Oops! That was a big mistake!

Tomorrow is fellowship dinner day or, as my brother-in-law would say, pot-gut. I had planned to take the raw crackers I’d bought on my first trip to the new location of the organic market but I just checked the “use by” date and it’s farther off than I thought. In anticipation of that, though, I made two batches of Mock Salmon Pate (my version). It wasn’t my intention to make two but when I got the first one finished, I discovered the walnuts were a little on the rancid side. Nothing to do but dump it and start over with a fresh package. I’d had this wild idea that I would add some Bubbies relish after the processing was finished. That’s when I made a boo-boo. The resulting mixture is delicious! It’s better than it was before I put it in! I wasn’t going to eat any but I ended up licking the bowl and scraper plus I got some on a spoon and ate it outright. There goes no salt for today. I still kept the fat in check, at least. Maybe it wasn’t enough salt to sabotage me. I’ll know in the morning.

Report time! I’m not doing the challenge exactly like Frederic says to. There’s no way I have time to sit down and fill out a journal. This is my journal and it will have to do. Bedtime was 9:58. Goal met. I exercised for 25 minutes this morning. Goal exceeded. I had maybe 2/3 serving of the pate. Goal met.

Day 12 Raw Food

24 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach/agave smoothie
5 smallish bananas
5 small tomatoes with Mexican Fiesta seasoning and kelp noodles
3″ English cucumber
Several sections tangerine
1 large D’anjou pear
1 mug garlic lemonade
Small amount of Mock Salmon Pate

When I checked on my friend she said she wasn’t moving after all. She seemed okay with staying where she is. Hopefully, she’ll be up to going to church but she said I didn’t have to pick her up. I saw her later out at the nurses’ station. She actually left her room! Progress!

Some of the day was spent on trying to make a computer behave. It’s the one that has the nursing home residents’ pictures on it so there was no way I could format and start over. I advised the owner to save everything and format.

I ate lunch in the break room. One of the nurses gave me some of the tangerine she’d bought locally. After I got off work, I went and bought a bag plus some grapefruit.

It was cold again today. The temperature started off with a low of 10 and got up to 39 here. At the moment, it’s 29 and freezing rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning. We are supposed to have Communion and the bulletin secretary already sent me the hymns. I stopped by the church to set up the organ and turn up the heat.

There were still no comments about my hair. It’s either “if you can’t say something good don’t say anything” or it doesn’t look enough different to make people notice.

It’s Sabbath and I’m thankful. The computer clock shows 8:33. Think I’ll turn in early tonight. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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