Rain, rain, go away?

Maybe not but there has certainly been a lot of it today. WeatherBug shows a half inch for the valley where I spent the day but I’d (almost) be willing to bet it was more than that. It started mid-afternoon and would come through in waves. At one point, there was a Code Black called at the hospital which means the possibility of severe weather. It let up long enough for me to leave 10 minutes early and get the car unloaded before it started in again. I finally did my rain gauge in by leaving it out in the freezing temperatures once too often. Always happens. Nothing new there. The end result is I have no idea how much rain we got here at home.

I’ve been able to get out in the sun several days this week. Last Sunday, plus a couple of days I had lunch outside. That isn’t all. My friend from the nursing home joined me one day. We were out for a full 35 minutes. It does her so much good. I wish she would take the initiative to get out on her own and not depend on me to invite her.

VitaMix 5200There was one amount I needed for my love letter to the IRS so I didn’t get my taxes filed on Sunday. I called and got it on Monday and finished it up that evening. When I was sure of how much I’d be getting back, I took the plunge on Tuesday and ordered a VitaMix. I’d been toying with the idea for several months because my blending sessions with my L’Equip were getting longer and longer. I’d made some dressing with macadamias the other day and it would not get smooth. No matter what, it stayed grainy. I called VM and was talking to the nice lady. I asked if I could get just the VitaMix 5200 without the books and DVD but no, it is a package deal. She suggested a remanufactured 5200 and said she could get it for me in black so I went for it. I also got the 32 ozzie container which probably will do me better than the 64 ozzie. For a limited time (who knows how long) it comes with a red VM apron. And free shipping.

I got an e-mail when the machine and the container shipped in separate packages. UPS showed the container would be here today but only had billing info on the blender. Well, that was a letdown. I didn’t want to have a container without the oomph to make it go. I told merm maybe I was supposed to just sit and look at it.

Uncle Steve's Home Style Olives Olive Label

Yesterday brought a nice surprise. A couple of my Aussie forum members had been telling me (and everyone else) about the wonderful homestyle cured olives they can get at a market over there. I’d told them to get me a couple of packets and I’d pay for them. Once, they’d said the market didn’t have them that week and that was that. I’d pretty much put olives out of my mind. The mail person came into my office to hand me, I thought, the bank bag. I was handed a package that was quite heavy with the comment that I should know getting produce from Australia was illegal. I knew I hadn’t ordered anything but I recognized the sender’s name and address. I opened it and found the cutest little koala bear clip, a packet of vegan (fish-free) nori, and two huge shrink-wrapped packages of olives with a note that it’s from two of my loyal subjects. I was blown away! People were puzzled why I was so excited. There were some who indicated they’d like to try them. I promised to bring in a sample today which I did. One person liked them as much as I do, another liked the darker ones, one other person tried a single olive and wouldn’t take any more. That’s okay. It leaves more for me and they are luscious. Sure, they don’t look like what you get in cans but they are special organic sent with love Australian olives.

Every time I opened the auxiliary fridge, I saw that huge bag of carrots that I had foolishly bought. I’d made carrot juice once and carrot/beet/ginger juice once and didn’t like the way either one made me feel. My blood sugar levels stay, more or less, constant but the concentrated sugars in the juices caused it to “spike” and I got shaky and weak. It didn’t last long but it was long enough to make me aware of the fact that it isn’t something I needed to repeat. Long story short, I intended to take the remaining carrots (most of the bag) to some friends who juice regularly (and she wonders why she doesn’t feel good). The day I got the olives, I saw the male part of the equation and told him I’d bring them over to their place. That’s just what I did that afternoon. Now when I open the fridge, I don’t have any bad feelings about what’s in there.

I had planned to leave the carrots and come on back home but they are interested in eating more raw foods and wanted to pick my brain. That lasted for a half hour while their grandson was slowly starving on the couch. He got up and went in the kitchen where some kind of tofu mixture was baking. I took my thankful thyroid home for a soy-less meal.

VitaMix 5200 at Home!I was surprised again this morning. Always curious to see the progress of a package, I pulled up the UPS site and about had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. The blender, itself, was coming from about 100 miles away and would be delivered today, too! Woohoo! I wouldn’t have that lonely little container with nothing to power it! And, sure enough, they were delivered on time and to the right place. I opened and admired them, closed them back up and loaded them in the car before the storms hit. When I got home, I cleared off the counter and gave it a good scrubbing before I set everything up. I watched portions of the DVD that didn’t have anything to do with cooking and I was right. There’s little on there that applies to me and the way I eat. I washed the smaller container and blended the macadamia dressing for maybe a minute, if that long. It was smooth. I guess I need a VitaMix after all.

The tornado watch that was out for 21 counties including the ones where I work and where I live have been canceled. The church school picnic was today and the church campout is this weekend. I’m staying home. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear but the forecast for tomorrow night has a cold front moving through with snow in the higher elevations. The campground is ‘way up on top of another mountain and it always gets more snow than anywhere else. Thanks anyway. I’ll sleep in my waterbed.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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