Happy Birthday to merm! He’s 31!

I’m not telling secrets. He’s proud of the fact that he’s lived 31 years. And merm LIVES. Whatever he does, he goes at it 110%. He’s no wuss. He could put me to shame in a heartbeat. And now he’s put in 31 years of heartbeats. Happy birthday! My DD made him a chocolate cheesecake last night to have for his special day today. You can see (sort of) a preview edition here. They keep changing the composition of it so I never know what they’re coming up with next. According to the post, last night’s was yet another variation.

It’s been a busy week. My head spins just trying to remember the high spots. The weather hasn’t been cooperating so I could get outside much. I’ve worn short sleeves under my sweater or long-sleeved shirt so I could bare as much as possible but it hasn’t helped.

Everything has bloomed out with all the mild weather we’ve had. I had a couple of worrisome nights when the temperature got down into the low 20s and my peach trees were blooming. For a wonder, they still are. I think there was one blossom that turned brown. Now we’ll have to hide and watch to see if anything grows on the skinny little branches. There’s a Bradford pear at the end of my road that is brown but the ones closer to where I live are still white and beautiful. I guess they’re more sheltered.

There’s a tinge of purple on the redbuds coming up the mountain. The ones in the valley are almost there. The tulip trees will be shedding soon. Some of the earlier flowers are just about past their prime (like the daffodils) but tulips still haven’t popped out. I love spring but it’s still March! What’s the saying? “April showers bring May flowers.” By May, the spring flowers will all be bloomed and gone.

Speaking of shedding, Twinkle is getting rid of her winter coat. I’ve read about animals that eat raw not shedding as much but that isn’t Ms Twinkle. One thing that makes me wonder is that animals in the wild eat raw and still go through the shedding process every spring. Anyway, what I was going to say is that she is interested in my coconut oil. Most mornings, I put it on my face and neck after I shower. She was sniffing around the jar so I put a pea-sized dot on the counter. She licked it up. Now, that might just help cut down on her hocking up a hairball now and then. I hope. I’m hoping it was grease it up and make it slide on through.

My friend is supposed to tell the children’s story tomorrow. She is a firecracker when it comes to telling tales. The kids love her. When I was visiting her today, she thought it was Thursday. I hope she remembers to get ready for church.

I’ll be leaving right after church to go to my son’s place. I’m spending the night there and will go to a wedding Sunday afternoon. It’s one of my DD’s schoolmates who is getting married. She was ahead of DD by a couple of grades. I’ll have to scope out the area and make sure of where the church is so I won’t be late.

Salad SpinnerOh! I almost forgot! I bought myself a salad spinner! I’ve wanted one for years. I finally sat myself down the other day and did some research. The Zyliss was rated the highest. I found one I could afford and went for it. It came yesterday so I brought it home and played. I’d been grocery shopping on Wednesday (I went to town via the cemetery). There is plenty of lettuce to spin. I’ve found that I like it freshly “spun” rather than spinning it and then storing it. I don’t like it perfectly dry. It’s amazing how much water it clears off the greens, though. I might just go back to bunch spinach since I’ll have a way to dry it out before it’s refrigerated. The girls at work were fascinated with its operation. Next week is honoring Patient Access. One day, they’ll have pizza and I’ll make a salad. I promised I’d bring the spinner and they can take turns operating it.

The wife part of the couple who has asked my son and me to have the music for their funerals called and left voice mail last night. They’ve picked out two songs each. She just gave me the numbers in the hymnal. I’ll have to look them up before I’ll know what they are. I called her back this afternoon to let her know I got her message. It’s nice that it went to Grand Central because I could just forward it on to my son.

I called the Asian market yesterday to see what kind of fruit they have. They haven’t been able to get much of anything except for young coconut. I told the lady to save me a case and I’ll pick it up Sunday.

That’s pretty much all that’s happened that’s worth repeating. Here’s where I say I hope everyone has a happy Sabbath and a good night’s sleep!

Good night!

2 Responses to Happy Birthday to merm! He’s 31!

  1. Chris (clayjunky) April 2, 2008 at 8:10 am #

    I get my salad spinner from Walmart for only $4 and it works great. (for next time)

  2. Tommie April 4, 2008 at 8:04 pm #

    That’s great, Chris! I got the Zyliss because it’s large and very sturdy. I want it to last as long as I will. 😀

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