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Update Number Three

“They” say that things come in threes. As I see it, this will be my last personal update until the regularly scheduled one on Friday. You never know, though. I may pop up with something else before the day is ovah. That last word is Iron Chef talk. One more thing I took away from […]

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It’s Friday and I’m stocked!

If I couldn’t go anywhere for a week I’d be okay, I believe. I have enough food to do me even without bananas (which I have, too). The bananas would be the critical thing but it isn’t winter. It’s SUMMER! and with that comes all the delicious nutritious salivary gland stimulating FRUIT! Oh, okay. We’ll […]

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Happy Anniversary to ME!

Amazing, isn’t it, that a confirmed cooked food addict could be celebrating three years eating raw food today! And it’s ME! That makes it even more incredible. This is how I spent my special day. Instead of bounding out of bed, I luxuriated for 15 minutes after the alarm went off. After I had my […]

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The Last Day of my Stay-cation

I have half an hour to write about my week’s activities. There won’t be a lot to report since I’ve been home most of the time and TRYING to get into a cleaning mode. The house is better than it was but it still isn’t where I’d like it to be. But is it ever? […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XXXIV, Looking Back

One of the hazards of publishing chapter after chapter instead of submitting a completed manuscript is there are inevitably times when it strikes the author that lots was left out. The fact is, if every single memory were recorded, it would multiply the words exponentially. I wouldn’t be able to write it all and no […]

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I’m getting a late start

Necessarily, this will be short. Last Sabbath, the pastor was under the weather so his wife had the service. I told her it was fortunate they have two preachers in the family. They are both gifted speakers. Later, there was no lying in the sun for me. It clouded up and storms danced around the […]

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