Another week is history

Friday night: Must’ve been woefully dehydrated. I was feeling so dizzy I had to bend over and put my head between my knees. At one point, I considered having my neighbor take me to the emergency room but I was sure all I needed was fluids. Even though I felt a little better after I drank the 40 ozzies, I was still weak and everything was slowly revolving around me—even after I went to bed. I tried to relax and go to sleep and was finally successful. During the night, I had to get up and go potty. Standing up too fast brought on the dizziness again so I was cautious and took it slow and easy. Toward morning, I had to “go” again but this time my lightheadedness was gone.

Sabbath: I’d wondered if I would be able to go to church but I was okay. Not 100% okay but okay.

I stepped out during Sabbath School to call my friend in the nursing home and wonder of wonders! she agreed to come to church. She elected to bring the nursing home’s wheelchair (which weighs about a ton). I got one of the men in housekeeping to load it for me and then a deacon unloaded it and pushed her in. We washed each other’s feet during Communion. I put the basin on the pew and she was able to wash mine that way.

Home again and out to sun for a half hour. I called my sister. She didn’t sound good at all. Seems every time she turns around they are taking her out for more tests. She’s one sick lady.

Sunday and 30 more minutes in the sun before heading for town via the cemetery. I got an earlier start than usual and was home at a reasonable hour. DD called and we talked for well over an hour. We solved most of the world’s problems. It would be nice if our own were that easily taken care of.

I’d finished all the cherry tomatoes and was ready for some more. This time, they were the little ones and are they good!

Little Toms

I picked one more ripe tomato. It was good but not as good as the first two. I’d stopped at the little roadside stand and got tomatoes to do me until mine start coming in. I’ve eaten enough tomatoes today to blister my tongue from here until next week. I lost count but it must’ve been six or seven, at least. Plus cherry tomatoes.

If anyone saw me at Wally World, they would have thought I’d fallen off the raw wagon. I had Triscuits and cream cheese in my cart. My nursing home friend had requested them. She isn’t supposed to have open containers of food in her room so I went ahead and parceled out the crackers into serving sizes and put them in snack bags. Then I put them all back into the box (and didn’t even taste a crumb!). That should satisfy the Food Police.

I didn’t eat enough but that’s not unusual for the weekend. It’s so busy I don’t have time to eat.

Monday Monday all day long. I got up before the alarm went off but had so much to do I didn’t get all my exercising in. I did get out in the sun for 15 minutes. My friend was happy with her Triscuits and cream cheese. If you are what you eat, I’m a tomato. I took a crenshaw melon to work and it was already past its prime. It was my fault. I waited too long.

Tuesday I took a Juan Canary melon. It’s the second one I’d bought ever. If I’d read about it on the WWW before I tried the first one, I probably would have never invested. Evidently, it’s hard to pick a good one. It so happens both of them have been delicious. I shared with whoever wanted some and everyone who tried it liked it.

Wednesday I started on that yearly yuck job—Annual Competencies. I got one finished. Period. I’d had problems with my DSL that morning and again in the evening. I thought it was the router but it turned out the modem needed resetting. BellSouth support helped me get back on and here I am. Since the router is quite ancient, merm is going to keep an eye out for a good deal on a new one.

I got an email at work about a Web 2.0 training session and asked to go. I was told I could but that I’d probably be capable of teaching the class. Well, I don’t know about that. Some of the applications that were listed are ones I’ve never used. I’m sure I’ll learn something.

Yesterday I took my nursing home friend a sample of my carob banana smoothie and she liked it. After that, I talked to one of the nurses at the nursing home about a lighter wheelchair for my friend. She said she’d look into it.

Today, a young man I’ve talked to several times was at the hospital. He had to wait and was getting antsy. I gave him a banana to help calm him down. He’s moved to a farm and was thrilled to tell me he has a puppy and is getting more exercise. There’s a big garden, too—too big, according to him. He said he’d bring me some tomatoes and onions Monday. We’ll see…In the meantime, a produce packing house sent several boxes of tomatoes to the hospital employees and one of the girls in the office has brought me tomatoes twice. Summer! I love it!

I’ve been able to get out most days for some sun. This morning it was so nice I could have relaxed out there and slept but I didn’t have time to burn myself to a crisp. We haven’t had rain for many a day. It clouded up later and I hoped…I’d left the cover off my rain barrel but it was to no avail. I stopped at the roadside stand and got some cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. The wind was whipping around and I asked the man if he thought it would rain. He said he doubted it. The chance was 20%. I heard thunder off in the distance once but nothing came of it. I filled the gas tank up. The price is coming down but it hasn’t made it to the level that would make me comfortable.

My sister is still in the hospital in the Great Northwest. The doctor is hoping she’ll be able to move out the first of the week.

Another sister emailed that she’d picked her first tomato but she’d started on one our middle sister had grown and given her so she didn’t eat it yet. I was embarrassed to let her know I’ve eaten 11 tomatoes today (none quite the size of a baseball) and lots of little cherry tomatoes.

After I got home, I was trying to unload the car and my Neighbor Cat was lurking. He was obviously hungry and thought I was a good source for food. I tried to call my neighbor and got her voice mail. I told her he was stalking me and bit my leg once. Actually, it was more of a nip. I said for her to call me back when she could. Twinkle eats raw and it takes transitioning a cat that’s used to dry food to raw food. I didn’t figure it would do any good but I took some raw meat from the freezer and put it on Cat’s plate. It was no surprise when he’d have nothing to do with it. A dog came along and licked it up. Cat has left me alone since. He’s disillusioned. My neighbor called and said she’d be home tomorrow. Her brother came and fed him yesterday. I feel bad about him but she said not to worry. He’d be okay. I’m sure there are plenty of critters around he could catch if he’d bestir himself. Twinkle didn’t appreciate his peering through the screen at her and she’d hiss mightily.

A dragonfly flew in the open front door and Twinkle was unsuccessfully trying to catch it. I got a spinach container and was able to sneak up on it. It didn’t seem to be alarmed at all and posed nicely while I took its picture.


When Neighbor Cat got away from the door long enough, I took it outside and let it go.

I fixed 1 1/3 watermelons to take to the fellowship meal tomorrow. We’re to have a guest speaker/singer. He used to be our student pastor. The people in town got acquainted with him so the program has been advertised in the community. Everyone has been invited to stay for lunch, too, so I’m taking extra. We’ve all been encouraged to bring lots of food. I still have to wash my lettuce for a salad. I’d better get to it. It’s getting close to being late.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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  1. Fruitloop August 16, 2008 at 10:52 am #

    A full week as usual Tommie. You are so calm nad ‘together.’ Nothing really stirs you.


  2. Tommie August 16, 2008 at 6:25 pm #

    You think? You haven’t witnessed it firsthand. It can get pretty wild.

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