Still crazy after all these years…

And I still feel a little weird after my mishap yesterday. I got some iodine solution today but I’m having second thoughts about taking it. I don’t want to completely louse up my thyroid. I’ve been borderline chilling tonight. It may take days to get over this.

The clock in my granddaughter’s bedroom said 10:50 when I hit the hay last night. I checked it today against my computer clock (set with the atomic clock) and it’s only a minute or two fast. I was hoping it was off by more than that. The others were still up at that hour and getting ready to eat hot dogs and french fries. I don’t know how they do it.

And here it is, almost 10 o’clock right now.

My son’s alarm woke me this morning multiple times. He sets it something like an hour before he has to get up for sure and “snoozes” it. At every nine minutes, that would be about six or seven times. I got up before it went off for the last time. I took my thyroid med with a full 16 ozzies of water. He and I visited while he got ready for work. For his lunch he took several oranges, some tangerines and three smallish bananas.

The Day After Raw Food

30 ozzies OJ
28 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
2 tangerines
Kim chee
5 organic bananas
2 Bubbies pickles
Samples of raw sauerkraut (good) and spicy organic kim-chi (it will last a long time—when it says “spicy” it means it)
Small salad of Boston lettuce and cashew dressing
Kelp noodles with more of the same (I didn’t eat all the dressing)

I was the only one up, besides the cats and the bird, for several hours. I worked on a new page I’d been intending to get done since September. It’s the trip to Caravan of Dreams. Take a look and tell me what you think.

My DIL was up before my granddaughter. We talked some and she agreed she could use the containers they gave me for Christmas several years ago. I’ll take them down in a couple of weeks. When my granddaughter got up, she got on their computer, my DIL was watching TV, and I was on my computer. We were all plugged in.

I left to go on my rounds at about 2 pm. At the university store, I saw an older couple I’ve known for many years. She was telling me they had been intending to get in touch with me about playing for their funerals when it’s necessary, plus they want my son to sing. I assured her I would do it and I’d talk to my son. They were both grateful. At first, it was my instinct to protest but they were serious. I figured the best thing was to agree. She also told me his sister just got out of rehab and is trying to live at home with her husband. They are both getting up there, too, and are increasingly feeble. Sad what time does to us.

An aspiring raw foodist is working in the deli at the store. I asked her when she was going to get some raw food in the case and she said it was slow going. Later, I talked to one of the people in charge of ordering and told him I’d get in touch with the people at SeaTangle about his ordering some kelp noodles.

It was on to the organic market. I bypassed the Asian market for the first time. Then it was Aldi and Wally World. I got home just after dark and unloaded everything.

I talked to my son and told him about the request. He said he’d do what he could to work it out unless my DIL objects. I don’t know why she would.

I had an e-mail from merm that he’s updated WordPress again and will try to find what happened to my archives. I know they’re still there. They just need to be “tweaked” to show up.

It’s been a long day and I’m ready to go to my waterbed. My nice warm cuddly waterbed.

Good night!

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