Poison Pen E-mails

Do you believe everything you read in an e-mail? Are you gullible enough to think that anything in an e-mail is true? Do you stop to search the Internet for verification before you send it on to 10 (or more) people in your address book? Before the WWW and e-mail, such character assassinating missives were known as “poison pen letters”. They weren’t as prolific as the e-mails are because it took actual work and thought to put the words down on paper, fold it up, address the envelope, stuff it, stamp it, seal it and mail it. Now, it’s just one person doing the thinking and untold numbers of the unthinking using the click of a mouse that will sway hundreds—no, thousands—of people one way or the other. It’s a lot of power, folks, and you should be very sure before you decide to take it upon yourselves to participate. I never forward an e-mail without checking it out first. The best way is to put some of the keywords into google and maybe include “legend” or “hoax”. Snopes is reliable for their research to find the truth. Even if something is true, I don’t feel the need to send it on unless it make someone safer. My inbox is already clogged with cute pictures of ducklings and kittens. I don’t need ugly. Even if it is about a candidate I didn’t vote for. Spreading untruth is as bad as making up the lie in the first place. I heard too much about it today.

I woke early on Super Tuesday. From a little after 4 until 5:30, I was kind of dozing off and on. There wasn’t any use to stay in bed. I needed to get up and get around. Thirty minutes went to exercise.

Super Tuesday Raw Food

28 ozzies grapefruit juice
36 ozzies banana/red leaf/romaine/agave/ACV smoothie
34 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
3 large tomatoes with Tajin
1 pickling cucumber
Sliced cucumber marinated in Bubbies pickle juice
1 Bubbies pickle
A couple bites kim chee (it was better room temperature)
2 tangerines
1 decent mango (better flavor but not as juicy as the other one)
Lots of kelp noodles with Matt’s Dip

I was out the door at 8:20 and on my way to the polling place. There were several cars when I got there but they belonged to the officials. Two people were ahead of me. I filled out my form, got my code, voted, and left.

My car had mud splashed all down the right side. The car wash wasn’t far away so I stopped and gave it a quick rinse. Then it was on to work and I walked in on time. Pretty good.

It was a busy day. At one point, I considered calling for additional help. The day of the drill, I’ll have someone on call.

If my mother-in-law were still living, she would have been 103 today. Bless her heart, she spent many of her last years needing total care so it’s good she’s resting.

I had bank/post office duty today, both morning and afternoon. It was a nice day, though. Cloudy but warm. It got up to 70. The peepers were peeping. I love to hear them. It sounded like spring. However, I hope it doesn’t stay warm long enough to bring the fruit trees along so far that they could get killed again. My sister reminded me of that.

I WALKED TODAY! Granted, it was just three laps around the buildings but it felt so good to get out and MOVE! When I got back to the hospital, a man told me how he walks up and down the hills around his home. He lost 40 lubs that way. I had to tell him I’d lost right at 70 but I didn’t tell him how.

My friend was glued to her bed again. We discussed the arrangement of the room. She’s had it modified a bit but she admitted it still needed help. There’s too much Stuff.

My DD and I have chatted on gmail tonight. She and merm are trying to follow the results online but the projections weren’t coming in as quickly as they are on TV. I kept her up on them for a few minutes but I had to sign off to talk to my son. I’ll be visiting him and his family this weekend.

I’m getting sleepy. Must be my getting up earlier than usual. Think I’ll wait until morning to find out the final numbers. Good night!

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