My forgetter is working overtime.

Here it is, Friday again, and time for my weekly update. I even made notes for most of the days and guess what! I left them at work. So…you’re getting a reprieve tonight. I’ll write what I can remember. I could make up some stuff but that’s for another kind of blog. This one is all about the raw truth.

Let’s see. Last Sabbath I took my 1 2/3 watermelon, large bowl of romaine plus other salad fixin’s to the fellowship hall. During church, I dashed out to fix my food. I managed to get the partial melon cut up and the salad made before I had to go back to play the closing song. When I got into the sanctuary, the pastor wound his sermon up and announced the hymn. I thought, “Maybe he stretched it out a little since he noticed I was out.” I played the song, the benediction (“Dismiss Us, Lord”), and the postlude. I shook the pastor’s hand and said, “That was a wonderful sermon!” He was pleased and thanked me. Then I commented, “Was that perfect timing or what?” He had a blank look on his face so I said, “I got back in the nick of time to play the song.” It dawned on him I hadn’t heard a word—or not more than a few. He laughed and told me he didn’t know I wasn’t there. Oh, well. All’s well that ends well.

My neighbor’s brother-in-law is an expert when it comes to adjusting my back. We were standing in the foyer talking and I mentioned it needed again. He took care of it and it sounded popcorn. It was definitely out of place.

I took my food, as planned, and ate in the break room at the hospital. After that, I went to visit my two friends in the nursing home until it was time to go to the funeral.

The funeral home is very nice but my one complaint is they have no sound system and it’s almost impossible to hear the speakers. A son sang a couple of songs and his voice carried but the talking was lost.

Sunday, I did three loads of laundry before DD called. After our visit, I brought them in and headed to town via the cemetery. The arrangement still looked beautiful and the salt is doing a good job killing the weeds. Maybe I should put some fake grass down, too? It looks awfully brown.

I didn’t get into the sun except for when I was hanging out clothes. The sun was pretty high in the sky and felt like it could burn a person.

Monday, it was back to work and the new phone system. The techs had been trying to get everything operational but almost nothing was doing what it was supposed to. I know it has been frustrating for them. It certainly has been for the rest of us.

I don’t remember what days I was able to get out in the sun. I just know I did once or twice. This week, I’ve had people off and the short-staffedness (is there such a word?) has made it difficult for me to leave the office.

Tuesday morning, I went out to check on my little garden and a critter had completely dug up my prettiest cinnamon basil plant and had made big holes in several of the other sections. I stuck the basil back in the ground and scooped the dirt into the boxes. It made me late to work.

That evening, the basil looked drooped and sad. I watered it and it had perked up a little by dark. The next morning, I watered it some more and it’s done okay since. It’s off center in the square but that’s okay. It’s still alive.

Wednesday was my 36th wedding anniversary and DS1 called to let me know he’d remembered. He’s the only one who did or the only one who mentioned it, at least. That’s also the day I found out my sister in the Great Northwest is in the hospital. She had a bad case of shingles and they’ve discovered she also has encephalitis. Is that what I have to look forward to in seven years? I hope not but I’ve had chicken pox and that puts me at risk. I’ve talked to her once but she’s either been in treatment or asleep since.

I bought half a half bushel of peaches. They still aren’t ready to freeze. I took some to my neighbor. He’s home from the hospital. Before he got here, I went over and picked most of his ripe tomatoes and ate them on the spot. I confessed before I was caught and I was forgiven.

Thursday. That was yesterday. The noteworthy happening was I picked the first GOOD ripe tomato:

First GOOD Tomato

I haven’t eaten it yet. I’m waiting until tomorrow to celebrate on Sabbath. To let you know it’s okay all over, here’s the blossom end:

Blossom End

I picked another tomato today and it’s taken its place beside the first one.

I froze mango last night. It’s prettier than it tastes. I’m disappointed in the flavor. I told DD I’d fixed about a gallon but I think it’s more like three quarts. That’s not quite half of them. It took either four or five mangos. I counted but I forgot.

The phone system is getting better. It isn’t there yet but it’s close.

I’ve been feeling lightheaded today. It may be dehydration. I drank a big glass of water in the hope I’m right. This morning, I got out and walked one lap and sat in the sun for probably 10 minutes. It didn’t seem hot but the humidity was so low it felt cooler than it really was. Unusual for Tennessee. It was 26% and it’s usually in the 60’s this time of year. There’s another thing, I didn’t ever get to fix my lunch smoothie.

Just so you know, I’ve had about 40 ozzies of water and I feel better. Don’t call the ambulance yet!

I’m going to bed and get some rest. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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  1. Fruitloop August 10, 2008 at 11:33 am #

    WOW, you are a busy person. It is incredible how much you get done in a week.


  2. Tommie August 10, 2008 at 12:55 pm #

    It still isn’t enough. I need more time at home.

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