Getting Rid of Fleas

I hope. It isn’t an easy task. No one said it would be. I went online and read reams of information and then went and Spent Money. I sprayed Twinkle again with the tea tree oil solution and made her upset with me once more. I hate to think I brought the critters in. Twinkle hasn’t been outside so I can’t blame it on her. The neighbor cat likes to rub against my legs.

From town, I came home with brewer’s yeast tablets for the Cat. Nowhere is the powder to be found. Maybe I can get the pharmacist on the other side of the mountain to order it for me. Until I can get the house under control, I think the internal approach is the safest one for Miss Twinkle. She always liked the cat vitamins I used to give her and the main ingredient in those is brewer’s yeast. Fleas aren’t supposed to like the taste of blood flavored with BY.

One place I asked about BY, I was directed to the section where the bread-baking supplies are stocked. I explained that no, it was considered a supplement. Then no, they didn’t have it.

I’ve given Cat three of the tablets and she gladly scarfed them up.

As for the house, I’ve been working on getting things moved out of the living room so I can start there. It seems they are more prevalent in that area and that’s where I have the sticky paper and light. I got more sticky paper, too, so when the fleas fill the first one up, I’ll have more to put down.

(If you haven’t read last night’s post, here’s an excerpt: “I’d read that a light over sticky paper will catch the critters so I got my desk lamp [my Christmas gift from the neighbors] and an LED bulb I’d bought on eBay. I had some Catchmaster sticky paper so I set the whole kit and kaboodle on the floor and turned it on. The bulb burns cool and it’s been on for more than 24 hours now. And it does work! Those fleas [especially the young ones] are drawn to the light like a magnet to a refrigerator door. Much more and I’ll have to get out another sheet.”)

I bought small garbage bags to hold the contents of the vacuum canister. I’m supposed to empty it each time I clean the floor and seal the biters up inside so they can’t get out to do more damage.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get a mask at the hospital before I start the borax treatment. When I brought the box into the house, I could taste the powder on my lips. I don’t think I need to breathe it.

I also invested in a push broom to work the borax into the carpet. It’s supposed to not be visible if it’s worked in far enough. That will be a trick with this dark green stuff that’s on most of the floors in the house. I wish I could replace it with hardwood but that’s a pipe dream at the moment. There’s a long line of have to’s that come ahead of hardwood.

The rest will be lots of elbow grease. I already have Tuesday night’s post ready and it may be the only other one I put out there this week. I’ll be one busy woman. Maybe by Saturday night…

Pray for me. This is going to be an adventure I hadn’t counted on but with my history, it isn’t hard to fathom that something like this would happen. My mother once got rid of fleas by praying. Do I have enough faith? Do you?

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  1. Clare August 26, 2008 at 3:42 pm #

    One thing that we found very helpful for our old cat, who used to suffer badly from fleas, was garlic tablets – compressed, dried garlic.

    He was a greedy old soul who would eat anything – I’m not sure how easy it would be to get an unwilling cat to eat them, however.

    Good luck!

  2. Tommie August 26, 2008 at 10:16 pm #

    Twinkle is very picky. I’ve read that garlic isn’t advised for cats any more. She’s more than happy with the brewer’s yeast tablets. She comes running when she hears them rattling in the bottle. Lucky for you your feline liked the garlic!

  3. Anonymous August 28, 2008 at 9:38 pm #

    Praying for you Tommie!


  4. Tommie August 29, 2008 at 8:03 am #

    That’s the best help of all! Thanks!

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