I’m getting a late start

Necessarily, this will be short.

Last Sabbath, the pastor was under the weather so his wife had the service. I told her it was fortunate they have two preachers in the family. They are both gifted speakers.

Later, there was no lying in the sun for me. It clouded up and storms danced around the rest of the afternoon. One would get through and another would come in on its heels. We need the rain. It was okay I had to stay inside.

Sunday was a fairly lazy day. I hadn’t really planned anything except to not do anything. I visited with DD for well over an hour.

Monday, I decided I would Get Started on the House. I put a sizable dent in it plus I was able to lay in the sun.

Tuesday, it was obvious I needed some direction so I went to the Flylady site and printed of the directions for crisis cleaning. It helped a little and I was able to get more done.

Wednesday was vision therapy day. I’d been getting back into exercising the other days. Wednesday was also Shopping for Food day. I called the produce place to see if they had tomatoes and they did! When I made my rounds, everywhere I went had tomatoes. Except for the people who have salmonella, I think this is pretty much turning out to be a non-event. I know there are some who are avoiding tomatoes but not me! I haven’t missed a bite. It boggles my mind that so much is made over a miniscule percentage of the population getting sick when thousands upon thousands die of smoking related diseases, people drink themselves into cirrhosis of the liver, obesity brings on multiple problems but they focus on TOMATOES?

There was one outstanding purchase that’s food-related but not food. I got a nylon cutting board with non-skid ends that exactly fits over one of the kitchen sinks. It has a groove to catch juices. What makes it so handy is that it’s right next to my citrus juicer. I can cut the oranges and contain the mess. It’s good for cutting watermelon, too. Soon as I get through, I just rinse it and stand it up to dry. What could be easier?? I still love my bamboo board but this one is better for the job intended.

I’m setting up a worm farm with two containers, nested. Instead of ordering worms, I decided I’d go out and dig some up. I found a lot of grubs but they aren’t what I want. I don’t know what I got into but Twinkle went ballistic when I came in the house. She’d lay her ears back, hiss and shriek. It was enough to make my skin crawl. I shucked my clothes and took a shower. She still skulked around and looked at me like I wasn’t to be trusted. After I ignored her for a few minutes, she came out and got on my lap. That didn’t keep her from hissing every time I walked through the house. She’s strange sometimes. Aren’t we all?

I called my friend in the nursing home and found out she’d been transferred to one of the larger hospitals in the area. She’s in ICU but she’ll probably go back to the nursing home tomorrow.

Yesterday, I was back in lazy mode. If I’d get myself in gear, I could have everything ship-shape and laze around the last week of my vacation but it doesn’t seem to be working that way.

Today, I decided I would scrap Crisis Cleaning and concentrate on getting one major job done. I did that and I almost got it all done. I think I do better when I have a primary focus rather than flitting from one thing to the next every 15 minutes.

I let the morning get away without going outside for some sun and it clouded up this afternoon. There was a smattering of rain. Thunder was off in the distance. While it was doing its thing, I went to the roadside market up here on the mountain and got some more TOMATOES, corn, onions (one large sweet and five green ones I pulled myself) and a good-sized basil plant. The green onions and basil are organic. The gal who runs the place told me she’s trying. I’m proud of her.

BTW, I ended up ordering 500 worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. I asked them to ship ASAP. I’m using my huge VitaMix container to blend food for them. No citrus or tomato waste but I’m putting in banana peels that I washed with Veggie Wash and the same for watermelon rind. My organic lettuce garbage goes in there, too. Admittedly, there isn’t a lot of that.

Not much to report and I’m ready for bed. I’m planning on a good night’s sleep for me and everyone else. Good night and Happy Sabbath!

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