Be Careful What You Wish For!

You just might get it. I’ll tell about that experience later. Meanwhile, I’ll go back to last Sabbath—and this time I’ve taken notes. The speaker was the head elder and he did an outstanding job explaining the different components of the Sanctuary. Several of the members want audio copies of the sermon. I wouldn’t mind having it myself.

Saturday night, I had my usual “date” with James Herriott and Helen who is now his wife. The volume on my TV wasn’t loud enough for the DVD. For some reason, DVDs don’t play as loudly as regular TV does. Anyway, I got an idea. Sometimes that can be disastrous but this time it worked out well. I have an Aiwa “boom box” that had been gathering dust. I got it down off the shelf and hooked it to the TV with an RCA audio cable that I’d been intending to return to the store since it wasn’t what I needed for my computer. It WAS what I needed for the TV/boom box, though. Now, I have sound to spare! I still need to rearrange the shelves but I have an extra day to Get Things Done before I have to go back to work.

Sunday I went by Mother’s grave then on to shopping for groceries and stuff for my garden. The people at Lowe’s were very nice and helpful. I had about all of them in the garden department busy at one time or another.

Monday, I ran into my friend who used to work at the hospital. She said the first thing she does when she gets to the office is pull up my blog and read it. Hi, woman! Where’s that comment you keep promising to leave me?

It was also when I planted my garden. You can read about it here if you haven’t already. I was covered with peat moss dust and had compost under my fingernails. It was relaxing to get in the tub after all that.

Tuesday, there was a smattering of rain but now enough to really soak the dirt. I was going to water the plants with the bit that was caught in my bucket but something had knocked it over.

Main Street Market ManWednesday, I had been to the roadside stand and bought a few things. I’d notice they had some speckled bananas but didn’t get any. That afternoon, I stopped by the supermarket and while theirs weren’t glow-in-the-dark green, they weren’t anywhere close to being ripe. I swung by the stand again in the hope that they’d still have some bananas left. No such luck. There wasn’t a banana in sight. Maybe they had put them away already. I asked but no, they’d sold them all. I commented that the ones at the supermarket were too green and prepared to get back in the car and leave. The man said, “These are too ripe but you can have them if you want them.” They were perfect for smoothies! And there were enough for two of them! He had his helper bag them up and handed them to me saying, “They’re free of charge!” I thanked him and the Lord for such blessings.

Thursday, I did something I rarely do—I picked up a hitchhiker. It was a woman who looked vaguely familiar. She used to work at the hospital and said she was on her way into town and could I drop her off at the pharmacy? It was hot walking. I cleared a spot for her to get in. I’m not used to having a passenger and had all my Stuff in the seat. We were talking and I thought back to what a beautiful young girl she had been. She was movie-star model gorgeous but she has let herself go until she is hardly recognizable. It’s sad. I took her to her destination and time will tell if I see her again.

I got to looking at the Dish Network site and discovered that DishFamily had more of the channels I wanted for a lot less money so I’ve “downgraded” according to them. I figure I’ve UPgraded. There are a few things I used to watch that I can’t now but that’s okay. I didn’t have time to spend on it. Any way I can save a buck these days. But I’ll have to spend it on gas.

Friday was the day Relay for Life was taking place. And now comes the part about the title. The only thing I’d bought chances for was a 24″ lady’s mountain bike, 15 speed. I’d gotten seven for $5. When I do something like that, it’s more for a donation than to actually win. The drawing was to be at 1:30. The day before, one of the girls from another department had said she was going to buy some chances and I said, “Don’t bother. I’ve already won it.” Knock me over with a feather when they called to tell me I actually had! I could picture myself tooling around on this purple bike. Someone said I’d have to get a matching helmet, elbow and knee pads. I looked the bike up on the WWW and reviews had it rated, most of the time, with five stars though some said the seat should be replaced with one more comfortable.

It was raining in the valley (of course) when I went out to put it in the car. I thought I could do it myself but I had to break down and agree to having help. I’d folded the back seat down and had it most of the way in. A registrar got in the car and pulled while I pushed but there was no way it would go in far enough for the trunk to close. I found one of the maintenance men and he got me a bungee so I could have the trunk down part of the way.

Backing out, I was more concerned (again) about the cars on either side of me and didn’t notice a car had pulled up to the hospital entrance. There was a sickening thud and my heart plummeted. I pulled over out of the middle of the road and got out. It was the car belonging to the daughter of one of my co-workers. We looked at it and I told her to give her information to the girls in the office and I’d call my insurance next week. At first, she said not to worry about it and then she said she’d talk to her dad and let me know what they decided. My bumper didn’t fare too well. It has the paint gouged down to the rubber or whatever it’s made of. At least it shouldn’t rust. I may get an estimate to see how much it would be to fix it. It remains to be seen if I have anything done.

On the way home, I began having second thoughts about being a biker chick. The incident in the parking lot had started me praying and now it turned to the bicycle. Before I got home, I was impressed to leave it in the car and take it back to be auctioned off at the Relay. And that’s what I did. I changed my clothes and readied myself to walk.

It took two men to get the bike out of the car. I went over and told the Relay organizer (also a co-worker) that I had an item for the auction. She was surprised when I wheeled it up. Someone yelled at me to ride it and I accused the yeller of wanting to get the hospital business. So that’s how I owned a bike for a very short time.

One of the nursing home aides walked with me for probably 30 minutes. I didn’t time us and I didn’t count the laps. The street was roped off in front of the courthouse and that’s where we walked. We had a good time and she had no trouble keeping up with me. I had on my new eBay shoes and could have gone longer but it was getting toward sundown and I’d planned to blog when I got home. I do my best thinking in the car and decided I’d go to bed instead.

This morning I called my friend as I’d promised and she wasn’t sure she wanted to try to go to church. I told her I’d call when I got to the church. As soon as the opening song was sung, I called again and she was up and dressed. She stayed for lunch (I’d taken parts of three watermelons and a salad) and I ate my large container of watermelon.

I didn’t want to bring home all the salad that was left. Very little of it was gone out of the bowl. Guess it didn’t hold the charm the cooked food did. I gave a lot of it to one of the women who eats more plainly than most. I’m having the rest of it for supper. There was one half of a watermelon that didn’t get cut so I brought it home.

During the part of church where they take prayer requests and blessings, I piped up that I was thankful for the rain we got last night—my garden needed it and I’d been praying for rain. A member who is a farmer came over at lunch and told me my vegetables will be expensive because he has 50 acres of hay that he needs to bale. The rain may ruin it. I asked him if he thought my prayers were more powerful than his and he said yes.

Oh! When I’d gone to pick my friend up, I saw the Relay organizer and she said the bike had brought $80 at auction. It would be interesting to know how much, total, that one bike raised. She was blown away that I had given it back. I told her it was more than I could handle and the Lord had impressed me to do it. I don’t regret it at all. And the person who bought it will put it to good use, I’m sure.

My friend barely made it to her bed and collapsed. She said she needs to use a wheelchair. When I told her I was leaving, she said, “Don’t you want to sit down and catch your breath?” Well, no! I wasn’t out of breath. I’d walked in the front door and down the hall. She’d asked me before if I weren’t tired and I told her no, I don’t get tired any more. She’s my inspiration to take care of myself.

I lay in the sun this afternoon for half an hour. I’ve gotten quite a bit of sun this week but my exercise program is about down the tubes. Ever since I was sick and had to take a break I haven’t been able to get all the way back into it.

And now for that salad…

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