Trying again for a week off…

Last Thursday, I approached my boss and asked for the coming week off since I had gotten done out of the last one. She checked her planner and said she didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t take it. The monthly department head meeting is on Wednesday but they’ll have to get along without me. I have no reason to think they can’t.

Sunday was busy. DS1 had gone to work well before any of us got up. When I was ready to leave, my DIL and granddaughter and I gathered in a circle for prayer and Benji went ballistic. He barked and barked until we un-gathered so he’d calm down.

I left DS1’s place and was sure I had everything I was supposed to. I didn’t. I made sure the fruit would be eaten if I didn’t bring it home. In my dishwashing, I had put my stainless steel bowl I put my salad in at work in the dish drainer. I walked off and left it. I’ll pick it up the next time I’m there. IF I can remember it.

My first stop was the university supermarket. I called the Asian market from there. Since they didn’t have anything I’d be interested in, I went directly to the organic market. Aldi was next, then Wally World, BiLo, and on to the produce place to pick up my oranges. I hadn’t noticed how late it was getting and was surprised to find them “in a swivet” when I went in. It was 15 minutes past closing time and they were worried I’d forgotten. Everything was being put up for the night. I got some cucumbers out of the box being wheeled to the cooler and snagged some tomatoes. I apologized and one of them said she had thought about calling me. She would have gotten my voice mail and I wouldn’t have known she called until I got home.

I don’t remember what I did Monday and Tuesday that was earthshaking. I was able to get out in the sun one day, I know. Wednesday was vision therapy day. I thought the small numbers were the big ones. Amazing I can see so well even though I do my exercises so seldom.

It was also when the computer tech came up and installed needed software on the computers in our area. A new company has taken over the Technology Management Department and they’re coming up to the boonies more often.

The week before, I’d come home before prayer meeting and gone back. This week, I tried staying after work and going from there. Neither one works out too well. It’s at an awkward time for me but good for the others. I really don’t know when a good time would be.

As I said, Thursday was when I put in my request. I hope it stays this time.

I called my sister who is still in rehab and she’s doing better. The Powers That Be moved her out of her private room and into one with an 86 year old lady she says is very nice. Since they have to live together, it’s good she likes her.

My neighbor has been working on getting the outside of my house in shape. She has cut a lot of the undergrowth and cleared away weeds. I gave them my lawnmower years ago and it has since expired. They still take care of my yard and refuse to take anything for it.

Friday, I didn’t take anything other than my OJ and green smoothie (bananas, mint, and spinach—I failed to get blueberries when I was in town). On top of the week off, I asked to leave at noon and that was granted, too. Maybe I should have asked for a raise? Somehow, I don’t think I would have gotten it.

On the way here, I stopped at the roadside market and got three watermelons and some tomatoes. I’d thought I was “up on melon” but it keeps getting sweeter and sweeter and I can’t stop eating it. At $2 each for big ones, I can’t go wrong. I gave one of them to the neighbors.

When I got in the house, I ate and started in on the refrigerator. I got the lower parts of it cleaned and sundown caught up with me. That time change between here and the hospital and taking so long to eat did me in.

After a good night’s sleep (more about that in a later post), I got up this morning and made it to church with several minutes to spare. I even drank my OJ/half a pineapple smoothie before I left.

Church was strange today. The head elder decided to change the program in mid-stream and I had no idea what was going on. He told me to start playing the prayer song and then another man (who was supposed to have the prayer) got up and started talking. I finally quit playing and just sat there. Later, I talked to the man who had the sermon and told him if they are going to change the order of service, I need to know before it happens.

One of my NC sisters emailed she didn’t feel up to going to church this morning. It’s a red-letter day when she isn’t in attendance. Hopefully, she’s better tonight.

I was hoping to get some sun this afternoon but it was cool. I had to turn the heat on while I ate my watermelon! No wonder it’s supposed to be a hot weather food. According to WeatherBug, next week temperatures are going to be tempting but I won’t have time to Get Things Done and sun my old bod, too.

WordPress is telling me I need to upgrade. I tried and it didn’t work. Guess merm will do it whenever he can get a round tuit.

The forum is getting ahead of me again. I can’t seem to catch up and stay caught up. I don’t know why the “Most online today” is so low when it’s actually many more. Strange, these computers. The forum has an update, too, but I think I’ll pass.

I have a busy week ahead of me. I plan to concentrate on The House. No exercising, no getting out in the sun. There will be time for that later. Good night!

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