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Personally speaking…

Going back to last Friday, rain started to fall just about the time I would have routinely been leaving for work. Later, I went out and checked the gauge. I don’t know when I emptied it last so the 2″ that was in it wasn’t even close to being accurate. We’d had that much in […]

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Posting on Friday Night

This is my first Friday night post since the new format took over. Seems a little strange to be writing about me after writing about other things. I still catch myself measuring my juice, too. It’s very freeing not to have to remember every morsel I put in my mouth, though. I’ve been puny all […]

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Raw vegans don’t get sick.

When I became a raw foodist, I learned a new vocabulary. Raw vegans don’t get sick. The body is cleaning house (I referred to that a few days ago), it’s detoxing, or there’s a cleansing crisis. When the house cleaning is going on, the bacteria invade, find a weak spot, and latch on. At that […]

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