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More Getting Rid of Fleas

Back when I was in my high school years, I learned some nonsense rhymes. Some of them were for Speech and Journalism and some were ones I happened to find on my own. The ones for S&J served a purpose. The theory was that if we made big enough fools of ourselves in front of […]

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Another Saturday night…

and I’ve got Twinkle. And fleas. I must say the latter aren’t bothering us. We have brewer’s yeast! We smell savory but we aren’t getting bitten except once in a very great while. I’m not taking it but I’m wearing it. But that isn’t why I’m writing. I’m chronicling the week’s (mis)adventures. I didn’t get […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XLV, Where do we go from here?

Several months prior to February, 1986, Kat-the-Dog had managed to get away from us during a dangerous time. She was in heat. When DH found her, she and a neighbor German Shepherd were locked in a doggie embrace. The neighbor dog took off with Kat unwillingly in tow. They awkwardly ran down the hill until […]

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Getting Rid of Fleas

I hope. It isn’t an easy task. No one said it would be. I went online and read reams of information and then went and Spent Money. I sprayed Twinkle again with the tea tree oil solution and made her upset with me once more. I hate to think I brought the critters in. Twinkle […]

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Switching to Saturday Night

Thursday night came and went with no post because hackers had taken the server down and it didn’t come back up until I was already late for bed. Then last night I had a sore throat for the second night in a row. I decided with the shorter days, I’ll do my weekly update on […]

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Death is Part of Living

My friend and I have been comparing notes about what we want done with our remains after we have passed on from this Vale of Tears. She has a life insurance policy she has earmarked for her funeral and burial. I don’t. She was planning on the whole nine yards. I’m not. What I have […]

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My Square Foot Garden Update 4

Before I get into my every-other-weekly update, I want to acknowledge what would have been my mother’s 104th birthday had she lived to see it. She used to joke that she would live to be 104. She didn’t but she does live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew her and loved […]

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Another week is history

Friday night: Must’ve been woefully dehydrated. I was feeling so dizzy I had to bend over and put my head between my knees. At one point, I considered having my neighbor take me to the emergency room but I was sure all I needed was fluids. Even though I felt a little better after I […]

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