What am I doing?

It’s almost 9 pm and I’m nowhere near through for the day. I talked myself out of going to the Other Valley to get supplies for the rest of the week because I needed to come home and get started on downloading the Sabbath School Lessons for the older couple from church. Trouble is, I couldn’t find the site (I hadn’t bookmarked it) and only just now was I able to. However, I hadn’t begun to look until just a little while ago so it’s my own fault. Once again. And beating myself up about it doesn’t change a thing except maybe make me feel worse. The first file is transferring ever so slowly. Makes it tempting to go ahead and get satellite even though it isn’t too reliable and I can’t afford it.

This was vision therapy day and I went through the whole nine yards plus a little. My left eye was better today. Could be getting out in the sun some has helped. If I could see as well with both eyes as I can with the lower right quadrant of my left eye, I’d be sitting pretty. It’s sharp and clear as long as I focus through that area. I can’t go around doing that so I’ll have to try to get it to improve otherwise.

It had started raining when I went to bed last night and I lay there listening to the beauty of it until I drifted off to sleep. It was another good night, rest-wise, and I woke refreshed. I haven’t checked the rain gauge but I don’t think there was enough to make a lot of difference. It’s surely better than nothing. As for thunderstorms and high winds, they never got here.

Sunshine makes me happy Raw Food

28 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
4 satsumas
3 (2 tiny 1 regular) Bubbies pickles
Small salad of romaine, tomato, pickling cucumbers, dressed with cashew dressing & Bubbies relish
Kelp noodles with the same
18 ozzies grapefruit juice

I had everything done with my lunch packed and was out the door on time. That was the first time this week.

The high at the elementary school got to 63º F. Very pleasant with just a slight breeze. I stood outside for a few minutes this morning and soaked up the sun. Later, I sat on the patio for about 10 minutes and still later than that, I ate my satsumas at the patio table. I was going to sit and sun for the rest of my lunch break but I couldn’t do that. I had to get up and WALK! I went for two laps and my time was up. It was hard to go back inside.

My friend was supposed to go back to the nursing home but she still hadn’t been transferred when I left. I’ll see what tomorrow brings—again.

I wasn’t the bank/post office person this morning but I took the mail this afternoon. I never know until it happens.

The roadside market had been closed whenever I considered stopping until today. I spied a pickup parked outside so I took a chance. There was one person there. I asked him about tomatoes. He told me what they had were kind of iffy but he had one on a sandwich yesterday and “It was better’n cardboard!” He took his knife and cut one in two. It looked fairly firm and juicy so I bought eight. They’re on top of the fridge at the moment. He’ll have his daughter call me about juice oranges and more tomatoes in the morning.

It was a busy day. I’ve been working on a project I thought was finished. I was asked to add another column with a formula to calculate a time period. That was fine as long as it didn’t span midnight. When it did, I had to manually calculate that. Then, the column wouldn’t add the hours and minutes correctly. I manually converted everything to minutes, put in the formula to total the column and then put in another one below that to show it in hours and minutes. I’d thought about bugging merm to tell me how to do it just with formulas but this doesn’t have to be that sophisticated so I left him alone.

My DD is halfway through her first full week at her new job. She said it’s refreshing to be in a place that is so upbeat. I could be envious but I’m happy for her. Her commute is about an hour and a half in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. It’s been several days since she has added anything to her blog. I’m sure that isn’t priority when she gets home.

As for me and my house, the priority is to get to bed before it gets any later. Good night!

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