Posting on Friday Night

This is my first Friday night post since the new format took over. Seems a little strange to be writing about me after writing about other things. I still catch myself measuring my juice, too. It’s very freeing not to have to remember every morsel I put in my mouth, though.

I’ve been puny all week. Guess you could tell that from the little comments I’d put at the end of each day. I did go in to work yesterday and stayed all but the last 40 minutes. I would have preferred not going in then but I had to get the dreaded schedule out for next week. The other facilities can get by with self-scheduling if they want to do it that way but I’m responsible for doing it myself.

There was a bright spot (very bright as it turned out) in the office. My monitor was getting to be dimmer and dimmer as the days went by. I had requested a replacement and kept being put off. There was a 19″ flat screen on my desk! It hadn’t been adjusted at all and was at full-on bright. I fiddled with it and got it tamed down so I could stand to look at it. At first, it really did hurt my eyes. It took some getting used to but I think I’ll be okay when I go back to work next week. It’s nice I can have it pushed back enough that I’m not sitting just inches away. With the other one, it was pushed back as far as it would go against the hutch but it was still too close.

My exercise has gone down the drain since I’ve been under the weather. I did BodyFlex last Sunday but nothing since then. I’m going to have to get back into it. I’ll start getting sore with my body suffering from non-support.

Twinkle was afraid, at first, of the Valentine balloons I brought home from the office. She soon got over it and would play with the streamers of ribbon. It was cute at first until she started biting pieces off and ingesting them. Soon, her stomach rebelled and she upchucked on the carpet. I cleaned it up and cut the streamers off. The balloons have lost their charm.

Last night, I’d e-mailed my office partner that I was going to sleep until I woke up this morning. Twinkle had other ideas. Every time I’d cough, she’d be at the bedroom door meowing. Finally realizing she wasn’t going to leave me alone, I got up a little after the time I normally do. So much for sleeping in.

This afternoon I was watching something I’d recorded off CNN and dozed off. I was sleeping so well until I heard my e-mail notifier announce a new message. It was Grand Central with one of the registrars telling me my friend wanted me to call. Fat lot of good it did me to get her a calling card. I pay for it and have to use my minutes to call her anyway. I let her know I’m still alive.

I tried to call the other organist to tell her I won’t be at church but was unable to get through. Rather than keep trying I e-mailed the pastor. He was able to contact her. So…I’m in for the duration. I have enough food to get through the weekend and into next week. It may not be a huge variety and I’d love to have a big luscious mango right about now. As my mother would say, it will keep body and soul together. Isn’t that what food is for?

Snow in NYCThe news had pictures of Central Park in the snow. My DD had told me they had a “decent amount” and she had been able to leave work early. Had she made a snowman? No. A snow angel? No. Snow cream? No. Well, that’s no fun! I guess she isn’t a child any more. I asked merm for a picture and this is what he sent me. It’s the same view as their first snow of this winter but everything is covered up a lot more. The round things in the foreground are the buckets they use for their rooftop container garden in the summer. If you want to see it larger, click on it and it will open in a new window.

Speaking of snow, my sister said her son had told her the weather guessers say our weather pattern is the same as the one preceding the Blizzard of ’93. She said they were without power for five days and had to melt snow for flushing toilets and they cooked and heated with the wood stove. “And Mother sat in a corner in the family room and sang, ‘Sittin’ in a Corner,’ and read magazines.” She would have only been 88 then. She had her 89th birthday in August of that year. I still miss her. Guess I always will.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have another snow like that?! Where I live, we had power, water, and all the necessities of life. My father-in-law was a couple of years older than my mother. He stood at the back door of their house and looked out in wonder and amazement. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life!” I shoveled a path from their door to the mailbox so the intrepid soul who wasn’t deterred by “snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night” wouldn’t be making deliveries in vain. I don’t remember how long we were marooned but it was neat.

I may run a tub of hot water and immerse myself before I go to bed. That sounds better than anything else I’ve done so far today.

May everyone have a good night and a happy Sabbath! I’ll see you right back here Sunday night.

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