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I have a new forum!

Well, not exactly new but redesigned. You can either click here or go up to the links just under the header and click on “Forum”. DD and merm did themselves proud and I was wished a Merry Christmas. That completes my gift for 2007—a handsome one that took many hours of hard work for both […]

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Where is that Round Tuit?

Those little things are elusive. There are so many failed projects (or some that have never been started enough to fail) I can blame on not getting a round tuit. Last night’s blog post was one that never happened. Time got away from me and I valued eight plus hours sleep more than writing about […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XV, The Way West

There he was, sitting in a chair in the corner of the bedroom with me on his lap. DH usually wasn’t at a loss for words but he seemed unable to express himself. I’d been hearing bits and pieces of the phone call but they didn’t mean anything to me. “Brown and Root.” “Shelton.” “Journeyman.” […]

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DSL Lives!

I have DSL! I have DSL! I have DSL! I have DSL! I have DSL! The modem was here when I got home this afternoon. I thought they were turning it on tomorrow but the packing slip said I had it since 6 pm April 19! First thing, I sent my DD a birthday card […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XIV, Backtracking

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about DH’s trials and tribulations and how they impacted the family that I almost forgot about my own. It isn’t something I particularly care to remember but it’s very much a part of me. I don’t know how many people were aware of it but anyone who happens […]

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The Day After the Celebration

I’ve felt good today but it isn’t because I got enough rest because I didn’t. I had eaten a big bowl of watermelon before I got the phone call that got me so excited. After that, I hardly knew what to do. I ate a mango which was better than a lot I’ve had this […]

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I’m getting DSL! The day after my DD’s birthday, it will be turned on. I’m starting out with the slowest speed to see how it goes. So, on April 22, I should be part of the Broadband Era. There’s a downside, though, that I’m addressing tomorrow. I was contacted by AT&T directly and agreed to […]

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