Sayonara to the Produce Man

Produce Manuntil October. I went by today to get one of his most excellent cantaloupes. They were out and down to a very small selection of other produce. Imagine my dismay when I was greeted with the news that today would be their last day for THREE MONTHS give or take. I’d gotten a couple of watermelons yesterday but when they’re gone, what am I to do? Go back to supermarket melons? Woe is me for I am undid. It’s too hot out for them. I’m sure that’s true. They eat cooked food and that heats the old bods up when it’s being processed. I soak up the heat and it feels good. Well, I’m sure I’ll survive until October. They’ll be out there until it gets too cold and then there’ll be another break.

Lettuce sea…Last Sabbath the head elder had the service because the pastor was gone. He gave out magazines for us to leave here and there and I’ve still got mine in the car. If it isn’t part of my normal routine, it doesn’t get done unless I have it on a list.

I didn’t get out in the sun. That kind of slipped on by, too.

Sunday, it rained enough to fill the barrel by my combining everything but the bucket is STILL empty. On my way to town, I stopped by the cemetery and the greenery I put on the grave is in sad shape. I looked at some at Wally World but the colors were too intense on the caladium leaves. I decided I’d call the florist and order a nice one.

The produce person at WW stops to talk to me now. He’s a very thin young man and likes to tell me how sleepy he is. I think he may go out and party on Saturday night. He’s very friendly and will try to find fresh stuff for me if they have it. I’ve learned to scope out the cashiers and if a certain one isn’t working, I look for an older lady. Then I make it a point to say, “I chose you on purpose because you look like someone who knows how to handle fresh produce.” Without fail, the lady will take extra pains to make sure everything is gently lowered into the bags.

When I got home, I unloaded everything then changed into my sunsuit and took the phone outside so I could visit with DD while I got some rays. When the timer beeped, I came back inside to finish the conversation.

I’d been working on my recipe post here and there but to get it finished up and published took me up to 11 pm. ‘Way past my bedtime. I was keyed up so I took a melatonin.

Monday was busy all day long. It didn’t help that I got behind some way that morning and was late to work. I didn’t get a break. I ate what I ate at my desk. My smoothie was spoiled by the time I got to drink it (I was the mail/bank person Monday through Wednesday) so it came home for all the Ralphs. I didn’t make it over to see my friend in the nursing home. She was still pretty wrung out and slept most of the day, anyway.

I learned a lesson from Monday morning so I fixed some of my food for the next day that evening.

Tuesday was a little less hectic. On top of everyone being cut to 32 hour work weeks, I had one out on vacation. I did manage to get out in the sun for 15 minutes in the morning.

I remembered to order the arrangement for Mother’s grave. I stressed that it was to be various shades of greenery and low to the ground. She said she’d make it on a wire “saddle” and fix it so I could anchor it to the ground.

I actually got to eat that day.

There was a lot of buzz going around about the VW plant coming to Tennessee. There’s an out of business auto parts factory in town that they’re hoping can be geared back up to supply the manufacturer. It surely would be a boost to the local economy.

On Wednesday, it was back to busy. My bananas were overripe and spoiled my smoothie so it was home again with it. I got outside for possibly five minutes but it was too close to the middle of the day.

I went in for a quick visit with my nursing home friend. She looked pale and wan and didn’t seem to want to do much of anything.

I brought the smoothie home as planned and blended it with cantaloupe peel and seeds to take to Ralphs. They hadn’t finished what they had so it went around some of my plants. I watched one of the Ralphs for a few minutes. Have you ever seen an earthworm eat? It’s pretty neat. Of course, its mouth is too small to see but it pushes into the food and I could see the bulge traveling into its body and, by peristalsis, it moved along. It doesn’t take much to entertain me. I watered everything with fish emulsion.

Yesterday was intense. I hadn’t gotten to sleep the night before until well past midnight. I’d gone without melatonin on Tuesday night and figured I’d be okay Wednesday night, too, but not so! I finally got up and took one so I wouldn’t be totally without sleep.

It was another busy day. The volume wouldn’t show that. We had just under 50 patients but it seemed there were problems galore to handle. The phone didn’t stop ringing, either. I didn’t have a chance to eat lunch AGAIN though I’d been able to get out in the sun for 15 minutes. I dozed most of that time.

My friend managed to wheel herself over to the hospital to visit. I took enough time out to talk to her for a few minutes. She’s trying to get more exercise.

This morning, I called and made sure no one had eaten my cantaloupe that was supposed to be yesterday’s lunch. It was still in the fridge and the nurse who checked for me was shocked that all it was, was the melon.

I don’t know how I did it but I managed to have time to go out and water the garden (the days are so hot everything is drying to a crisp) before I got dressed. My neighbor came out and asked me to pray for her husband. He’s scheduled for a knee replacement a week from today. That wouldn’t be a big deal but he’s high risk. If he develops an infection he’d have a hard time fighting it off. I’ll ask for prayer at church tomorrow, too. Then she told me I not only have A cat living under the house, I have a family of cats. Seems a mama cat has three kittens under there. They are very quiet. I don’t ever hear anything out of any of them. She said they come out to play behind my garden about dark. I went out several times to try to see them this evening but they didn’t put in an appearance.

Back to today. I sat in the sun this morning, visited my friend, ate at my desk and left right at 4. I sailed on up the mountain after I’d stopped at the roadside market before I realized what I’d done. There was no way I was going to backtrack so I’ll have to pick it up on Monday. That will make another week that Mother’s grave will look pitiful.

This afternoon, I was given the keys to the mailboxes. Circumstances have decreed that I will be the mail/bank person for at least the next two months. After that, who knows?

I heard my first katydids of the year a few nights ago. Six more weeks until frost? That’s too soon! When I was out looking for the kittens, the cicadas were holding forth. It’s already mid-July. Time flies. In a few more months, I’ll be signing up for Medicare. Amazing that I can be that age but I’ve lived every minute so far.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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  1. Fruitloop July 18, 2008 at 11:14 pm #

    Happy Sabath Tommie!


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