Does your boss read your blog?

Mine has better things to do, I’m sure, but SOMEONE does because there are reports. Not frequent ones, I don’t think, but reports if I write something that might make waves. I’ve been gently advised not to write anything about my co-workers which rules out a lot of my life. I spend most of my waking hours at the hospital. I’ve all but quit going into the breakroom because I hear things and immediately have to reject the urge to file them away in the BLOG part of my brain. I’ve become somewhat of a recluse. I mostly stay in my office and phase out a lot of what’s going on outside of my desk and my computer. I still occasionally reference something someone has said but it’s in the most generic terms. I don’t specify size, shape, or color. Thing is, my habits there have been spilling over into my life away from work and that shouldn’t be. As far as I know, my right to freedom of speech is still alive and well outside the confines of my need to continue to make a living.

Which brings me to yesterday. The little drawer to my BLOG filing cabinet in my brain had gotten stuck but it sprung loose at the dinner after church. Several of us were in the kitchen preparing food for the repast when two women, one of them, almost-gaunt thin, and the other quite the opposite, started discussing greens. You know how a person will raise her voice so it’s a sure thing you’ll hear? That’s the way it was. The obese woman said, “Did you know there are certain greens that really increase in nutrition if they are cooked?” I didn’t hear what the other woman had to say because it was clear she wasn’t participating in Educate the Raw Foodist. The Speaker said, “Yes, there was an article in Vegetarian Times that said collard greens and turnip greens should be cooked for better nutrition.” I still didn’t say anything. I just kept chopping and mixing. “So, there are some foods that shouldn’t be eaten RAW.” I could have told her that but I didn’t. Actually, there are many foods that shouldn’t be eaten raw so I don’t eat them. It was only when she shifted to another subject that I joined in the conversation at all. She mentioned that her husband (also obese) retained water if he ate regular table salt but didn’t if he used sea salt. I agreed that it can make a difference. Her next statement blew me away. “I still use regular salt in cooking.” Does that make sense? A person retains water if he puts regular table salt on his food at the table so he uses sea salt. The food he is eating has been cooked with regular table salt. Is the wife trying to sabotage him? Doesn’t she realize she’s still feeding him regular table salt that has the additives that are causing problems? I was reading one of my favorite authors, Ellen White, and came across this from The Ministry of Healing: “The victims of poor cookery are numbered by thousands and tens of thousands. Over many graves might be written: ‘Died because of poor cooking;’ ‘Died of an abused stomach.'” She wrote in The Health Food Ministry, page 26, “The more we depend upon the fresh fruit just as it is plucked from the tree, the greater will be the blessing.” Another raw food quote is from Life and Health, July 1, 1905: “So far as possible, however, we should use fruit in its natural state. The more we accustom ourselves to use it fresh from the tree, the greater will be our enjoyment of fruit, and the more benefit we shall receive from its use.” The message of health is an evolving one and she didn’t profess to have all the knowledge we’d ever need.

My overdoing the fat (avocado) made me susceptible to Frederic Patenaude’s latest challenge–the 21 Day Challenge to form three new habits. I’m gonna cut down on fat (I haven’t decided exactly how much yet), exercise at least 15 minutes a day, and get to bed by 10 every night. It starts tomorrow and don’t you know it, I blended up a batch of cashew mayo this afternoon! I may spice it up some more and take it to work to plump up the employees. I’ve asked my sister to do the Challenge with me (the one who is under the weather much of the time) but I haven’t heard back from her. It’s free so money couldn’t be the object.

Surprise! I did my full routine of exercises! I only managed 35 seconds on the pushup and I cut the time on the NT and HR but other than that, it was fullbore.

Sunday All Day Raw Food

27 ozzies OJ
4 tiny pears (probably equal to one large one and very good)
The only hachiya hichaya persimmon that was ready to eat (I have quite a few that are shriveling up)
32 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
2 Bubbies pickles
Kim chee (I finally decanted it)
28 ozzies grapefruit juice
The rest of the persimmon pudding from yesterday
A salad of butterhead lettuce, romaine, red onion, cucumber, tomato and kelp noodles dressed with cashew mayo

My DD sent me a concept design of the blog. She hasn’t started on the forum yet. The blog design is still very much in flux. There was lots of pink on it and I’m not a pink person. Neither is she. She’s going to do a couple other headers and see how they turn out. I do like the layout I picked. It will make the site much better organized. I would have never found it without her help. It takes too long to do any searching with my S L O W connection. Not long after she sent me the screenshot, she called and we had our weekly visit. She mentioned the snow that’s forecasted for tonight. I’d seen it on the news this morning. A nasty commute is predicted. She has to leave for work so early she won’t know if she isn’t supposed to try to go in until she gets there. I suggested she could call her boss but I don’t think she will.

I have the napa cabbage prepared and in a bowl with the weights from the crock on it. Two heads-worth was a lot to fit into it and it’s a five quart bowl. It will shrink a lot by tomorrow but it’s pretty full tonight. I won’t have time to do anything to it until evening. Won’t hurt.

I’m going to have to get busy if I get to bed soon. Good night, everyone!

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