Another Week for the Books!

I should make notes as my week goes by because I sit and rack my brain and inevitably end up forgetting some riveting bit of trivia that bugs me later. No one’s the wiser so I shall proceed.

My morning was what it usually is. I went to Sabbath School and church and heard an outstanding testimony from a visiting speaker. After the service, I was driving up the mountain and spied some flowers I’d wanted to see better. There was a place I could pull off and stop (there aren’t that many going UP the mountain). I walked a little distance and saw they weren’t the Sweet Williams my father and I used to pick for my mother. I was on my way back to the car when one of the ladies from the church stopped to see if I needed help. I explained what I was doing and she went on. As I was getting back in the car, a young couple in a pickup stopped, too. Nice to know I could get help if I needed it!

It dawned a beautiful day so I hung my laundry on the line. The only remarkable thing about that was I could only find five clothespins and I used just two of them. I still don’t know what I’ve done with the clothespin bag. It’s around here somewhere but where? Proves you don’t really have to have anything to fasten things to the line.

Other than being Monday, there was nothing noteworthy.

Seems there was something special here but unless I think of it before I quit blogging, you’ll never know.

After work, I went grocery shopping and got two watermelons, returned the overripe one to Wally World and got my money back. I also picked up a box of oranges as well as an assortment of lettuces, etc. AND I made George (as in Bush) happy. My TV is on its way out. I have the brightness turned up all the way and it still is too dark to see the picture at times. I’d had merm looking at some for me but he hadn’t told me what he’d found out. While I was in Wally World (link is above), I went to the electronics department where I found a wonderful deal on the size LCD TV I wanted. I called merm on my cell phone which is something I never do and he called me back as I was starting to check out. I told him what I’d done and he figured my decision was better than anything he could have worked out. When I told the young man at the cash register I was spending my Stimulus Payment like George wanted me to, he pulled a computer printout from his pocket and said, “Here’s where mine’s going.” It was a beautiful ring. Evidently, the young lady wasn’t aware that anything was going on so I wished him the best and all blessings.

Earlier in the week, I ordered some patio boxes from Square Foot Gardening. I bought three different kinds of tomato plants—two are heirloom tomatoes and one is Early Girl. There are nine of Homestead, three Mr. Stripey, and two EG. Then I have four cinnamon basil plants to set out, too. Each of the boxes will hold eight plants which will be a pretty good start. It’s about time!

Yucky WatermelonI cut the watermelon from the produce place my mother loved and the rind was brown! I’d had the man there pick it out for me and it was a dud. I called and the lady told me they’d either give my money back or let me have the equivalent in produce the next trip in. I asked if I had to bring the melon back and she said no. That was a relief! I cut it in chunks to see if the brown was all the way around and up and down and it was. I courted disaster and took a tiny bite. It tasted okay but I wasn’t going to take any more chances.

That’s today, in case you’re wondering. When I went in to work, I was blissfully unaware there was any kind of problem. Mid-morning, I got a call questioning my staffing for the last pay period. I gave the answer which I thought would end the matter but it didn’t. I spent the rest of the day on a spreadsheet and a document to back up the data. The document is currently four pages long and isn’t finished. I’ll get it done and turn it in Monday.

The man at the fruit stand saved me a cantaloupe which I picked up this afternoon. It’s in the fridge. I also got tomatoes plus two watermelons and bananas at the supermarket. I’m set.

There’s a storm brewing. WeatherBug and my desktop weather from the Weather Channel are alerting me. I’d better heed the warning and shut down.

Good night and happy Sabbath! Remind me to tell you about Fred and balsamic vinegar tomorrow.

2 Responses to Another Week for the Books!

  1. Cassandra May 12, 2008 at 8:05 am #

    I just got a dud watermelon as well! Bummer, as they’ve been decent thus far. Let us know how you like the square foot gardening! I’m interested in giving it a go.

  2. Tommie May 12, 2008 at 6:41 pm #

    Since then I got two excellent ones but not at the same place. Did you get your money back??

    I hope I do well with the gardening. It’s been a long time since I done anything serious.

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