Did Edison do us a favor?

This isn’t new with me. I’ve wondered about it for years. We stay up too late. We have labor-saving devices that create more work. We don’t have to do anything but flip a switch to have light, turn a dial to heat the joint, or push buttons to wash our clothes, cook our food, or curl our hair. And the alternating current that powers it is endangering our very existence. Don’t get me wrong. I use electricity but I’m becoming more aware of what it can do to me as well as for me. If we had direct current like much of the world does, it would be a whole lot less dangerous but, for some reason, the US of A settled on a different way to deliver POWER. Why? You tell me. I’m sure it isn’t a conspiracy to sicken the population. No one knew at first that there was a danger. When something is discovered or invented, it can take years for any negative impact to show itself. Evidently, the dark side of electricity has been known to some for a long time but those in a position to let the rest of us know are saying, “Don’t worry. It isn’t hurting us.” Kind of like, “It’s never rained. There will be no flood.” Is it because of the havoc it could wreak with the economy?

And now that I have started Going Green, I’m finding out the fluorescent bulbs I’ve been using to replace the incandescent ones emit EMFs. I can’t win for losing. What can I do? My sister e-mailed, tongue-in-cheek, “We have an oil lamp if you hafta quit using ‘lectricity altogether—also lotsa candles. They’d give off some heat, too!” Then she added, “(I don’t understand what it’s all about…)” That makes two of us, sister dear. I’m trying to learn and put what I’m learning into practice as much as I can. But here I sit in front of my computer under a fluorescent light (though, to my credit, it’s full-spectrum) (and that’s probably bad in some way, too). Well, let’s get on to something more uplifting—like my day.

Last night, I was in bed a couple of minutes after 10. Well within the seven minute leeway the employees at work get. I’ll apply the same parameters to my bedtime. This morning, I lingered in bed longer than I should have but I still got in 15 minutes of exercise. I had 3/8 avocado for supper. Not a lot of overt fat. I’d say all goals met.

The temp in the bathroom when I got out of the shower was 53. I was comfortable. Just thought I’d throw that in. There’s something to finishing with a cold shower.

Tomato SoupDay 11 Raw Food (I’m over halfway through the Challenge)

Barely 24 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach/agave nectar smoothie
5 small tomatoes, cucumber, kelp noodles with garlic powder
Romaine leaves (one head, total)
2 large D’anjou pears
1 oroblanco
3 tomato, 3/8 avocado, taco seasoning soup (ingredients blended together)

There were no ripe bananas to speak of. I went to the kitchen and bought several and paid $1.40. I should have waited. I didn’t have time to eat them and they were too green, anyway. I went to the stores (both of them) after work and got some. Hopefully, enough will be ready to eat on the morrow.

I got called to the T-HAN meeting about the influenza pandemic and I know little more now than I did before. I’m not the only one who is still not sure of what’s going to happen—or even when. I’ve heard it was to be on the 6th. Today, it was the 7th but they were saying the 7th is on Wednesday. I know, for a fact, that it’s on Thursday because that’s the day I’ll be 64. (Will you still need me? Will you still feed me?) One thought that occurred to me is that there could still be the element of surprise if we are kept off-center.

The nursing home had fruit basket upset today. I’d gone to check on my friend and found more than one person had been moved. She’s due to be moved again tomorrow. If I ever have to be a resident there, I want to be put in a room and kept there for the duration. I was talking to one of the staff yesterday and we decided we couldn’t bunk together because I like it cold at night with a warm bed and she doesn’t. We settled on socializing during the day. I’ve let the people in charge know that I want green smoothies, too.

It was COLD when I was out banana-ing. The bank had the temperature at 31 but it felt like it was coming off a glacier. I’m planning to leave water running tonight. It’s already down to 15.

Now, to my food. The oroblanco is said to be a cross between a pummelo and a grapefruit. It’s supposed to have a taste like “a grapefruit that has already had sugar added.” That sounded good and it would be if you like sugar on your grapefruit. I don’t. When I was small, my mother would cut the grapefruit in two at night, sugar it, and put it in the fridge until morning. Then she’d sometimes put a maraschino cherry in the middle to serve it. I hated it with a passion. I thought grapefruit was some big mistake the Lord had made until I tried it, years later, without sugar and I liked it. I have eaten an oroblanco and I won’t do it again.

The tomato soup was a nice change. I’d read about it on Roger’s forum. The person posting it said she added water. It is thick without it but I was still able to drink it. The taco seasoning was my idea.

I’m sleepy. I think I’ll turn in and get an early start on my snoozing. Good night!

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