Report on Things I Forgot and Current Conditions

I am writing this with battery power on w.bloggar. Out of necessity and the time factor, I can’t make this long. The battery is already down to 85%. The lights went off at 7 am, not long after I got up. Normally, they go off and then almost immediately come back on but it wasn’t to be. After 15 minutes or so, I plugged up the regular phone and called Communications at City Hall. There’s a scheduled outage between 7 and 10. How lovely! I asked was a notice sent out and the nice lady said she didn’t know. She was just taking calls—and I’m sure she’s getting lots of them.

I’ll have to figure a way to fix my OJ. My manual juicer is at the hospital in my desk drawer. If this weren’t Sabbath, I’d just wait until the power comes back on to fix anything but I need to leave before 10. I’m not too well equipped for functioning without electricity. Maybe that’s something I should look at. I have candles, flashlights and a wind-up radio.

Twinkle hocked up a hairball so I had to stop and clean the carpet. How pleasant! But now I’m back and more fortunate than a lot of the world’s population.

DD and I had our weekly visit last Sunday and she has health issues. She has an appointment with a specialist a couple of months down the road. I asked if she requested to be called if there were a cancellation but she said no. I think I’d call ’em back but that’s the way I am. She isn’t. She’s more laid back and patient than I am.

One thing I didn’t do yesterday was get my prescription filled so I’ll be sailing back down the mountain tomorrow to do that. I was zoned in on getting groceries. It might work out, anyway. Maybe they will have gotten some spinach in by then. I can hope.

Well, I think I’ll go shower so my hair will have time to air-dry before I have to leave. I feel better this morning and my tonsil is behaving.

I hope to get my pictures up for my third anniversary this weekend. That depends a lot on when the electricity comes back on. I don’t have a great deal of confidence in People in Power. Chuckle chuckle snort snort groan. So…until next time I bid everyone a fond adieu.

Well, that was premature. I thought of some more things so here I am, back again.

It rained yesterday! We aren’t parched like we were last summer but it’s getting there. We didn’t have much but some is better than nothing. I’ve been watering my little garden with whatever I catch. One of my tomato plants is looking poorly but there’s a sprout coming up at the base that’s healthy. I think I’ll cut the sad part off and let the other have a chance. Something’s been digging again. I had to fill in several spots yesterday morning.

I’ve been sleeping cool these nights. I’d unplugged my waterbed several weeks ago and failed to plug it back in. The temperature in the room can be in the mid-70s but the bed is cool enough I sleep under cover. That should save on the power bill, too. They cut me off, I’ll cut them off!

My OJ turned out to be easier than I expected. In no time flat, I had a quart of juice—enough for a mono-meal. You can figure out what I did from the picture.

OJ in a Pinch

Today is fellowship dinner. I’d better go prepare my contributions.

Surprise, surprise! It’s after 8 pm. The power came back on at 8:45 am and I was able to get everything done I’d planned (except blow-dry my hair). I did find out that I’m more relaxed with a lack of electricity. As soon as it came back on, I was “in a swivet” as Mother would say. Before that, I was listening to the summertime bugs and birds instead of hearing the hum of the air purifier and the refrigerator’s motor.

When I got to the church, the surprise was on me. The fellowship hall entrance was decorated with saw-horses and lumber. I asked the pastor if the dinner would go on as planned and he said no. I’d fixed a salad, Bing cherries, macadamia cheese with minced kalamata olives to go into celery, and watermelon. Plus I’d taken a large container of watermelon to eat. Finding that out, he invited me to bring it to their place and eat with them. I agreed.

Church was interesting as per usual. I went out during class to check on my friend but what I heard was thought-provoking.

My lunch consisted of watermelon that I broke into in the car and salad. The others had ravioli or maybe it was lasagna, bread and butter, salad, nuts, and some of the brave ones tried my mac cheese stuffed celery. Only the pastor’s wife liked it—or maybe she was being nice? I don’t take her as the type not to be sincere, though. She kept some to put on crackers. For dessert they had a trifle. I’d already had my dessert. A thought about the mac cheese…it was a strange color because of the olives. They are a sort of purplish color and they turned the cheese light purplish pink. That might have been a turn-off. I tried some a little while ago to see if it tasted strange and it’s delicious. I could have finished the whole container off but I restrained myself.

There was lots of scholarly conversation the likes of which I am not knowledgeable enough to join. It was interesting to sit and listen. Besides, I was busy chewing.

Later, the pastor’s wife and I were in the kitchen and I was telling her about my staffing woes. She was commiserating with me about my having to decide between cutting hours or getting rid of a person. Turns out her sister is involved in direct patient care and they are trying to cut her hours, too! Who is supposed to be attending to the needs of sick people? Will it eventually be a do it yourself facility? I used to love going to work in the morning but now it’s a chore. At least retirement will be a blessed relief.

Mid-afternoon, I took my leave and headed home. I got here just before it clouded up and started raining. There wasn’t much but I should have enough rainwater to do me until the next shower comes along.

You can look at this post as a bonus. Or not. Whatever. Anyway, the clock is chiming 9 and I’m going to bed SOON! Good night!

2 Responses to Report on Things I Forgot and Current Conditions

  1. Fruitloop June 29, 2008 at 12:03 am #

    Good night Tommie! Glad your power came back on. You have such a positive attitude always. I am so impressed with how active you are in your community.


  2. Tommie June 29, 2008 at 6:55 am #

    I try to be the Eternal Optimist without being a Pollyanna. A bad attitude usually doesn’t change anything except the chemical balance of the body. Once it goes acid, that can set up anything from a cold to cancer. Don’t want that!

    Eating takes a lot of time so I don’t feel I’m that active but if you think so… D)

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