The Day After the Celebration

I’ve felt good today but it isn’t because I got enough rest because I didn’t. I had eaten a big bowl of watermelon before I got the phone call that got me so excited. After that, I hardly knew what to do. I ate a mango which was better than a lot I’ve had this year but it was still only so-so. The watermelon was good and sweet. For the actual celebration, I had two durian pods, the last of the whole durian I bought a few weeks ago. To tell the truth, I’d gotten it out in the morning so it could thaw. It was going to be et in any case.

After I blogged, it was 10:30 and a little after before I got to bed. I was wired to the point I didn’t go to sleep for a full three hours. I was surprised when I wasn’t dragged out this morning even though I’d overslept by about half an hour. Maybe I’m still operating on nervous energy. I could go to bed and go to sleep, I think, but I won’t right now.

We’ve had extremes in temperatures this week. I was concerned about the apple tree when it got down to 29º but you’d never know it had been subjected to freezing today. My camera doesn’t have any batteries and it’s a shame because the tree is full of blooms. It’s gorgeous. It’s never had wonderful apples but it is a feast for the eyes. Minimum/maximum on the thermometer says it was down to 32 this morning and up to 88 this afternoon. I believe the first but I suspect the second is too high since it was somewhat in the sun.

For the first time this spring, I wore my walking sandals to work. Primed to do some laps, I got sidetracked and went in to tell a good friend about my prospect of DSL. From there I went to tell two more people who would like to have it but the local phone company charges an arm and a leg.

Which brings up something else. I called AT&T today and after getting passed off numerous times, I finally talked to Jasmine. She apologized that she couldn’t give me the $10 rate since that’s only for first-time customers who sign up online but she did knock it down to $14.95 a month for six months. She advised me to call back when that’s up and ask for a special rate again. Believe me, I will. As it is, that will be twice what I pay for dialup. One thing that will be a thing of the past from home is my long distance. I’ll be able to use Grand Central for nothing to call anywhere in the US.

When I was showering this morning, I noticed I have the beginnings of a tan line where I wear my watch. I’ve been outside more than usual this week and my friend from the nursing home joined me one day.

She’s on a jag to get me to change my hair color. You’d think it was snow white the way she talks and if it were, that would be okay. Some of the prettiest hair pictured on the forum avatars is white. I told her I’m not going to put color on my hair. I figure this is the color the Lord has given me and I’ll stick with it. My insides are natural so why shouldn’t my outside be, too? Besides, anything that goes on the skin gets into the bloodstream and I don’t need hair dye in my blood. At least she doesn’t get onto me about getting a perm. I can’t remember the last time I had one but it was before my older granddaughter was born and she’ll be 13 in July.

Monday, I had to go to annual orientation which is unnecessary since we have to take courses and exams on the very same subjects online. I went in an hour late but was there almost two hours past quitting time in the evening. On Wednesday, I took my extra time off and went grocery shopping. I was amazed at what I was able to get. Mangos, watermelon, and beautiful lettuces for not very much money. PLUS, I got Campari tomatoes for half what I usually pay. I took a container to work and shared with the others. One of the Lunch Bunch asked her husband to stop and get her some. He went to a different Wally World and they didn’t have any. Hopefully this isn’t a one time thing.

On the way into town, I stopped at Mother’s grave. The cemetary was nicely mowed but they’d left weeds and grasses growing around her stone and in the greenery that’s on the grave itself. I took some time to pull it away and it looked much better. I need to redo the arrangement. Forgetful me didn’t get any caladium bulbs to plant.

I’ve been enjoying my VitaMix though it didn’t do as well with salsa as I hoped it would. I think next time I’ll put less tomato at first and chop the onion, jalapeno and cilanto longer. THEN I could put in the rest of the tomato and briefly chop it. I didn’t use Camparis in it. Bet that would be good but the tomatoes I did use were tasty.

The clock just chimed 9. It’s a couple minutes fast. I need to get to bed soon. Beauty sleep and all that, you know.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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