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It’s Friday again and I’m so glad.

This is a week’s worth of time I’ll never get back. I didn’t make notes. I didn’t have time and I wasn’t so inclined anyway. To say it’s been horrendous would be the understatement of the year. I just thought I had stress before. I’m getting ahead of myself. Sunday, I managed to get some […]

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A Meaty Subject

My head is about to burst! We had a guest speaker today and, after standing on the porch for an hour after church listening to him talk, I came home. I had to force myself to take time to eat and get some sun. I usually enjoy my 30 minutes outside but it was at […]

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Another Week—History

I’ve made notes again this week but you can hope I won’t use them all. It’s been busy with lots to report. Sunday dawned dark and cloudy. It rained most of the morning and I was unable to get outside for some vitamin D manufacturing. That afternoon, I went to

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My Worm Farm or Meet Ralphs

I’ve been asked to do some more raw vegan recipe posts complete with pictures but I haven’t had time to concoct anything, let alone photograph it. I’ll get around to it maybe this weekend but I’m not making any promises. In the meantime, I’d taken some pictures to chronicle my worm farm aka vermiculture so […]

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