It’s Sabbath! Praise the Lord!

This is going to set a record for fast typing for me. I need to get to bed soon. It’s going on 9 o’clock and I’ve been up since before daylight this morning. As usual. I’ve been waking before the alarm goes off and I hear that’s a sign that I’m no longer sleep deprived. I will be, though, if I don’t keep getting to bed at a reasonable hour.

Last Sabbath, the mothers in the congregation were honored. One child from each family was to go up and get a carnation and a medallion for the mother. I just sat. I didn’t have a mother there and I didn’t have a child. I was feeling a little out of place when the lady who’d stopped to help me the Sabbath before brought me a flower and medallion and gave me a hug. That was very thoughtful. She’s a thoughtful person. I appreciated it.

Sunday, I stayed home and did some much-needed things around the house. The TV wasn’t set up yet so I did that and it was very easy. The instructions said two or more people should carry it to put it in place but Twinkle wouldn’t cooperate. I did it myself. It wasn’t like it weighs a ton. I think it comes in at 22 lubs. I’ve been enjoying it when I have time. The DVD player wouldn’t work with it (I thought) until I called support for the TV this afternoon. The nice man on the other end of the line helped me match red with red, white with white, and yellow with GREEN?? That’s what had me flummoxed. I’d never had that problem before.

I talked to three of my three children on Mother’s Day. DS1 called me twice, DD rang me up early afternoon. I thought DS2 wasn’t going to call at all but he checked in at 9 pm. I talked to my DIL and my Gdaughter, too, but mostly to my son. That put me late blogging but I thought it was important.

Monday, it was back to work. I didn’t finish up my staffing justification until Tuesday. I was asked a couple of questions and that’s the last I’ve heard. Who knows what will come of it?

For months, I have needed to update the DVD software on my computer but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. When I was looking for instructions to hook up the DVD player to the TV, I found this. I downloaded it and it works as well as anything I’d have to buy. I put in the instructional video so I can learn to spin poi and watched the first five parts. At twilight, I took myself outside and practiced spinning in a forward circle with both hands. That’s no problem. When I reverse it, I can do it with my right hand but I have a lot of work to do on the left. I was able to get out Wednesday night, too.

Day before yesterday, I discovered my DD had posted something special on her blog last Sunday. Check it out! It made me want to cry.

Vision therapy got pushed aside by server problems. My Tuesday post had gotten eaten but 99% of it was still there as a draft. I was able to restore it and recreate the last partial paragraph. I discovered WordPress has an automatic backup. Wish the forum did, too, but that’s something I may have to set up myself. I don’t know if merm has heard anything from support to this day but I’m blogging in w.bloggar.

I skipped grocery shopping on the other side of the mountain this week. I’ve been getting some good watermelons and they’ve been a large part of my menu. I’ll probably have to go on Sunday.

Mid-week, the Happy Couple came in to make some copies. I’d heard they were beginning to eat raw. He said he drinks a quart of carrot juice a day and eats a couple small handfuls of nuts. Hope he doesn’t have them close together since that isn’t a good combo. I wouldn’t drink the juice, myself, but he thinks it’s good for him and I guess a lot of what our bodies do is governed by our minds. Anyway, I’ll stay away from the juice, eat nuts sparingly, and avocados once in awhile. Avos weren’t mentioned but they are usually a staple early on. They are starting on their 4th week and say they’re doing fine. The Hallelujah Diet seems to be what they are following. It may work for them but it wouldn’t for me. I mentioned 80/10/10rv and he said a friend who is a raw foodist has the book. I hope they read it and heed it. He asked if raw food will cure cancer. I told him there are no guarantees but there are people who eat raw food and beat it. It’s a matter of what a person is willing to do and how far he/she wants to go to improve the bod. He wanted recipes so I directed him to my recipe page and the ones on the forum.

Yesterday, it rained. It rained off and on all day and into last night. It’s the kind of soaking rain we need. Too bad my patio boxes aren’t here and set up. The last I heard from DHL is that they had left Ogden, Utah, and were in Salt Lake City.

I got my Relay for Life t-shirt today. I have mixed feelings about participating. That’s a week from today. I agreed to supply the plastic forks and spoons and that’s another thing. If I could get something affordable that is biodegradable, I’d do it but I don’t think that exists. I used my needing new running shoes (and I don’t run in them—I walk) to invest in a pair on eBay. I’ll wear them when I walk in the Relay.

Well, that’s about it for this week. It’s been busier than it sounds but I can’t stay up any longer. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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  1. susan May 20, 2008 at 5:52 am #


    About the “Happy Couple” that seem to be following the “Hallelujah Diet” which you mention did not/does not work for you — why does it not ‘work’ for you?

    I am just curious – THAT was my first intro to raw foods and it does NOT work for me either – just want to know why it isn’t a ‘fit’ for you!?

    ox…..(hugs & kisses)……..Susan

  2. Tommie May 20, 2008 at 6:24 am #

    The HD has a whole line of supplements and I’m not “into” supplements. Plus, the juice thing. And there’s the issue of sprouted grains. I don’t believe grains should be a part of my diet. The Couple doesn’t seem to subscribe to the theory that there should be a percentage of cooked but that would be another no-no for me. It’s either all or not much if not nothing. I don’t need the “high protein” dishes. They do qualify them by saying people with cancer shouldn’t eat them since protein feeds cancer. However, sugar (as in carrot juice) could also feed cancer. To me, the plan isn’t as advanced as 811rv. Maybe it’s good as a first step as it was for you. Not everyone would want to transition from cooked to 811rv.

    Shari on the forum is a Health Minister. It can be a good influence but I don’t feel it should be regarded as the “be all” to “end all”. Just my opinion.

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