documented the process. You can find the recipe here. I scald the tomatoes very briefly to make it easy to peel them: Using my bamboo cutting board and knife, I rough-chop the tomatoes: The […]

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It’s been a busy week…

My, my! There’s no way I can remember even a fraction of what has been going on. Lucky for you! I doubt it would be that interesting, anyway. Sunday was involved with my moving everything that could be moved and thoroughly vacuuming the carpet. After that, I started Borax-ing. It was a long process and […]

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My Left Foot

Wasn’t that a movie? I took pictures and was planning to put them on here so everyone could feel sorry for me. THEN my foot didn’t swell as much as usual so that sorta backfired. It still hurts. It’s late but I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I’ll be working at home getting […]

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Countdown to Wednesday

I’m fast getting out of the habit of blogging. It’s so easy just to let it slide and not do it. Sometimes I regret letting go of the old format but it’s for purely selfish reasons. If I wanted to know where I was/what I was doing/what I ate on any given day, I could […]

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Have I really gotten rid of the fleas?

It would seem so. I’m halfway afraid to say yes, for sure, I have. I’ve definitely done it with chemicals. I don’t know what strain fleas these were but they were inordinately tough. Much too sturdy to cave to all the “natural” cures I tried. Or maybe they didn’t know they were supposed to leave. […]

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I don’t feel like writing.

I’m about as close to tired as I can get these days. After everything that has gone on this week, I feel like packing it in and forgetting everything that’s online. Since I wrote about my flea bombing Sunday, I’ll start with Monday. When I got to work on Monday, one of the Lunch Bunch […]

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Comparing Oranges to Oranges

I use a lot of oranges. I don’t eat them that much but I do juice them with a citrus juicer that leaves most of the pulp behind. This is an area of contention among raw foodists but I choose to drink OJ. If someone else doesn’t, it’s their business. The little juice oranges are […]

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