This was the week that was.

And what a week! One plus was it flew by. Since I did a Sunday post, I’ll pick up on Monday. The problem is, I don’t remember anything specific about Monday and I didn’t take notes.

Some days I was able to get out in the sun for 15 minutes and others I wasn’t. There was one day I settled in for a whole three minutes and it started raining! I thought it might be a short shower and I’d get back out but it poured for three hours. We need it so I wasn’t upset. When I checked WeatherBug to see how much rain there was, the local station had been knocked offline by the storm. I never did find out.

Tuesday, I think, was the day that my neighbor came home from the hospital. I know that was when I stopped and bought a box of homegrown tomatoes at the roadside market. I took some of them over and shared them.

Wednesday was the day the phone company started installing the new phone system and it’s been a circus ever since. The clinic was easy because the phones had been installed in the past few years. The hospital and nursing home have been a nightmare. There are offices we still can’t call and trying to remember the extensions in the new format has been challenging. Fax machines can send but not receive. I finally set up my voice mail today. Each of the extensions has kept the same three digit code but there’s a number preceding them to make them four numbers. It’s unique that the last four digits of my “new” number at work match the last four digits of my number at home.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Thursday, my neighbor called me on her way home from the hospital. Her husband started running a fever the night before and when the home health nurse had stopped by, his blood pressure was dropping. The doctor was contacted and he’s back to being an inpatient.

This morning, I fixed over a quart of OJ/mango/pineapple juice and had to pour most of it out. It took so long for me to get time to drink it, it spoiled. That was a low blow.

A few weeks ago, I’d talked to the produce lady at the only supermarket in town (another one is to open this fall) about her treatment of mangos. I told her they shouldn’t be refrigerated but she said the produce layout called for them to be in the cooler. I said okay but they shouldn’t be. Yesterday, she proudly told me she’d checked again and I was right. She is now putting the green ones on a shelf in the back until they ripen THEN she puts them in the cooler. I suggested maybe she could rearrange and put them up by the bananas and tomatoes. She agreed. Today, I went in and checked out the box in the back and she said, “Gettin’ into my stash, huh?” and grinned. I think it pleased her.

Speaking of mangos, mine came a few days ago. They are beautiful and huge and not even close to being ripe yet. You can be sure I won’t be ordering again. Too rich for my blood. I’ll enjoy these and go back to the small ones I can get around here.

There was a knock on the door the other day. The person had left but had left behind a tract about the Bible. When I was retrieving it, she saw me and came back. It turned out she’s the sister-in-law of one of our former pastors. Small world.

The elderly man I used to help with his bills died midweek. His funeral is tomorrow and we’ll have a meal for the family following church. It’s sad. He didn’t survive long after being taken out of his own home. His wife is in an Alzheimer’s unit. For my part of the meal, I’ve fixed stuff for a big salad and will take watermelon. I don’t quite know what I’ll take for me to eat. I’ll decide that in the morning.

Yesterday, the woman at the Mother Ship who is in charge of the annual employee giving campaign contacted me about writing an article for the employee newsletter about “Why I Give”. I told her I’d have to clear it with my DIL first since it’s because of her and DS2’s daughter. I talked to my DIL yesterday and again today. She asked to read it when I finished so I emailed her the final copy. She wrote back, “That was great!! It made me cry all over again! Turn it in. Maybe it’ll give someone else out there hope!!” If (and when) it’s printed, I’ll post it here. I know it’s too long. I’m sure they’ll have to edit a lot out to make it fit. Maybe I should post the original and then the published version. We’ll see.

This morning when I went to the bank, I got into a conversation with one of the employees who used to work at the hospital. She was looking at my badge picture and said, “That doesn’t even look like you.” I told her it’s my disguise. I showed her pictures I have in my purse of me when I was obese. She could hardly believe it. She asked if I carry them for inspiration. I told her I don’t need inspiration. I like what I eat. She held up a bag of CheezIts and Oreos. “This is my breakfast. You always ate healthy.” Nay, nay! Not me! I liked fried potatoes ‘n onions, lasagna, CheezIts and Oreos. And it showed. Her take on dieting is that she can do the one day version. Holding out any longer than that is close to impossible. I can relate. I did the same thing. I might make it long enough to shed five lubs but not much more and then they’d come back and bring friends. I’ve handed out all my cards and I can’t find that round tuit to make any more. I want to do a new design and that takes work. She wrote the address down. Maybe she’ll look it up. I hope so. I’d be surprised if she started eating raw but if she incorporated more raw food in her meals it would be to her advantage.

The weather has been getting fairly hot. Since I don’t eat cooked food, everything is easy to digest and doesn’t heat up the old bod. I hardly ever turn on the air conditioner any more but I had to break down and let it run maybe half an hour tonight. My waterbed is staying unplugged these summer months and I spend every night sleeping under a comforter.

I made it through a crazy seven days since my last Friday night update. I’ve prayed a lot and the Lord hasn’t let me down. He never does. He’s the one Constant in my life. And He’s the one that gave us a whole 24 hour day every week so we can rest from the rat race of the other six! Praise the Lord and happy Sabbath!

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  1. fruitloop August 2, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    It would be nice for you to post the story if your dil will let you.


    PS I hear you about being more comfortable in the heat now.

  2. Tommie August 2, 2008 at 7:46 pm #

    I don’t think she’ll mind. I didn’t use any of their names. Or pictures. 🙂

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