DSL Lives!


I have DSL! I have DSL! I have DSL! I have DSL! I have DSL! The modem was here when I got home this afternoon. I thought they were turning it on tomorrow but the packing slip said I had it since 6 pm April 19! First thing, I sent my DD a birthday card that would have taken me a LONG time to do yesterday. Then I watched merm on youtube. I’ve watched Parts 1 and 2 of the Iron Chef First Sushi Battle and am taking a break from Part 3. It took some doing to get the modem to detect a signal but when it did, it took off like a bat outta You Know Where.

I talked to the Birthday Girl and her husband late this afternoon. They’d spent a couple of nights at a bed and breakfast in near Ithaca and are spending tonight at one close to the Catskills. It was hard for merm to believe I was actually going to have DSL. He said I complained enough about dialup but he admitted it was justified.

When I was in the one and only supermarket in town, I ran into a woman who used to work at the hospital. I’d given her my card once upon a time but she had lost it. Of course I gave her another one! Are you kidding?? She said she used to read my blog every morning. If she does now, she’ll have to re-read some of it unless she catches up. That could take a WHILE.

Well, folks, I’m going to finish watching Iron Chef and go to bed. My food this evening wasn’t adequate but it’s too late to remedy that now.

Good night! You can look at this post as a bonus.

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