“I’m pregnant.”

According to the scenario for the influenza pandemic exercise, pregnant staff would be sent home. I volunteered to be pregnant but it didn’t work.

I got up early, exercised for 15 minutes, showered, got ready and left.

My Birthday Raw Food

27 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
4 tangerines
28 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Salad from the salad bar (iceberg, tomato, cucumber with a sprinkling of vinegar that totally ruined it)
A few slices cucumber marinated in Bubbies pickle juice
My last Bubbies pickle
Salad (romaine, tomato, cucumber, red onion, dressed with lime juice, EVOO, and sea salt) (it tasted kind of bitter so I picked out the tomato and cucumber and let the rest go)
Kelp noodles with the rest of Matt’s Dip thinned with too much lemon juice—I dumped most of the dip
36 ozzies okay OJ

So my food wasn’t celebration quality. I’ll live.

I got to work at 7:15 but no one else showed up until ‘way later. Had I known, I could have gone in at my regular time.

A few people here and there wished me a happy birthday. My son called and sang to me as did my friend. I have lots of good wishes on the forum. This evening, my DD called and we talked for over half an hour. I mentioned my archives are inaccessible. That’s the first she knew about the problem. I’m probably the only person in the world that would have noticed anyway. She said merm wasn’t home yet. It was nice she was willing to share her free time with me.

I got cards from three of my sisters and my DD said she and merm have sent me something. It may be next week before it gets here but that will just make my celebration last longer.

The pandemic exercise turned out to be much less to do than we all thought. It was a lot of work for maybe four or five people in the hospital. I sat at the computer and updated the bed count every 15 minutes but any one of us in the office could have done that. I think there’s one person out of seven that doesn’t have access. So, I wasn’t necessary to the operation. What a way to spend a birthday!

It’s getting close to my bedtime. My stomach doesn’t feel good. I ate too much plus drank all that OJ. The oranges aren’t the best in the country, either. As I said before, I’ll live.

My sister thought my saying, “When I’m 64” referred to my retiring. Not quite. I sent her the link to the post where I was talking about the Beatles and one of their hits. If she clicks on the link above the lyrics she can listen to the tune, too.

I’ve been gathering up my Saladmaster cookware to take to my DIL tomorrow. The handles are a little different as are the knobs but it’s basically the same. I have some pieces that aren’t pictured and some are out of pocket at the moment but I’ll take them when I run across them. My son thought for a long time that I’d be going back to cooking but I think he is finally convinced.

Well, my birthday is almost over and it’s past time for me to be in bed. Good night, all!

2 Responses to “I’m pregnant.”

  1. Marjorie February 8, 2008 at 5:36 pm #

    Many happy returns, Tommie! :O)


    (My little Keziah turns 6 on Saturday…)

  2. Tommie February 8, 2008 at 10:26 pm #

    Thanks, Greenmama! We miss you on the forum!

    Happy birthday to Keziah tomorrow! Six years old is a real landmark!

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